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Nonprofessional vs. Unprofessional: What's the Difference?

By Harlon Moss & Janet White || Updated on May 22, 2024
Nonprofessional refers to someone who lacks professional status or training, while unprofessional describes behavior that is inappropriate or below the standards expected in a profession.

Key Differences

Nonprofessional refers to individuals who do not possess the qualifications or training to be considered professionals in a given field. This term is neutral and simply denotes the absence of professional status or expertise. Unprofessional, on the other hand, specifically relates to behavior or actions that do not meet the standards expected in a professional context. It carries a negative connotation, implying that the conduct in question is inappropriate or substandard.
In terms of usage, nonprofessional might describe a person's role or status, such as a nonprofessional artist or a nonprofessional employee who lacks formal credentials. Unprofessional is more often used to critique behavior, such as unprofessional conduct or unprofessional attire.
Nonprofessional roles can still be performed with competence and dedication, as the term does not inherently judge the quality of work. Unprofessional behavior, however, reflects poorly on an individual’s professionalism and can negatively impact their career or the reputation of their organization.
While nonprofessional is a neutral term related to one’s status or qualifications, unprofessional is a critical term that reflects on the inappropriateness or inadequacy of one’s actions within a professional setting.

Comparison Chart


Lacking professional status or training
Behavior below professional standards



Context of Use

Describes status or role
Describes behavior or actions


Nonprofessional artist
Unprofessional conduct


Indicates absence of professional credentials
Reflects poorly on individual’s professionalism

Nonprofessional and Unprofessional Definitions


Amateur or volunteer in a field.
The event was organized by a group of nonprofessional volunteers.


Inappropriate conduct in a work setting.
Arriving late consistently is considered unprofessional.


Not making a living from a profession.
He enjoys nonprofessional writing as a hobby.


Below the standards expected in a profession.
His unprofessional behavior led to a reprimand.


Not having professional expertise.
Despite being nonprofessional, her advice was very helpful.


Actions reflecting poorly on professionalism.
The unprofessional email was full of errors.


Engaging in activities without professional status.
The nonprofessional athlete competed in local marathons.


Behavior that is not conducive to a work environment.
Speaking rudely to clients is highly unprofessional.


Lacking formal qualifications in a profession.
As a nonprofessional photographer, she captures stunning images.


Conduct that can damage reputation.
Unprofessional dress code violations can impact promotions.


One who is not a professional.


Not in a profession.


Not professional; amateur


Not a qualified member of a professional group.


One who is not a professional; an amateur.


Not conforming to the standards of a profession
Unprofessional behavior.


Not belonging to a profession.


Characteristic of an amateur; inexpert.


Not done by, or proceeding from, professional men; contrary to professional usage; unprofessional.


Unbecoming of a professional; hence inappropriate in the workplace
Unprofessional behavior


Not professional; not engaged in a profession or engaging in as a profession or for gain;
The nonprofessional wives of his male colleagues
Nonprofessional actors


Lacking a profession.


One who is not a professional.


Not characteristic of or befitting a profession or one engaged in a profession;
Described in unprofessional language so that high school students could understand it
Was censured for unprofessional conduct
Unprofessional repairs


Is being nonprofessional always negative?

No, being nonprofessional is neutral and does not imply a lack of skill or dedication.

What does nonprofessional mean?

Nonprofessional refers to someone who does not have professional status or formal qualifications in a particular field.

Can nonprofessional work be high quality?

Yes, nonprofessional work can be of high quality, even without formal training or credentials.

What does unprofessional mean?

Unprofessional describes behavior that falls below the standards expected in a professional setting.

What is an example of nonprofessional?

An amateur musician playing at local events is an example of a nonprofessional.

Can a professional behave unprofessionally?

Yes, a professional can exhibit unprofessional behavior by acting inappropriately or failing to meet job standards.

Can nonprofessionals become professionals?

Yes, nonprofessionals can become professionals by gaining the necessary qualifications and experience.

How is unprofessional used in context?

Unprofessional is used to critique actions or behavior, such as unprofessional conduct at work.

What is the difference in connotation between nonprofessional and unprofessional?

Nonprofessional has a neutral connotation, while unprofessional has a negative connotation.

Is unprofessional behavior always intentional?

Not necessarily; unprofessional behavior can result from ignorance or misunderstanding of professional standards.

Can nonprofessionals perform at professional standards?

Yes, nonprofessionals can perform at professional standards with dedication and practice.

Why is unprofessional behavior problematic?

Unprofessional behavior can damage relationships, hinder career growth, and negatively impact organizational reputation.

How can one improve from being unprofessional?

Seeking feedback, undergoing training, and adhering to workplace norms can help improve professional behavior.

What are the consequences of unprofessional behavior?

Unprofessional behavior can lead to reprimands, loss of reputation, or even job termination.

How can one avoid being unprofessional?

Adhering to workplace standards, being respectful, and meeting job responsibilities can help avoid being unprofessional.

Is volunteering considered nonprofessional work?

Yes, volunteering is typically considered nonprofessional as it is often unpaid and may not require formal qualifications.

Is unprofessional behavior subjective?

Some aspects of unprofessional behavior can be subjective, depending on workplace culture and standards.

Can nonprofessionals be hired for professional tasks?

Yes, nonprofessionals can be hired for tasks but may require supervision or additional training.

What kind of actions are considered unprofessional?

Actions such as being rude, missing deadlines, or dressing inappropriately for the workplace are considered unprofessional.

Do nonprofessionals always work voluntarily?

No, nonprofessionals can also work for pay but without formal professional status.
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