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Insecureness vs. Insecurity: What's the Difference?

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Insecureness and insecurity both refer to the state of being not confident or safe, but insecurity is more commonly used.

Key Differences

Insecureness is a less commonly used term that describes a general state of lack of confidence or safety. It can refer to the quality of being prone to fear or doubt in oneself or in a situation where there is a lack of protection or stability. While it conveys a similar meaning to insecurity, insecureness is not as widely used in modern English.
Insecurity is the more commonly used term to describe feelings of inadequacy or uncertainty about oneself, or a situation where there is a lack of safety or stability. It encompasses both emotional states, such as self-doubt and anxiety, as well as physical states, such as the vulnerability of a place or system to threats or harm.
In the context of emotional well-being, insecureness might describe a transient feeling of lack of confidence, while insecurity often denotes a more persistent or profound sense of self-doubt. For example, someone may experience insecureness when speaking publicly for the first time, but if they feel inadequate in most social situations, it would be described as insecurity.
When it comes to safety and stability, insecureness could describe the quality of an unsafe condition, but insecurity is typically used to discuss broader issues such as economic insecurity, which refers to the unpredictable nature of one's financial stability, or national security, which pertains to the safety of a country's borders and citizens.
While both insecureness and insecurity relate to the absence of confidence, safety, or stability, insecurity is the preferred term in both everyday and formal English. It is used to describe both emotional conditions, such as personal feelings of inadequacy, and external conditions, such as the safety of a community or nation.

Comparison Chart

Usage Frequency

Rarely used
Commonly used


General state of lack of security
Emotional and physical state of lack of security

Emotional Connotation

Temporary or specific lack of confidence
Persistent or deep-seated feeling of inadequacy

Safety Implication

Can describe an unsafe condition
Used to discuss broader issues of safety and stability

Example of Use

"She felt a moment of insecureness when the lights went out."
"He spoke about his insecurity with candid openness."

Insecureness and Insecurity Definitions


A sense of doubt or instability in oneself.
The insecureness in his voice betrayed his confident words.


A situation where there is a lack of safety or stability.
Economic insecurity has become a major issue in the election.


The state of not being confident or secure.
Her insecureness was apparent when she avoided eye contact during the interview.


The state of being open to danger or threat.
The insecurity of the city during the blackout was palpable.


The quality of being open to danger or risk.
The insecureness of the lock on the door made her nervous.


Anxiety or uncertainty about oneself.
His insecurity about his appearance made him shy around others.


A temporary feeling of uncertainty.
He felt a sudden insecureness about his decision after the meeting.


Lack of confidence or assurance; self-doubt.
Her insecurity about her abilities held her back from applying for the job.


The condition of being unsafe or unprotected.
The insecureness of their situation became clear during the storm.


The state of being subject to fear or apprehension.
The insecurity she felt walking alone at night was overwhelming.


Not sure or certain; doubtful
Unemployed and facing an insecure future.


Not sure or certain; doubtful
Unemployed and facing an insecure future.


Inadequately guarded or protected; unsafe
A shortage of military police made the air base insecure.


Not firm or fixed; unsteady
An insecure foothold.


Lacking stability; troubled
An insecure relationship.


Lacking self-confidence; plagued by anxiety
Had always felt insecure at parties.






The state of being exposed to risk or anxiety


Can a society experience insecureness?

A society can experience insecureness in terms of safety and stability, but "insecurity" is the more appropriate term.

How can one overcome insecurity?

Overcoming insecurity often involves self-reflection, building self-confidence, and seeking support from others.

What is the definition of insecureness?

Insecureness refers to a state of lacking confidence or security, though it is not commonly used.

Can economic policies address insecurity?

Economic policies can address insecurity by providing stability and safety nets for citizens.

Is insecurity an emotional condition?

Yes, insecurity is often an emotional condition characterized by feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy.

Are insecureness and insecurity interchangeable?

While they share similar meanings, insecurity is the preferred and more commonly used term.

Can insecureness be measured?

Insecureness, or more appropriately insecurity, can sometimes be measured through psychological assessments.

Does insecurity affect mental health?

Yes, prolonged feelings of insecurity can negatively impact mental health.

Is insecureness a psychological term?

Insecureness is not a standard psychological term; insecurity is more widely recognized.

Can children feel insecurity?

Children can feel insecurity, often stemming from their environment or experiences.

What causes insecurity in a person?

Insecurity in a person can be caused by past experiences, social conditioning, or personal beliefs.

How does insecurity affect relationships?

Insecurity can affect relationships by leading to trust issues, dependency, or communication problems.

How can organizations reduce insecureness?

Organizations can reduce insecureness by improving safety protocols and employee support systems.

Can insecureness lead to anxiety?

Insecureness can lead to anxiety if it involves prolonged exposure to uncertainty and risk.

How can one address their own insecurity?

Addressing one's own insecurity may involve therapy, building resilience, and positive self-talk.

What is job market insecurity?

Job market insecurity refers to the uncertainty regarding the availability and stability of employment.

What is national insecurity?

National insecurity refers to a state where a country's safety, sovereignty, or stability is at risk.

What role does media play in insecurity?

Media can play a role in insecurity by perpetuating unrealistic standards and negative comparison.

What is food insecurity?

Food insecurity is the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

Can building self-esteem reduce insecurity?

Building self-esteem can be an effective way to reduce feelings of insecurity.
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