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Jug vs. Pitcher: What's the Difference?

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A jug is a container with a handle and spout for holding and pouring liquids, whereas a pitcher is a wide-mouthed, handled container specifically designed for pouring drinks.

Key Differences

Jugs are containers traditionally made from glass, ceramic, or plastic, featuring a handle and sometimes a spout. Pitchers are similar but often larger and used specifically for serving drinks; they also usually have a wide opening and a spout for pouring.
The word "jug" suggests a sturdy container that might be used for storage as well as pouring, and it doesn't necessarily need to have a spout. Pitchers, on the other hand, are almost always designed with pouring in mind, typically with a pronounced spout and often used in settings like dining tables.
The shape of a jug is often more varied, sometimes being spherical or having a narrow neck. Pitchers tend to have a consistent design optimized for serving beverages, with a shape that accommodates stirring and easy pouring.
Jugs can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a decorative item or even for fermenting small batches of beer or cider. Pitchers are less versatile in use, primarily seen as a serving piece for liquids, especially for guests in a social setting.
Both jugs and pitchers have handles, but the handle of a jug can be more for carrying, while the pitcher's handle is designed to facilitate pouring. Both terms may be used interchangeably in casual conversation, but there are specific designs that define each.

Comparison Chart

Primary Use

General liquid storage
Serving drinks


Can be without a spout
Typically has a spout


More varied shapes
Wide mouth, easy pouring


For carrying
For pouring


Glass, ceramic, plastic
Often ceramic or glass

Jug and Pitcher Definitions


A large bottle with a narrow mouth.
The milk was delivered in a glass jug.


A container with a spout for pouring drinks.
The pitcher of iced tea was refreshing on the hot day.


A container for holding liquids.
She filled the jug with water for the dinner table.


A baseball player who throws the ball to the batter.
The pitcher threw a perfect game last night.


A portable container with a handle.
He carried a jug of lemonade to the picnic.


A decorative container on tables for serving liquids.
The crystal pitcher was the centerpiece of the brunch spread.


An earthenware or glass container, sometimes used decoratively.
The blue jug on the shelf was from her grandmother's collection.


In botany, a pitcher plant, a type of carnivorous plant.
The pitcher plant attracts insects with its vivid colors.


A term for jail in colloquial speech.
He ended up in the jug after the wild night out.


A large container used for mixing and serving beverages.
She prepared a fruit punch in the large pitcher.


A large, often rounded vessel of earthenware, glass, or metal with a small mouth, a handle, and usually a stopper or cap.


One that pitches.


The amount that a jug can hold.


(Baseball) The player who throws the ball from the mound to the batter.


Can the terms jug and pitcher be used interchangeably?

In casual conversation, yes, but they have distinct features.

Do pitchers have to have a handle?

Most pitchers have handles, but some modern designs may not.

Are jugs primarily for home use?

Jugs can be used both at home and commercially.

Are all jugs made of glass?

No, jugs can also be ceramic, plastic, or metal.

Is a water pitcher the same as a water jug?

They serve similar functions but can have design differences.

Do pitchers come in standard sizes?

They vary in size but are generally larger than most jugs.

Can a jug have a lid?

Yes, jugs can come with lids for storage.

Is a pitcher always used for serving drinks?

Primarily, yes, that's its main function.

Would you use a pitcher for non-drink purposes?

It's not common, as pitchers are designed for pouring drinks.

Is it correct to serve wine in a jug?

It's unconventional, but not incorrect.

Is a jug suitable for fermenting drinks?

Yes, certain jugs are suitable for fermenting.

Are ceramic jugs less durable than glass pitchers?

Durability depends on the quality of the material, not the type.

Can you store a jug in the refrigerator?

Yes, if it fits, you can refrigerate a jug.

Are there jugs that don't have handles?

Yes, some jugs might not have handles.

Can a jug be used as a pitcher?

If it has a spout, it can function as a pitcher.

Are plastic pitchers less formal than glass ones?

Typically, yes, glass pitchers are considered more formal.

Can you use a pitcher for hot liquids?

Only if it is designed to withstand heat.

Are pitchers usually more decorative than jugs?

Often yes, especially those used for serving guests.

Is a pitcher's spout functional or decorative?

The spout on a pitcher is primarily functional for pouring.

Do jugs keep liquids colder than pitchers?

The material of the jug or pitcher affects temperature retention.
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