Difference Between Equality and Equity


Main Difference

The main difference between equality and equity is that equality means treating everyone the same, and equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful.

Equality vs. Equity

Equality is a state where everyone is at the same level. Equity is the virtue of being even-handed, impartial and justness. Equality gives the meaning of treating everyone as equal. Equity recognizes attempts and differences to unequal individual opportunities.

Equality refers to equal opportunity and the same level of support for the whole society. Equity goes a step further and refers offering support to achieve greater fairness of outcomes. Inequality is distributed evenly among people. Inequity is distributed in such a way that it gives opportunities to all people.


Equality justifies things based on quantity. Equity justifies things based on quality. Equality is not affected by the need for society or its people. Equity is an approach that is based on need. Equality is the outcome or result of a process. Equality is the mean of a process.

Equality gives to the people irrespective of their needs. Equity focuses on the requirements and needs of an individual. Equality does not vary for people, and neither matter whoever look at it. Equity differs from person to person and from situation to situation. Equality gives rise to negative discrimination while equity gives rise to positive discrimination.

In equality, people are treated equally but sometimes unfairly, whereas, in equity, people are treated fairly but differently. In equality people can only get what everyone else gets. In equity, people can get the things they need. Equality can be achieved directly or indirectly through equity.


Equity can not be achieved by equality. Equality is treating everyone equally irrespective of their status and anyone being a rationale or not. Equity is taking a logical and rational discussion. We can define equality as “the state of being equal.” Equity means “the quality of being impartial.”

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What is Equality?

Equality is a term that is used when everyone is treated in the same way without giving any effect to their needs and requirements. In easy words, equality is a state of getting the same quantity, value, or status to all. It is a situation where every individual is granted the same responsibilities, same rights. Equality only works if every person starts in the same place.

Everyone is treated equally in equality without giving any effect on their needs and requirements. In other words, equality is a process of giving every one its rights properly. In equality every person is granted the same responsibilities and rights rather than their differences.

Equality is the lifeline of our democratic society that aims to remove discrimination from our society and provide equal opportunity to all members of society. Equality can be racial; it can be between rich and poor or between men and women etc.

The notion of equality is that individuals get equal treatment in society and are not discriminated on the basis of sex, caste, nationality, race, age, religion, disability, creed, etc. However, equality means “the state of being equal especially in rights, status, and opportunities.”

Equality refers to the provision of equal and same resources to all people. It is the state of being the same in rights and status. Equality aims to ensure that all individuals are getting the same. Equality should be properly applied as a theoretical application in the courtroom, legal chambers, and everywhere else where it is needed.

What is Equity?

The word equity refers to the system of fairness and justice, where there is an even treatment of all hundred people. Equity works even if people do not start from the same point. Equity is the system of justice and fairness, where everyone treats the same. An individual that is needy and requires special help are taken into account and treated according to their need.

Equity demands fairness in each situation that is whether the distribution of benefits or burdens. However, people are treated fairly but different according to their needs, situation, and circumstances. In equity people also provided all the individuals the equal opportunity and helped them to attain their maximum potential.

Equity aims that every needy person is provided with the resources and opportunities that they need to access. In equity individuals are based on their needs and attention paid to the person’s requirements. Equity aims to try to understand and give people what they need to enjoy their life.

Equity means treating each other appropriately according to what they deserve. Equity is what people need to be a par with others and to be successful. Although equity appears unfair, it is moving a needy person closer to success.

Key Differences

  1. Equality is giving everyone equal and same thing whereas equity is giving someone access to the same opportunities.
  2. Equality ensures providing people the same thing; on the other hand, equity ensures people have what they need.
  3. Equality is the outcome; conversely, equity is a process.
  4. Equality aims that to enjoy full, healthy lives, everyone gets the same opportunities on the flip side equity means trying to understand and allow the needy people.
  5. Equality is the end of the process, while equity is the means of a process.


Equality and equity are two terms that differ from each other. Equality is giving everyone an equal chance, and equity is giving a chance to the needy ones.

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