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Educational vs. Educative: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on January 12, 2024
Educational refers to pertaining to the process of education or schooling. Educative refers to providing knowledge, informative, or instructional.

Key Differences

Educational refers to anything related to the system or process of education, like schools, curricula, or teaching methods. Educative, while similar, focuses more on the quality of being informative or instructional in a broader sense.
An educational program is designed within the context of formal education, often adhering to standardized curricula. An educative experience, on the other hand, may occur in any setting where learning takes place, whether structured or incidental.
Materials labeled as educational are typically created for use in formal educational settings, such as textbooks or educational software. Educative materials can be more varied, including books, documentaries, or even life experiences that offer learning opportunities.
The term educational often implies a connection to established educational institutions and their objectives. In contrast, educative is more about the inherent quality of something being enlightening or instructive, regardless of its connection to formal education.
Educational strategies are those employed by educators in schools to facilitate learning. Educative methods, however, could be employed by anyone (teachers, mentors, parents) and in any context where the goal is to impart knowledge or skills.

Comparison Chart

Primary Context

Formal education systems
Any informative context

Typical Usage

Programs, institutions, methods
Experiences, materials, methods

Connection to Institutions

Strongly tied to educational institutions
Not necessarily tied to institutions


Structured learning and curricula
The act or quality of imparting knowledge


Primarily in schools and formal settings
Can be informal or incidental

Educational and Educative Definitions


Instructional Material.
The educational videos were a hit in the classroom.


Informative Experience.
Traveling can be an incredibly educative experience.


Relating to Schooling.
The new educational policy aims to improve school standards.


Skill Development.
Cooking classes are educative in teaching essential life skills.


Pertaining to Education System.
She works in the educational sector, focusing on curriculum development.


Instructional Quality.
The museum's exhibits are both entertaining and educative.


Designed for Learning.
Educational toys are designed to enhance children's cognitive skills.


Enlightening Opportunity.
His work as a volunteer was an educative journey into social issues.


Formal Learning Environment.
Their educational background was evident in their thorough knowledge of the subject.


Knowledge Enhancing.
Documentaries are an educative way to learn about different cultures.


Of or relating to education.




Serving to educate; educational.


Tending to educate; that gives education; as, an educative process; an educative experience.


Resulting in education;
An educative experience


Are educational methods only used in schools?

Mostly, as they are designed for formal educational settings.

What does educational mean?

Educational pertains to the process or system of education, often formal and structured.

Can a book be both educational and educative?

Yes, a book can be educational in a formal sense and educative in providing knowledge.

Do educative experiences require a teacher?

Not necessarily; educative experiences can be self-guided or incidental.

What is the meaning of educative?

Educative refers to something that is informative or instructional, aiding in learning.

Is an educational approach always formal?

Generally, it follows formal teaching methods and strategies.

Can everyday experiences be educative?

Yes, everyday experiences can be educative if they provide learning or insight.

Is an educational curriculum always formal?

Typically, it is formal and follows set standards and objectives.

Are educational materials standardized?

They often are, especially those used in formal education systems.

Is the educational sector limited to schools?

It primarily includes schools but can extend to any educational institution.

Can a conversation be educative?

Yes, if it provides new information or perspectives.

Do educative materials need to be factual?

Ideally, they should be factual to provide accurate learning.

Can a game be educative?

Yes, if it involves learning elements or skill development.

Can leisure activities be educative?

Yes, if they involve learning new skills or knowledge.

Can movies be considered educative?

Yes, if they provide informative content or insights.

Are educational programs government-regulated?

In many cases, they are subject to government guidelines and standards.

Are educational policies government-made?

Mostly, educational policies are formulated by government or educational authorities.

Do educational professionals only work in schools?

They primarily work in schools but can also be involved in policy-making or curriculum development.

Do educational institutions only include schools?

They primarily include schools, colleges, and universities.

Is an educative documentary also educational?

It can be, especially if used in a formal educational context.
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