Difference Between Janitor and Custodian


Main Difference

There are many alternative phrases which may be utilized to people who look like there to restore points and trouble shoot. In completely completely different nations, they’re referred to as caretaker, custodian, janitor, cleaner, and so on. Janitor is a person who’s entrusted with cleaning and repairs of a developing. Custodian as a phrase reminds of any person who has custody of 1 factor or a child. However, in office and public places, a custodian is a person seen to be performing a job very similar to that of a janitor.

What is Janitor?

A janitor (American English), janitress (female), custodian “cleaner” or caretaker is a person who cleans and maintains buildings much like hospitals, colleges and residential lodging. Janitors’ main responsibility is as a cleaner. In some situations they may even carry out repairs and security duties. An analogous place, nevertheless usually with additional managerial duties and not along with cleaning, is occupied by developing superintendents inside the United States. Cleaning is no doubt one of many largely outsourced suppliers.


What is Custodian?

The time interval custodian might search recommendation from a Person who has responsibility for or takes care of 1 factor, much like a museum, financial belongings, or a practice or customized.

Key Differences

  1. A janitor has traditionally been entrusted with cleaning jobs whereas custodian is a person accountable for taking good care of a property or a child
  2. the definitions have gotten significantly blurred these days and often a janitor is seen performing many various roles which may be traditionally thought-about match for a custodian
  3. A custodian is there on the premises of the property he is entrusted to deal with whereas a janitor performs his duties inside the mornings or inside the evenings
  4. Normally, janitorial suppliers evoke photos of a person cleaning loos and flooring, whereas a custodian reminds us of a person taking good care of repairs and security of a spot.
  5. Today custodian is taken into consideration as preferable to janitor; people suppose it makes the job sound additional obligatory.
  6. As nouns the between custodian and janitor is that custodian is a person entrusted with the custody or care of 1 factor or any person; a caretaker or keeper whereas janitor is any person who takes care of the maintenance and cleaning of a public developing.
  7. A custodian has custody whereas a janitor does not.
  8. A janitor cleans malls and airports. A custodian does the an identical, nevertheless the job requires a positive mechanical aptitude
  9. Sometimes, a janitor who’s employed in colleges and completely different public institutions may be referred to as a custodian when he is entrusted with completely different duties apart from cleaning. Anyone performing custodial service, taking good care of the wellbeing of a kid, an property, a developing or an animal is a custodian.
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