Difference Between iCloud and iTunes


Main Difference

iCloud and iTunes are two backup services designed by Apple for iPhone, iPad and iPod. In development stage of Apple, users were required to connect via USB cable with Windows or MAC to backup the data via using iTunes. After that Apple facilitated its users by launching the latest features of iTunes and introducing the iCloud. After understanding the chemistry of both tools you will come to know which service is better for you.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is an online backup, cloud storage and computing service of Apple Inc. which was introduced in 12 October 2011. At present, over 350 million users of Apple are enjoying this facility. The purpose of this service was to provide a platform to users to store their important data in whatever shape like documents, photos, music, videos, applications, bookmarks, reminders, backups, notes, contacts and iBook. Before iCloud, MobileMe was used as cloud storage service of Apple. It is available in multi languages for Windows 7, 8 and iOS 5 or later. Its two features, Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are very popular, which are used to find the location of a specific friend or iPhone via iCloud. Initially 5 GB free space is available for all kind of users and more space can be available according to package plan.


What is iTunes?

iTunes is a mobile device management application of Apple Inc. contains media player and media library. It was launched in 9 January 2001. The major functions of this tool are to play, download and organize you audio and video data on desktop computer via USB cable. It is available on iPod, iPhone and iPad. By this tool a user can buy and download the music, TV shows, videos, podcasts, movies, ringtones, application software and audiobooks. It is available in 23 international languages for Windows XP SP3 later. After the invention of this service users are now able to save their precious data on computers or laptops.

Key Differences

  1. In iCloud you can automatically make the backup of your data as you are just required to select the files and data you want to upload. While in case of iTunes, backup is made manually by connecting the device with personal computer and performing further function.
  2. iTunes stored the data in your computer and risk of lost of data or high. While iCloud store the data in a cloud storage services of Apple Inc. and you can access your data anytime if Wi-Fi is service available.
  3. iCloud offers just 5GB free space and if you have bulk amount of data than you are required to purchase its premium plan. In case of iTunes storage space depends on the size of the hard disk of your system. Either it has 40 GB space or 240 GB, all is yours.
  4. iTunes data can be saved at computer until there arises some crash or malfunctioning in your computer while Apple Inc. has the right to delete the users data on iCloud if no backup is made for over 180 days.
  5. iTunes is a proprietary freeware tool while iCloud is a freeware tool.
  6. iTunes is available for Windows XP SP3 or later while iCloud is available for Windows 7 and 8. That’s means iCloud is not available for Windows XP SP3.
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