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Gideon Bible vs. KJV Bible: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 22, 2024
The Gideon Bible is a specific distribution version of the Bible by The Gideons International, often the KJV or NKJV, while the KJV Bible is the King James Version, a specific English translation from 1611.

Key Differences

The Gideon Bible, distributed by The Gideons International, is known for its wide placement in hotel rooms and is often a version of the King James Version (KJV) or New King James Version (NKJV). The KJV Bible, however, is a specific English translation of the Bible completed in 1611 and is renowned for its majestic language and literary style.
Gideon Bibles are designed for evangelistic purposes and are often compact and durable for easy distribution. The KJV Bible, in its various forms, is used by many for study, personal devotion, and liturgical purposes, noted for its poetic and archaic language.
The content of the Gideon Bible may vary slightly, as The Gideons International sometimes use different translations or include additional materials aimed at conversion or comfort. The KJV Bible, on the other hand, has a standardized text, universally recognized among its users.
Gideon Bibles are most commonly found in hotel rooms, hospitals, military bases, and prisons, part of The Gideons International's mission to spread Christianity. The KJV Bible is widespread in various settings, including churches, homes, and as a scholarly reference due to its historical significance.
The Gideon Bible often includes supplementary materials like reading guides or prayers. The KJV Bible, in contrast, is typically just the biblical text, though study versions with commentary and analysis are also available.

Comparison Chart

Purpose of Distribution

Evangelism, widespread accessibility
Religious study, personal devotion

Translation Versions

Often KJV or NKJV
Specifically the 1611 KJV translation

Language Style

Varies, often modernized
Archaic, Elizabethan English

Common Places Found

Hotels, hospitals, public places
Churches, homes, libraries

Supplementary Material

Often includes guides, prayers
Typically just biblical text

Gideon Bible and KJV Bible Definitions

Gideon Bible

The Gideon Bible is known for its placement in public spaces like hotels and hospitals.
In every hospital room, there's usually a Gideon Bible.

KJV Bible

The KJV Bible is the King James Version of the Bible, translated into English in 1611.
My family has an old KJV Bible passed down through generations.

Gideon Bible

Gideon Bibles often include additional materials for evangelistic purposes.
The Gideon Bible I read had helpful guides for understanding scripture.

KJV Bible

The KJV Bible has been a standard text for English-speaking Christians for centuries.
Many churches still use the KJV Bible for their services.

Gideon Bible

Gideon Bibles are often compact and durable for ease of distribution.
The compact Gideon Bible was perfect for my travels.

KJV Bible

The KJV Bible is known for its Elizabethan English and literary quality.
The poetic language of the KJV Bible is beautiful but sometimes hard to understand.

Gideon Bible

The Gideon Bible is part of a mission to make the Bible accessible worldwide.
The Gideons International distributes Gideon Bibles globally for free.

KJV Bible

The KJV Bible is used for study, personal devotion, and liturgical purposes.
I use the KJV Bible for my daily scripture readings.

Gideon Bible

The Gideon Bible is a version of the Bible distributed by The Gideons International.
I found a Gideon Bible in my hotel room drawer.

KJV Bible

The KJV Bible's translation was commissioned by King James I of England.
The KJV Bible was a monumental translation effort in the early 17th century.


Are Gideon Bibles free?

Yes, The Gideons International distribute them free of charge.

What is the KJV Bible?

The King James Version is an English translation of the Bible from 1611, known for its literary style.

Who distributes the Gideon Bible?

The Gideons International, a Christian evangelical organization.

What additional content does a Gideon Bible have?

Often includes reading guides, prayers, and evangelical materials.

Why is the KJV Bible popular?

Its poetic language and historical significance have made it popular for centuries.

Where are Gideon Bibles most commonly found?

In hotel rooms, hospitals, military bases, and prisons.

What is the Gideon Bible?

It's a version of the Bible distributed by The Gideons International, often found in public places.

Is the KJV Bible difficult to understand?

Its archaic language can be challenging for modern readers.

What language is the KJV Bible written in?

Early Modern English, often referred to as Elizabethan or Shakespearean English.

Can anyone get a Gideon Bible?

They are primarily placed in public areas, but The Gideons International may provide them upon request.

What makes the KJV Bible unique among other translations?

Its historical significance and distinctive literary style set it apart.

What impact has the KJV Bible had on the English language?

It has significantly influenced English literature and language.

Has the KJV Bible been revised?

Yes, there have been several revisions and updates since 1611.

Is the KJV Bible suitable for academic study?

Yes, it's often studied for its literary and historical value.

Are Gideon Bibles different from regular Bibles?

The text is similar, but they may include additional evangelical material.

Can I request a Gideon Bible for personal use?

Typically, they are distributed in public spaces, but you can contact The Gideons International for inquiries.

Are there children's versions of the KJV Bible?

Yes, there are adapted versions of the KJV Bible suitable for children.

Do Gideon Bibles come in different languages?

Yes, they are available in many languages to cater to diverse populations.

Is the KJV Bible used in all Christian denominations?

While widely respected, different denominations may prefer other translations.

How does The Gideons International fund their Bible distribution?

Primarily through donations from its members and supporters.
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