Difference Between Manager and Director


Main Difference

The main difference between Manager and Director is that Manager oversees employees, and the Director is a manager of managers.

Manager vs. Director

A manager is someone who manages or overseas employees. It is his responsibility to handle day-to-day operations in his department, and a director is someone who does the overall company administration. Managers have to perform the strategy on behalf of the directors, whereas the board of directors is responsible for providing intrinsic leadership as well as direction for an organization. Managers concerned with implementing these decisions and the policies that are made by the board of directors, on the other hand, the future of the organization is determined by the directors who also determine the structure and plan of the organization and ensure that its assets and reputation are protected. They have to make decisions taking into account the effect on stakeholders. Managers have less legal responsibilities than directors. Directors themselves appointed and dismissed the managers. Conversely, directors can be held liable by the stakeholders along with shareholders for the achievement of the company and can be eliminated from office or created to work in a certain manner by them. Managers obligation or have the responsibility of enacting the ethics but take their direction from the board of directors or executive board; The board of directors solely determines the values and ethics of the company.


Comparison Chart

A manager is a being who is the team leader of a particular unit or department of the association and is answerable for its actions.A director is being nominated or assigned by the shareholders to monitor and control the company’s activities, as per the view of the company.
Level of Management
Middle-level managementTop-level management
Short-term planningLong-term planning
A manager sets out leadership to its juniors, by guiding what to do, when to do, and by which it is to be done.A director established native leadership and direction.
Ethics and Values
The managers endorse the ethics and values or moral and worth in the establishment, framed by the directors.The directors set out the ethics and values of the establishment.
Responsible For
Leadership or ManagementAdministration or supervision
Basic Function
Putting into the practice of ideas and strategies.Formulation of ideas and strategies.
Accountable For

What is the Manager?

Managers work primarily out of their offices and take direction on how the company should operate from the director. They hire their team members and manage how each team will fulfill the board’s goals. These individuals motivate their employees and act as mentors and teachers at times. Managers run important daily tasks, which could include working updrafts, presenting ideas and concepts, coordinating staff members, and staying within the operating budget for their department.

Job Responsibilities

  • Following the lead of the board and the director
  • Communicating policies and strategies with the teams
  • Collaborating with other departments and outside vendors
  • Scheduling and assigning team projects and individual employee tasks

What is the Director?

Directors work with other directors as members of a board to set policy, vision, and mission for the company. These people normally answer to shareholders who have questions and expect financial results. It is up to the director to determine successful business strategies and guide management towards implementing these strategies to meet the board’s goals. Since it is vital for directors to protect the company, they tasked with structuring the company, supervising managers, and disciplining staff to ensure company goals met. Directors typically work in an office environment, though travel may be required to with clients when necessary.

Job Responsibilities

  • Directing management in the implementation of strategies
  • Evaluating teamwork in conjunction with the meeting of goals
  • Supervising managers throughout time-sensitive projects
  • Preparing and analyzing board directed budgets

Key Differences

  1. A being who is the chief or leader of the dedicated capacity or particular unit of the association and is accountable for its activities is entitled the manager. In contrast, A being is preferred by the shareholders to observers and controls the corporation’s activities, according to the visualization of the company.
  2. Whereas a manager owned intermediate-level controlling, director owned top-level controlling.
  3. The duty of a manager is decision-making and leading in nature. On the contrary, the duty or role of the director purely determined and legislator.
  4. A manager takes up on the daily basis operations of the corporate and thus makes short-term policies for the corporation. Conversely, the director takes up long-term policies for adhesive the corporation’s future.
  5. The managers implement the morals and ethics in the association, framed by the directors, whereas the directors determine the morals and ethics of the association.
  6. Big one role of the manager is to conduct its underlings or juniors by guiding them on actions to be taken when to do, and by whomever, it is to be complete. On the contrary, the directors contribute congenital headship and command to the managers and other high ranking officials of the corporation.
  7. The manager is assumed to apply the policies and strategies articulated by the senior executives. On the other end, the director is assumed to apply the policies and strategies for the association.
  8. The managers report directors, while a director reports the concern’s stakeholders.
  9. A manager is answerable for the corporation’s complete administration, i.e., exertion and achievement of the whole sector, which is organized by them. As against this, the director inclines the management of the whole corporation.


Overall, a manager chases or follows the commands of the director and controls the subordinates or supporters to work in the undertaking of the aims of the association. On the other hand, The director is the point person or liable of the company, which sets out all the strategies, rules, actions, plans, etc. to accomplish the decisive goals of the association.