Difference Between Lipstick and Lip Balm


Main Difference

The main difference between Lipstick and Lip Balm is that Lipstick is for makeup and showoff purpose, whereas Lip Balm is to help the affliction of cold sores, lip dryness, chapped lips, etc.

Lipstick vs. Lip Balm

Lipstick is first discovered by the Mesopotamian women; on the other hand, lip balm is first produced by the Charles Browne Fleet. Lipstick is made up in the era of ancient Mesopotamia, while lip balm is first created in the 1880s for the purpose of sale. As we know that lipstick is pigmented, it takes more time to apply on the lips. On the flip side, lip balm takes less time to apply.


Lipstick is for those women who are interesting in applying colors on lips; on the contrary, lip balm is used for the cure of dry lips, angular cheilitis, and stomatitis, etc. Lipstick is in the category of cosmetics or makeup products, whereas lip balm is in the category of self-care products.

Lipstick is usually packed in the tabular container; on the other side, lip balm is usually present in tiny jars. Lipsticks are may be oily or can also be matte, whereas lip balm is oil-based and greasy. Lipstick has properties like a crayon but a little bit more soft and oily. However, lip balm is the constituent of soft wax, butter, oils, and other applicators.


The main ingredients of lipstick are oils, antioxidants, and other moisturizers. The ingredients that are used in the preparation of lip balm are bee-wax, camphor, petrolatum, paraffin, acetyl, and alcohol, etc. Lipstick isn’t applied on lips just for coloration; it is also worn for the purpose of protection. Lip balm is worn for several benefits like for natural healthy lips, to avoid dryness for SPF protection, etc.

Comparison Chart

LipstickLip Balm
Oil-based crayon for coloring the lips is known as lipstick.Lip cure uses to get relief from the different lip ailments is known as a lip balm.
Created In
Ancient times80s century
Takes Time to Apply
More timeLess time
Method to Apply
With brushesWith finger
MakeoverLip care
More pigmentedLess pigmented
Comprised Of
Oil and pigmentsOil, butter, wax, etc

What is Lipstick?

For such women who are interested in applying different unique colors on their lip, mostly prefer lipstick. So we can say that lipstick is a more popular choice for such women. Mostly lipstick is in red or pink shades. But nowadays, lipstick has more than a hundred shades such as hot pink, blush pink, spice red, hot red, pure red, maroon red, cappuccino, candy pink, plum shades, etc. Instead of all these shades, women still prefer the lipsticks of red family shades; it is the most famous and dominant color in the whole cosmetics range.

Lipstick is also present in trendy flavors like lime, mint strawberry, apple flavor, chocolate flavor, caramel or bubble gum flavor, etc. Lipstick is the best way to express the personality of an individual. Lipstick is a quite ancient invention that is suspected to firstly use by Mesopotamia. In ancient times, lipstick is made up of crushed gemstones and shells if beetles. With the passage of time, nourishing and lip care ingredients also start added with oil and pigments during the making of lipstick. In the 19th century, red lipstick became the most popular shade of that time.

There are also several disadvantages of using lipsticks, including it leaves the crack, dryness and also makes the lips unattractive after the removal of lipstick. Lipstick consumes more time to apply. Cheap lipstick may also contain poor ingredients, some of which are also carcinogenic. Lipsticks are of different types; some may be moisturizing, and other is sheer, matte, waterproof, long-lasting lipstick.

What is Lip Balm?

Lip balm is mostly used for the daily care of lips and healing. Lip balm provides hydration to the lips and repairs the irritation, dryness, and other ailments like cold sores, etc. because it contains wax cream. Lip balm is a basic need for everyone; either they use lipstick or not. Several ingredients are being used in the making of lip balms. These ingredients are fragrances, menthol, phenol, sunscreen, and other flavors, etc. Lips can damage easily because it is a very sensitive part of the human body. So that’s why to avoid any damage, lip balm is essential.

Lip balm act as a barrier between the lips and its surroundings. While changing in season or slight changes in the environment or climate, people mostly experience lips irritation or dryness. It is versatile to use lip balms and easy to apply by finger or by squeeze the tube. Lip balm is also present in different colors from orange shades to baby pink etc. All these shades show a glow, shiny, or greasy look. There are many flavors of Lip balm like chocolate, beer, menthol, fruity lip balm, etc.

Some essential kinds of lip balm are medicated lip balm, vitamin E lip balm, aloe Vera lip balm, and petroleum jelly, etc. Lip balm also causes some drastic disadvantages such as; lip balm addiction; lip balm ca also damage the real or natural color of lips; it can also affect the natural softness and natural glow of lips. Some cheap lips balms may also make the lips drier instead of moisturizing them.

Key Differences

  1. Lipstick acts as an opaque coverage, whereas lip balm is less opaque and may be tinted or non-tinted.
  2. Lipstick possesses a wide range of attractive colors; on the other hand, lip balm is available in only specific colors.
  3. Lipstick is an expensive product; conversely, lip balm is cheap.
  4. Lipstick is applied for the coloration; on the flip side, lip balm is applied for the health and beauty of lips.
  5. Lipstick is worn for protection. However, lip balm is worn for the healing of dry lips.
  6. Lipstick can give a shiny look and matte look also; on the contrary, lip balm only gives a shiny look.
  7. Lipstick is for makeover purposes; conversely, lip balm is to get rid of dry lips.
  8. Lipstick takes more time to apply compared to the lip balm, and it is easy to apply.
  9. Lipstick is more pigmented compared to the lip balm, which is less pigmented.
  10. Lipstick can be matte, glossy, or semi-matte; on the other side, lip balm is soft and moisturizes, which helps in nourishment.


It is concluded that lipstick is a cosmetic product, and lip balm is for lip care.

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