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Delhi vs. New Delhi: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 23, 2024
Delhi is a vast city and the National Capital Territory (NCT) of India, while New Delhi, a part of Delhi, serves as the capital city and the seat of government.

Key Differences

Delhi is a large metropolis and the NCT of India, encompassing a rich historical and cultural heritage. New Delhi, on the other hand, is a distinct part of Delhi, specifically planned as the capital of India, housing government buildings and embassies.
Delhi has a diverse and sprawling urban landscape, including ancient monuments, bustling markets, and varied neighborhoods. New Delhi is characterized by its well-planned streets, government buildings, and diplomatic areas, designed during the British rule.
The history of Delhi spans over a millennium, making it one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, with a blend of different cultures and dynasties. New Delhi, established in 1911, represents the modern era of Indian history and governance.
Delhi offers a composite culture with a cosmopolitan lifestyle, famous for its culinary diversity and vibrant festivals. New Delhi is more administrative in nature, symbolizing the political heart of the nation and hosting major national events and parades.
Delhi includes several districts and neighborhoods, each with its unique flavor, while New Delhi is comparatively smaller, but significant for its political and diplomatic importance, serving as the center of Indian government and international diplomacy.

Comparison Chart


Larger area, encompassing multiple districts
Smaller, specific area within Delhi


Broadly residential, commercial, cultural
Primarily governmental and diplomatic


Ancient, with centuries of heritage
Modern, planned in the 20th century


Diverse, from historical to modern
Planned, colonial-style government buildings


Broader, as the NCT of India
Specific, as the capital city of India

Delhi and New Delhi Definitions


A place of significant political and economic importance in India.
Many multinational companies have their Indian headquarters in Delhi.

New Delhi

A city marked by wide, tree-lined avenues and colonial architecture.
The Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi is an example of British colonial architecture.


A city known for its rich historical legacy and diverse culture.
Delhi has been the epicenter of several Indian empires and dynasties.

New Delhi

The center of Indian political power and international diplomacy.
Foreign diplomats are primarily stationed in New Delhi.


A bustling metropolis with a blend of ancient and modern.
Delhi's streets are a vibrant mix of historic sites and modern shops.

New Delhi

A planned city designed during the British Raj.
The layout of New Delhi was designed by architects like Edwin Lutyens.


The National Capital Territory and a major cultural hub of India.
The Red Fort, a symbol of India's rich history, is located in Delhi.

New Delhi

India's capital city, known for its governmental buildings.
The Indian Parliament is located in New Delhi.


A city marked by its distinct neighborhoods and culinary diversity.
From Chandni Chowk to South Delhi, each part of Delhi has its unique charm.

New Delhi

A symbol of India's status as an independent nation.
New Delhi hosts the Republic Day Parade, a display of India's military and cultural heritage.


A city in north central India


Does Delhi have historical significance?

Yes, it has a rich history with numerous ancient monuments.

Why was New Delhi built?

It was planned as the capital of India during British rule.

How big is Delhi compared to New Delhi?

Delhi is much larger, encompassing several districts; New Delhi is a smaller area.

What is the cultural diversity like in Delhi?

Delhi is very diverse, with influences from various cultures and traditions.

Is Delhi the same as New Delhi?

No, New Delhi is a part of Delhi, serving as the capital city.

What is unique about New Delhi?

It's India's capital and has many government buildings and embassies.

Is New Delhi the center of Indian politics?

Yes, it's where the Indian government and Parliament are located.

Are there any famous landmarks in New Delhi?

Yes, like the India Gate and Parliament House.

How do the lifestyles in Delhi and New Delhi differ?

Delhi is more diverse and bustling, while New Delhi is more formal and administrative.

Is New Delhi a separate city?

No, it's an integral part of Delhi, though it serves a distinct administrative role.

Does New Delhi have a significant role in international relations?

Yes, due to the presence of embassies and international organizations.

What is the main difference in architecture between Delhi and New Delhi?

Delhi has a mix of old and new, while New Delhi has colonial-style architecture.

Are there any green spaces in New Delhi?

Yes, it has several parks and gardens, like the Lodhi Gardens.

What is the food culture like in Delhi?

Delhi offers a rich culinary scene with a variety of cuisines.

How does the climate in Delhi and New Delhi compare?

They share the same climate, as New Delhi is within Delhi.

Is New Delhi a tourist destination?

Yes, it's popular for its historical and governmental landmarks.

Can tourists find historical sites in both Delhi and New Delhi?

Yes, both have historical sites, though they differ in age and style.

Are there educational institutions in New Delhi?

Yes, including prestigious universities and research institutions.

What kind of transportation is available in Delhi?

A variety of options, including metro, buses, and auto-rickshaws.

Is New Delhi more modern than other parts of Delhi?

In terms of planning and government buildings, yes.
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