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Norton vs. Quick Heal: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 8, 2024
Norton, a globally recognized antivirus, offers comprehensive cyber security solutions, while Quick Heal is an Indian-based antivirus providing streamlined security features, both ensuring digital safety.

Key Differences

Norton, developed by Symantec Corporation, is a well-known global brand in cybersecurity, offering a wide range of security products including antivirus, VPN, and identity theft protection. Quick Heal, originating from India, focuses primarily on antivirus and network protection, targeting individual users and small to medium-sized businesses. Both Norton and Quick Heal provide essential security services, but Norton offers a broader range of features beyond virus protection.
Norton's antivirus software is renowned for its advanced protection features, which include real-time threat protection, cloud backup, and parental control options. Quick Heal, on the other hand, emphasizes its quick scanning ability, low system impact, and web security features. While Norton is recognized for its comprehensive security suite, Quick Heal is appreciated for its simplicity and efficiency in handling threats.
In terms of user interface and ease of use, Norton offers a polished and user-friendly interface, catering to a global audience with various cybersecurity needs. Quick Heal's interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, primarily catering to users who prefer simplicity and direct functionality. Both Norton and Quick Heal provide user-friendly experiences, but Norton's interface is more comprehensive with additional features.
On the pricing front, Norton offers various subscription plans with different levels of protection, catering to a diverse range of users from individuals to large enterprises. Quick Heal's pricing is generally more affordable, aimed at providing effective virus protection at a lower cost. Norton provides more flexible and varied pricing options, while Quick Heal focuses on affordability.
Regarding customer support and service, Norton provides extensive support through various channels including 24/7 live chat, community forums, and FAQs. Quick Heal also offers reliable customer support, though it may not match the extensive global network that Norton maintains. Both brands are committed to customer service, but Norton has a more extensive global support system.

Comparison Chart

Company Origin

Developed by Symantec Corporation, USA
Originated in India

Product Range

Comprehensive cybersecurity suite
Primarily antivirus and network protection


Advanced protection, cloud backup, parental controls
Quick scanning, low system impact, web security

User Interface

Polished, user-friendly, feature-rich
Straightforward, easy-to-navigate

Pricing and Affordability

Various subscription plans, catering to a wide audience
Generally more affordable, cost-effective

Customer Support

Extensive global support network
Reliable support, more localized

Norton and Quick Heal Definitions


Provides cloud backup and parental control options.
I use Norton's cloud backup to safeguard my important files.

Quick Heal

Known for its affordability and effectiveness in handling threats.
I chose Quick Heal for its affordability and reliable virus protection.


Offers a user-friendly interface with various subscription plans.
Choosing the right Norton subscription plan was easy thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Quick Heal

Provides a straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface.
I found Quick Heal's interface very easy to use for my daily needs.


A leading cybersecurity software providing virus protection and online privacy.
I installed Norton to ensure my computer is protected from viruses.

Quick Heal

Offers streamlined security features targeting individual users and small businesses.
Quick Heal is ideal for our small business's security needs.


Offers features like real-time threat protection, VPN, and identity theft protection.
Norton's VPN feature helps me browse the internet securely.

Quick Heal

Emphasizes low system impact and web security.
With Quick Heal, my computer runs smoothly without any lag.


Known for its comprehensive security solutions for individuals and businesses.
Our company relies on Norton for its extensive cybersecurity needs.

Quick Heal

An antivirus software known for its quick scanning ability and efficient virus protection.
Quick Heal quickly scanned my computer and removed all threats.


What is Norton?

Norton is a comprehensive cybersecurity software offering virus protection and online privacy features.

What is Quick Heal?

Quick Heal is an antivirus software known for its quick scanning and efficient virus protection.

Can Quick Heal protect against the latest viruses?

Yes, Quick Heal is regularly updated to protect against the latest threats.

Does Norton offer a VPN service?

Yes, Norton provides a VPN service for secure internet browsing.

Can Norton protect multiple devices?

Norton offers plans that allow protection for multiple devices.

Does Quick Heal offer web security features?

Yes, Quick Heal provides web security features to protect against online threats.

Is Quick Heal easy to install?

Yes, Quick Heal is known for its straightforward installation process.

Is Quick Heal affordable for individual users?

Yes, Quick Heal is generally more affordable and cost-effective for individual users.

How often does Norton release updates?

Norton regularly releases updates for continuous protection against new threats.

Can I get customer support from Norton?

Norton offers extensive customer support through various channels.

Is Norton suitable for large enterprises?

Yes, Norton offers solutions catering to the cybersecurity needs of large enterprises.

Does Quick Heal slow down the computer?

Quick Heal is designed to have a low impact on system performance.

Is Quick Heal effective against malware and spyware?

Yes, Quick Heal effectively protects against malware and spyware.

Can I use Quick Heal on my mobile device?

Quick Heal offers solutions that are compatible with mobile devices.

Can Quick Heal remove existing viruses from my computer?

Yes, Quick Heal can scan and remove existing viruses from your computer.

Does Norton offer parental controls?

Yes, Norton provides parental control options in its security suite.

What types of subscriptions does Norton offer?

Norton offers a range of subscription plans to suit different user needs.

Does Norton provide cloud backup services?

Yes, Norton includes cloud backup services in its security packages.

Is Quick Heal suitable for Windows and Mac?

Quick Heal provides solutions for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

How does Norton protect against identity theft?

Norton offers identity theft protection features to safeguard personal information.
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