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Gorilla Glass vs. Panda Glass: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 29, 2023
Gorilla Glass is a durable, scratch-resistant glass used in smartphones, while Panda Glass offers similar durability with a focus on environmental friendliness.

Key Differences

Gorilla Glass, developed by Corning, is known for its high durability and resistance to scratches, commonly used in smartphones and tablets. Panda Glass, produced by Tunghsu Optoelectronic, also offers high resistance to damage and scratches, aiming to compete in the same market.
Gorilla Glass has undergone several upgrades, improving its toughness and damage resistance over time. Panda Glass emphasizes its low alkali content and environmental sustainability, making it a more eco-friendly option.
The popularity of Gorilla Glass stems from its widespread adoption by major smartphone manufacturers. Panda Glass, while less known, is gaining recognition for its high-quality performance and eco-conscious manufacturing.
Both Gorilla Glass and Panda Glass are used in various electronic devices beyond smartphones, including tablets and laptops. They are prized for their clarity and touch sensitivity, enhancing the user experience.
Gorilla Glass has a well-established reputation and brand recognition in the market. Panda Glass, on the other hand, is emerging as a viable alternative, offering competitive features and benefits.

Comparison Chart


Tunghsu Optoelectronic

Main Features

High durability, scratch resistance
Damage resistance, eco-friendly

Market Adoption

Widely adopted by major manufacturers
Gaining recognition, less known

Environmental Aspect

Standard manufacturing process
Focuses on low alkali content and sustainability


Smartphones, tablets, laptops
Smartphones, tablets, other electronics

Gorilla Glass and Panda Glass Definitions

Gorilla Glass

Known for its damage resistance.
Gorilla Glass is often chosen for its ability to resist cracks.

Panda Glass

Emphasizes eco-friendliness.
Panda Glass is chosen for its environmentally friendly properties.

Gorilla Glass

Developed by Corning.
Corning's Gorilla Glass has set a standard in the industry.

Panda Glass

Suitable for various electronic displays.
Tablets with Panda Glass offer both clarity and durability.

Gorilla Glass

Undergoes continuous improvements.
The latest version of Gorilla Glass is even more durable.

Panda Glass

Produced by Tunghsu Optoelectronic.
Tunghsu's Panda Glass competes closely with other glass technologies.

Gorilla Glass

Used in various electronic devices.
Many high-end smartphones feature Gorilla Glass for screen protection.

Panda Glass

A type of high-performance glass.
Panda Glass is becoming popular in newer phone models.

Gorilla Glass

A brand of chemically strengthened glass.
My phone's Gorilla Glass screen survived the fall.

Panda Glass

Offers durability and scratch resistance.
Panda Glass provides reliable protection for your device's screen.


What are the different types of Gorilla Glass?

There are several generations, like Gorilla Glass 5 and 6, each offering improved strength and scratch resistance.

What devices use Gorilla Glass?

It's commonly used in smartphones, tablets, and some laptops and wearables.

What is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is a brand of chemically strengthened glass developed by Corning, primarily used in mobile devices for its durability.

How is Gorilla Glass made?

It's made through an ion-exchange process that creates a surface layer of compressed glass for increased strength.

Can Gorilla Glass break?

Yes, while highly durable, it can still break under extreme pressure or impact.

What is Panda Glass?

Panda Glass is a type of cover glass used in electronic devices, known for its high transparency and durability.

Can Gorilla Glass be recycled?

Yes, like most glass types, it's recyclable.

Is Gorilla Glass scratch-proof?

It's highly scratch-resistant but not completely scratch-proof.

How does Gorilla Glass compare to regular glass?

It's significantly stronger and more damage-resistant than standard glass.

What devices use Panda Glass?

It's mainly used in smartphones and tablets.

What makes Panda Glass unique?

Its combination of high transparency and durability makes it suitable for high-resolution displays.

How is Panda Glass produced?

Panda Glass is produced using a similar alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass process, like Gorilla Glass.

Are there different versions of Panda Glass?

There are different grades, though they are less publicly categorized compared to Gorilla Glass.

Is Gorilla Glass used in any non-mobile devices?

Yes, it's also used in some TVs, touchscreen displays, and automotive applications.

How thin can Gorilla Glass be?

It can be manufactured very thin while retaining its strength, down to about 0.4 millimeters.

Is Panda Glass more scratch-resistant than Gorilla Glass?

Both have similar scratch-resistant properties, though Gorilla Glass is often cited for higher durability.

Is Panda Glass used in budget devices?

It's commonly found in both budget and mid-range devices.

How does Panda Glass compare to Gorilla Glass?

Panda Glass is similar in terms of strength and scratch resistance but is made by a different manufacturer, Tunghsu Optoelectronic.

Can Panda Glass shatter?

Yes, like any glass, it can shatter under severe impact.

Is Panda Glass environmentally friendly?

Like most glass, it is relatively environmentally friendly and recyclable.
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