Difference Between Gametic Meiosis and Zygotic Meiosis


Main Difference

Meiosis is of three types, depending on the stage where it occurs. The main difference between these two types of meiosis is, that in gametic meiosis the process of meiosis occurs during the formation of gametes and results in haploid gametes formation. In zygotic meiosis, the process of meiosis occurs in a zygote and again results in haploid individuals.

What is Gametic Meiosis?

Gametic meiosis occurs in gametes, during their formation and eventually gives results in the formation of a haploid number of gametes. Then these gametes fuse together in the process of fertilization and give rise to a zygote. It has a diplontic lifestyle. This zygote then undergoes mitosis and is converted into an individual. In sexually reproducing organisms, this type of meiosis takes place during the formation of gametes and then in the transfer of those gametes to the formation of a zygote.


What is Zygotic Meiosis?

The meiotic division here occurs in a zygote. In this process the formation of a haploid individual takes place. A zygote is divided which results in haploid organisms, having a haplontic life cycle, unlike a diplontic life cycle in gametic meiosis. In lower plants, zygotic meiosis takes place. It takes place when the zygote is about to germinate and therefore the plant or filament is haploid in nature. The resultant zygote after the process of conjugation is diploid. It undergoes a period of rest and then finally germinates. At the time of germination, meiosis occurs to form four spores.

Key Differences

  1. Gametic meiosis have diplontic life style. Zygotic meiosis has a haplontic life cycle.
  2. Gametic meiosis occurs in gametes, zygotic in a zygote.
  3. Gametic meiosis gives rise to gametes, zygotic gives rise to a zygote.
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