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Domestic Income vs. National Income: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Published on November 27, 2023
Domestic income is the total income generated within a country's borders, while national income refers to the total income earned by a nation's residents, regardless of location.

Key Differences

Domestic income represents the sum of all incomes earned within a country's geographic boundaries. This includes earnings from domestic production, regardless of the nationality of the workers or companies. Conversely, national income encompasses the total income of all citizens and businesses of a country, regardless of where that income is earned. It includes earnings from both domestic and international sources.
In calculating domestic income, focus is on the location of income generation. It includes the value of goods and services produced domestically, irrespective of whether foreign entities or citizens are involved. National income, however, accounts for all economic activities of a nation's residents and businesses, including those occurring abroad. It reflects the economic strength of a country's citizens and corporations globally.
Domestic income does not include overseas earnings of a country's residents or companies. It's a measure of domestic economic activity. National income, in contrast, tallies earnings from both domestic and foreign sources, providing a broader view of a country's economic health. It includes profits from businesses operating internationally and earnings of citizens working abroad.
When assessing economic performance, domestic income offers insight into the internal economic activities. It is a key indicator of domestic economic health. National income, however, provides a more comprehensive view, including international investments and earnings, thus giving a fuller picture of a country's economic status on the global stage.
Domestic income is geographically constrained, focusing solely on the economic activities within a country. National income is more expansive, incorporating global economic activities of a country's residents and businesses, making it a measure of the total economic power of a nation's citizens and companies.

Comparison Chart

Geographic Scope

Limited to a country's borders.
Includes global earnings of a nation's residents and companies.

Included Earnings

Only earnings from domestic production and services.
Earnings from both domestic and international sources.


Internal economic activities.
Overall economic activities of citizens and businesses.


Does not include overseas earnings of residents/companies.
Includes all economic activities, domestic and international.

Indicator of

Internal economic health.
Economic status and power on a global scale.

Domestic Income and National Income Definitions

Domestic Income

Financial value of all domestic economic activities.
Domestic income fluctuations often reflect changes in national economic policies.

National Income

Financial value of total earnings by a country's entities, domestic and abroad.
The national income reflected the economic strength of the country in the global market.

Domestic Income

Total income produced within a country's borders.
The domestic income rose significantly due to increased manufacturing output.

National Income

Total income of a nation's residents and businesses, including international earnings.
The national income includes profits made by citizens working overseas.

Domestic Income

Sum of all earnings from goods and services produced domestically.
A surge in tourism greatly contributed to the nation's domestic income.

National Income

Comprehensive measure of a country's economic activity globally.
National income growth indicated a strong global presence of the nation's companies.

Domestic Income

Aggregate income generated by domestic production factors.
Innovations in technology have a direct impact on a country's domestic income.

National Income

Aggregate income from domestic and foreign sources earned by residents.
Investments in foreign markets played a significant role in increasing the national income.

Domestic Income

Total of all incomes earned from within a country's geographical boundaries.
The government's new policy aimed at boosting the domestic income through infrastructure development.

National Income

Sum of all economic activities by a country's citizens and businesses worldwide.
A multinational company's success abroad greatly contributes to the national income.


Why is domestic income important?

It's a key indicator of a country's internal economic health and productivity.

What is domestic income?

Domestic income is the total income generated within a country's geographical boundaries.

How is national income different from domestic income?

National income includes all earnings of a country's residents and businesses, both domestically and internationally, unlike domestic income which is confined within the country.

Does national income include international earnings?

Yes, it encompasses earnings from both domestic and international sources.

Can domestic income be influenced by foreign investments?

Yes, foreign investments in a country can significantly impact its domestic income.

How do national and domestic income relate to GDP?

Domestic income is similar to GDP, while national income includes additional factors like international earnings.

Is national income a better economic indicator than domestic income?

National income provides a broader perspective of a country's economic status globally.

Can a country have high domestic income but low national income?

It's unlikely, as national income generally includes domestic income and additional international earnings.

Does national income consider the location of earnings?

Yes, it considers earnings from both within and outside the country.

What does a rise in domestic income indicate?

It typically indicates an increase in domestic production and economic activities.

What role do remittances play in national income?

Remittances from abroad are included in national income calculations.

Can government policies affect domestic income?

Yes, policies related to trade, taxation, and investment directly influence domestic income.

Is national income a measure of a country's wealth?

It's a measure of the economic activities and strength of a country's residents and businesses globally.

How are domestic and national incomes calculated?

Both are calculated using various economic data, but national income includes additional global income sources.

Does national income reflect a country's economic independence?

It reflects both domestic economic health and global economic involvement and depe

What impacts domestic income?

Factors like domestic production, services, and consumption influence domestic income.

How does global economic change affect national income?

Global economic fluctuations can significantly impact the international component of national income.

Is domestic income solely related to production?

It relates to all economic activities within a country, including services.

Do exchange rates impact national income?

Exchange rates can affect the value of international earnings in national income calculations.

Can a recession affect domestic income?

Yes, a recession can lead to a decrease in domestic economic activities and income.
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