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Goodie vs. Goody: What's the Difference?

By Janet White || Updated on May 22, 2024
Goodie is often a plural noun referring to treats or rewards, while goody is a singular noun meaning an exclamation of delight or something considered virtuous or sweet.

Key Differences

Goodie, frequently used in its plural form "goodies," refers to treats, gifts, or rewards. For example, "The party bags were filled with goodies" implies that the bags contained various small treats or gifts. Goody, on the other hand, has multiple uses. As an interjection, "goody" expresses delight or excitement, similar to saying "yay" or "hooray." For example, "Goody, we’re going to the amusement park!" shows excitement about an event.
Goody as an interjection captures a moment of happiness or anticipation, highlighting an emotional reaction rather than a physical item. When referring to a person, it often carries a nuance of being overly righteous or priggish. Goodie is more about the tangible pleasures, while goody can refer to both an expression of joy and a characteristic of a person.

Comparison Chart

Part of Speech

Noun, Interjection


Treats, rewards, or gifts
Exclamation of delight; virtuous person

Common Usage

Often plural, e.g., "goodies"
Singular or interjection


Positive, enjoyable items
Excitement, virtue (sometimes mocking)

Example Sentence

The kids loved the goodies in their bags.
Goody, we’re going to the beach!


Informal, parties, celebrations
Informal, expressing emotion, describing a person

Goodie and Goody Definitions


Often used in informal contexts.
They handed out goodies at the event.


Sometimes used mockingly to describe excessive virtue.
The class goody always raises her hand to answer.


Used to describe something that brings joy.
The goodie bag had chocolates and small toys.


Can express childlike joy or anticipation.
Goody, it’s finally the weekend!


A treat or reward.
The children were excited about the goodies they received.


An exclamation of delight or excitement.
Goody, we get to open our presents now!


An enjoyable item, often given as a gift.
The holiday stockings were filled with all sorts of goodies.


Describes someone who is virtuous or overly proper.
She’s such a goody-two-shoes, always following the rules.


Plural form "goodies" commonly used.
She brought a basket of goodies to the picnic.


Used to convey positive emotion informally.
Goody, I can’t wait to see the new movie!


Variant of goody1.


Used to express delight.


Expression of pleasure; yippee.


Something attractive or delectable, especially something sweet to eat.


(informal) A good character in a story, often a hero.


A goodwife.


Alternative form of goody


(informal) Used to indicate pleasure or delight.


(informal) A small amount of something good to eat.


(informal) Any small, usually free, item.


(Ireland) Pudding made by boiling bread in milk with sugar and spices.


(informal) hero, good character in a story


That which is good, the good part of something, which one desires to extract or use up.


An American fish, the lafayette or spot.


(obsolete) Goodwife, a 17th-century puritan honorific for an adult woman.


Synonym of goody-goody


A bonbon, cake, or the like; - usually in the pl.


An American fish; the lafayette or spot.


Goodwife; - a low term of civility or sport.


Weakly or sentimentally good; affectedly good; - often in the reduplicated form goody-goody.


Something considered choice to eat


What does goody mean?

Goody can be an exclamation of delight or refer to someone who is virtuous or overly proper.

Can goodie refer to a person?

No, goodie typically refers to treats or rewards, not people.

Can goody refer to a person?

Yes, goody can describe someone who is virtuous or overly proper.

How do you use goody in a sentence?

e.g., Goody, we’re going on a trip!

Does goody have a negative connotation?

It can have a slightly mocking tone when referring to a person as overly virtuous.

Is goodie related to celebrations?

Yes, goodie is often associated with parties and celebrations.

Is goodie used in singular or plural form?

Goodie is commonly used in its plural form, "goodies."

Is goody used as an exclamation?

Yes, goody is often used as an exclamation of delight or excitement.

Is goodie formal or informal?

Goodie is an informal term.

What does goodie mean?

Goodie refers to treats, rewards, or enjoyable items, often given as gifts.

Can goodie be used in professional settings?

It is less common in professional settings due to its informal nature.

How do you use goodie in a sentence?

e.g., The goodie bag was filled with candies and toys.

Does goodie have a negative connotation?

No, goodie generally has a positive connotation.

Is goodie used more commonly with children?

Yes, goodie is often used in contexts involving children and treats.

Is goody formal or informal?

Goody is also informal.

Is goody related to celebrations?

Goody can express excitement about celebrations but is not limited to them.

Can goody be used in professional settings?

It is also less common in professional settings.

Does goodie refer to tangible items?

Yes, goodie refers to tangible treats or gifts.

Does goody refer to emotions or people?

Goody refers to emotions (as an exclamation) or people (describing virtue).

Is goody used more commonly with children?

Yes, especially as an exclamation of delight or describing a well-behaved child.
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