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Sharara vs. Lehenga: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 12, 2024
Sharara is a pair of wide-legged pants, often with ruffles, worn with a tunic; lehenga is a long, embroidered skirt paired with a blouse.

Key Differences

Sharara consists of wide-legged pants that flare dramatically from the knees, often embellished and paired with a tunic or kurti. Lehenga, in contrast, is a long, flowing skirt, usually heavily embroidered or embellished, and worn with a blouse (choli) and a dupatta (scarf).
Shararas often use lightweight, flowy fabrics to enhance their wide-legged design, with embellishments that may be concentrated around the knee area. Lehengas typically use richer, heavier fabrics, with embellishments spread throughout the skirt for a grand look.
Both shararas and lehengas have evolved to include a variety of styles. Modern shararas might feature less flare or simpler designs, while contemporary lehengas can vary in skirt silhouette, from A-line to mermaid style.
Shararas, with their roots in Muslim bridal wear, are popular in weddings and festive occasions. Lehengas are a staple in Hindu weddings and are also favored in other Indian subcontinental celebrations.
Shararas offer more comfort and mobility due to their trouser-like design, making them suitable for long hours of wear. Lehengas, while stunning, can be heavier and more restrictive in movement due to their skirt design and the weight of embellishments.

Comparison Chart


Wide-legged pants
Long skirt


Worn with tunic or kurti
Worn with a blouse (choli)


Often around the knee area
Throughout the skirt


Light, flowy fabrics
Rich, heavy fabrics


Muslim weddings, festive events
Hindu weddings, celebrations

Sharara and Lehenga Definitions


A two-piece ensemble with a flared pant and tunic.
She danced gracefully in her vibrant sharara.


A traditional Indian skirt, usually full and ornate.
She wore a beautiful lehenga for her wedding ceremony.


A palazzo-like trouser, commonly seen in South Asian fashion.
Her red sharara was the highlight of the Diwali celebration.


A staple bridal attire in Indian weddings.
The bride's red lehenga was a masterpiece of craftsmanship.


A traditional outfit with wide, flared trousers.
She looked stunning in a blue sharara at the Eid party.


A long, embroidered skirt paired with a blouse and scarf.
Her lehenga at the festival was adorned with exquisite beadwork.


A pair of loose, flowing pants, often worn for festive occasions.
For her wedding, she chose an embroidered sharara.


An elegant skirt often worn in formal South Asian occasions.
For the reception, she chose a silk lehenga with intricate embroidery.


An elegant, wide-legged garment popular in formal wear.
She paired her green sharara with gold jewelry.


A flowing skirt, part of a three-piece ensemble.
Her pink lehenga was complemented by a matching dupatta.


A pair of loose trousers worn, with a kameez and dupatta, by women in Pakistan.


A long skirt worn by women in South Asia that is often elaborately embroidered with beads, shisha mirrors, or other ornaments.


A two-piece garment consisting of this skirt and a choli. In this sense, also called lehenga choli.


What occasions are lehengas suitable for?

Lehengas are popular in Hindu weddings and other traditional celebrations.

When is a sharara typically worn?

Shararas are often worn at weddings and festive occasions.

Can a sharara be worn casually?

Yes, modern shararas can be styled for casual wear.

Is a lehenga considered formal attire?

Yes, lehengas are typically formal and worn on special occasions.

What kind of embellishments are found on lehengas?

Lehengas often feature heavy embroidery, beadwork, or sequins.

Are shararas comfortable for long hours?

Yes, their wide-legged design makes them comfortable for extended wear.

How is a lehenga different from a sharara?

A lehenga is a long, embroidered skirt paired with a blouse, unlike the trouser-style sharara.

Can lehengas be heavy?

Yes, due to their rich fabrics and embellishments, lehengas can be quite heavy.

What is a sharara?

It's a traditional outfit with wide-legged pants and a tunic, popular in South Asian fashion.

Is a dupatta necessary with a sharara?

While traditional, a dupatta is optional with modern sharara sets.

Is the lehenga a traditional bridal outfit?

In many parts of India, the lehenga is a preferred bridal outfit.

What type of blouse is paired with a lehenga?

A fitted blouse called a choli is traditionally paired with a lehenga.

What fabrics are used for shararas?

Shararas are made from light, flowy fabrics like chiffon or georgette.

Are modern shararas different from traditional ones?

Yes, modern designs may feature less flare or simpler styles.

Can lehengas be customized?

Yes, lehengas are often tailor-made and heavily customized.

Are lehengas suitable for all body types?

Yes, lehengas can be flattering on various body types, with styles to suit each.

How to accessorize a sharara?

Accessorize with ethnic jewelry, a clutch, and embellished footwear.

Do shararas have cultural significance?

Yes, they are deeply rooted in South Asian Muslim culture.

Can a sharara be worn by all age groups?

Yes, shararas are versatile and suitable for women of all ages.

What is the price range for a lehenga?

Lehengas can vary widely in price, from affordable to high-end designer pieces.
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