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Kohler vs. Grohe: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 17, 2024
Kohler is an American company known for a wide range of bathroom and kitchen products, while Grohe is a German brand renowned for its high-quality plumbing fixtures, especially faucets.

Key Differences

Kohler, founded in 1873 in Wisconsin, USA, offers a broad range of products including plumbing fixtures, furniture, and generators. Grohe, established in 1936 in Germany, specializes in high-quality bathroom and kitchen fittings, particularly known for innovative faucets.
Kohler is recognized for its diverse product line and design options, catering to various styles and budgets. Grohe focuses on advanced technology and sustainability in its products, offering features like water-saving and easy-clean technologies.
The brand Kohler is synonymous with durable and stylish bathroom and kitchen solutions in the American market. Grohe, with its German engineering, is acclaimed for precision, high-quality craftsmanship, and sleek design in plumbing fixtures.
Kohler products are widely available in America and known for their customer service and comprehensive warranties. Grohe, while having a strong presence in Europe, is globally recognized and emphasizes innovative features and eco-friendly options in its product line.
Kohler caters to a wider range of home and commercial products beyond plumbing, such as cabinetry and lighting. Grohe is more specialized, primarily focusing on bathroom and kitchen fixtures with a reputation for technological innovation and quality.

Comparison Chart

Origin and Establishment

American, 1873
German, 1936

Product Specialization

Broad range including plumbing, furniture
Plumbing fixtures, especially faucets

Design and Style

Diverse styles and options
Sleek, modern, and technology-focused

Market Presence

Strong in America, wide availability
Strong in Europe, global recognition

Additional Features

Wide product range beyond plumbing
Focus on innovation and sustainability

Kohler and Grohe Definitions


Kohler is known for its diverse design options in plumbing fixtures.
Kohler's faucet designs added a unique touch to our kitchen.


Grohe is a German brand renowned for high-quality plumbing fixtures.
Our new Grohe shower system has excellent water pressure and sleek design.


Kohler is a leading American brand in bathroom and kitchen products.
We chose Kohler fixtures for our bathroom renovation for their style and durability.


Grohe is acclaimed for its precision engineering and sustainability.
We chose Grohe faucets for their eco-friendly water-saving technology.


Kohler offers a wide range of home products, including furniture and generators.
Our home's backup generator is a reliable model from Kohler.


Grohe products combine advanced technology with sleek, modern designs.
The Grohe kitchen mixer we installed has a smart, intuitive design.


Kohler caters to both residential and commercial markets.
The hotel's bathrooms are outfitted with elegant Kohler products.


Grohe emphasizes eco-friendly options and water-saving technologies.
Installing Grohe's water-efficient showerheads helped reduce our water bill.


Kohler provides comprehensive customer service and warranties.
Kohler's customer service was helpful when we needed to replace a part.


Grohe specializes in innovative kitchen and bathroom fittings.
The touchless faucet from Grohe is a highlight of our modern kitchen.


Does Kohler offer products outside of plumbing?

Yes, Kohler also offers products like furniture, cabinetry, and generators.

Where is Kohler based?

Kohler is based in Wisconsin, USA.

What sets Grohe apart in the market?

Grohe is renowned for its high-quality, innovative plumbing fixtures and eco-friendly technologies.

What is Kohler known for?

Kohler is known for its wide range of bathroom and kitchen products, including plumbing fixtures and furniture.

What are Grohe's most popular products?

Grohe is especially known for its innovative faucets and shower systems.

Does Grohe offer smart home technology in its products?

Yes, Grohe integrates smart technology in some of its faucets and shower systems.

Can I find Kohler products globally?

Yes, Kohler products are widely available globally, though primarily dominant in the American market.

What is Grohe's country of origin?

Grohe originated in Germany.

Is Kohler considered a luxury brand?

Kohler is considered a high-quality brand with options ranging from standard to luxury.

How does Grohe emphasize sustainability?

Grohe focuses on water-saving technologies and sustainable manufacturing processes.

What makes Grohe's design unique?

Grohe's designs are known for their sleek, modern aesthetics combined with advanced functionality.

Is Grohe's customer service reliable?

Yes, Grohe is known for its efficient and helpful customer service, supporting their product quality and customer satisfaction.

Are Kohler products durable?

Kohler products are known for their durability and quality craftsmanship.

What kind of warranty does Kohler offer?

Kohler typically offers comprehensive warranties, but specifics can vary by product.

How does Kohler's style compare to Grohe's?

Kohler offers a wider range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, while Grohe is known for its modern, European design.

Are Grohe fixtures easy to install?

Grohe fixtures are designed for straightforward installation, but professional installation is recommended for optimal performance.

What price range does Grohe cater to?

Grohe products are generally in the mid to high price range, reflecting their quality and advanced technology.

Can I get custom designs from Kohler?

Kohler offers a range of designs, but custom options depend on the specific product line.

Does Kohler have options for smart bathrooms?

Yes, Kohler has been incorporating smart technology into its bathroom products.

Is Grohe a good brand for kitchen faucets?

Yes, Grohe is highly regarded for its high-quality and innovative kitchen faucets.
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