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Earphones vs. Headphones: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 9, 2023
Earphones are small listening devices fitting inside or around the ear, while headphones are larger and typically cover the entire ear.

Key Differences

Earphones, also known as earbuds, are designed to fit directly into the ear canal or sit just outside it. Headphones are larger and usually encompass the entire ear, resting on or around the head.
Earphones are more portable and less obtrusive, making them convenient for use while exercising or traveling. Headphones, due to their size, offer more comfort for prolonged use and are often preferred for professional or home listening.
Headphones generally provide superior sound quality and better noise isolation due to their size and design. Earphones offer decent sound quality but may lack the noise isolation and depth of sound provided by headphones.
Earphones often come with in-ear and wireless options, making them more versatile for active use. Headphones, especially over-ear models, often include features like noise cancellation and enhanced bass response.
Earphones are favored for their discreetness and convenience in mobile and active settings. Headphones are chosen for their sound quality and comfort, especially for extended listening sessions or professional audio work.

Comparison Chart


Small, fit in or around the ear canal
Larger, cover the entire ear


Highly portable, ideal for active use
Less portable, preferred for stationary use

Sound Quality

Good quality, less isolation
Superior quality, better noise isolation

Comfort for Long Use

Less comfortable for long periods
More comfortable for prolonged use

Popular Features

Often wireless, in-ear design
Noise cancellation, enhanced sound features

Earphones and Headphones Definitions


A pair of small speakers for personal audio listening.
Her earphones provided a good soundtrack for her workout.


Over-ear devices for enhanced sound experience.
She used noise-cancelling headphones on the train.


In-ear audio devices connected to a sound source.
She bought wireless earphones for convenience.


Audio equipment preferred for professional audio work.
As a DJ, he relies on his headphones for precise sound control.


Small listening devices worn inside the ear.
She used her earphones to listen to music during her run.


Devices for private listening, covering both ears.
She bought a new pair of wireless headphones for gaming.


Portable audio devices for individual use.
He packed his earphones for the flight.


Audio listening devices worn over the head.
He wore his headphones while mixing music in his studio.


Compact sound devices for private listening.
He prefers earphones because they are easy to carry.


Larger audio devices providing superior sound quality.
His headphones have excellent bass and sound clarity.


A small speaker that is worn in or over the ear, especially as one of a pair.


A small speaker that is worn over or in the ear, often as one of a pair connected by a wire attached to a band running over the head


A pair of small loudspeakers worn inside each outer ear or covering all or part of the ear, without a connecting band worn over head.


A pair of cushioned speakers worn over or in the ears so only the wearer can hear the sound.
Circumaural headphones enclose the ear, supra-aural headphones rest on the ear's surface, and earbuds are placed inside the ear.


What are headphones?

Larger audio devices worn over the head, covering the ears.

Can earphones have noise-cancelling features?

Some higher-end models do, but it's less common than in headphones.

Are earphones and headphones used differently?

Yes, earphones for mobility and convenience, headphones for quality and comfort.

Are headphones better for sound quality?

Generally, yes, due to their larger drivers and better noise isolation.

Can earphones be used for sports?

Yes, especially wireless and in-ear models.

Can earphones cause ear discomfort?

They can, especially if worn for extended periods.

Do headphones have better bass response?

Generally, yes, due to larger drivers and enclosed design.

What are earphones?

Small audio devices worn in or around the ear.

Which is more portable, earphones or headphones?

Earphones are more portable due to their smaller size.

Do professional musicians prefer headphones?

Typically, for their sound quality and precision.

Can earphones be used with smartphones?

Yes, most are compatible with smartphones.

Which is more comfortable for long periods?

Headphones, due to their over-ear design and padding.

Do earphones come with a microphone?

Many models include a built-in microphone.

Are headphones used in recording studios?

Yes, for their accuracy in sound reproduction.

Are earphones suitable for commuting?

Yes, due to their portability and ease of use.

Do earphones offer good sound isolation?

It varies, but generally less than headphones.

Are headphones a better choice for gaming?

Often, for their immersive sound and comfort.

Are there wireless options for both?

Yes, both come in wireless varieties.

Are headphones more expensive than earphones?

Typically, especially for models with advanced features.

Can headphones block out external noise?

Yes, especially models with noise-cancelling features.
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