Difference Between Cookies and Biscuits


Main Difference

The main difference between Cookies and Biscuits is that Cookies refer to flat sweet and baked items, whereas Biscuits refer to flour-based bakery items.

Cookies vs. Biscuits

The term cookie is mostly used in American English. The term biscuit is used in British English. Cookies are heavy and rough. Biscuits are slightly soft, crispy, and thick. The taste of the cookies is sweet. Biscuits are either sweet or savory. Cookies are rich in fats and fibers. Biscuits are not rich in fibers and are less fatty. Cookies are big and thick baked cake. Biscuits are small and thin products that are baked. Cookies are heavy and have more calories due to a lot of sugar. Biscuits are lighter products with lesser calories. Cookies batter are baked altogether and then cut it into small pieces after baking. Biscuits are baked individually after giving them a proper shape.


Cookies are made by settling down the batter on a baking sheet. Biscuits are made by cutting from rolled dough on the baking sheet. Cookies are made of sweetened dough rise without any yeast. Biscuits rise with soda and baking powder and then baked in an oven. The mixture of a cookie is cooked only once. The mixture of biscuits is cooked twice. Cookies are lavish with nuts, chocolate chips, or crunches. Biscuits are rarely lavish; their ingredients of recipes are lavished themselves.

Cookies are moist and soft. Biscuits are dry and crunchy to the tooth. However, in some countries, cookies are said to describe chewier items, and biscuits refer to crispy cookies. Cookies are used as a snack at tea time, while biscuits can also be used as breakfast material with the topping of eggs or cheese. Cookies are similar to cake in North America. Biscuits are similar to scones in North America. Cookies are rarely filled with cream. But some biscuits are getting attached via filling of cream or chocolate.


Comparison Chart

The sweet baked cake called cookiesDry quick bread called biscuits
Generally sweetSavory
Sugar Content
Contain more sugarContain less sugar
Dough Quality
Soft doughHard dough
Heavy, rough and crispyThick and heavy
Accompanied By
Ice cream, milk, chocolate and dessertJam, butter, and cheese
Little heavy and denseLighter and fluffier
Lavishing With
Chocolate chips, nuts, oats, caramel, chunks, etcSugar and butter

What are Cookies?

The term cookie is a word of American English and is derived from a word that is “koekje” means “little cake.” There are many flavors of cookie. Cookies take more time for the process of baking. Cookies are made up of thick batter and consist of dense ingredients that are nuts, oats, resins, almonds, caramel, chunks, and chocolate chips. Sometimes cookies are also stuffed with cream to enhance their flavor. Cookies are flour-based baked items. Its mixture consists of eggs, flour, sugar, and oil.

The term cookie is mainly used in North America. However, in the UK and other commonwealth countries, cookies are also known as biscuits. Cookies are homemade recipes and can also be made on small bakeries as well. Cookies serve with different beverages like tea, coffee, and milk, etc. There are various types of cookies according to their different recipes and different ingredients. Various cookies are named according to their shape and ingredients. For-example: chocolate chip cookie, nuts cookie, bar cookie. Thick cookie batter is baked in the oven until it becomes crisp and reached to softness. The texture of the cookie is different in America and the British. In UK cookie is moist, soft, and squish. In North America, a cookie is dry and crunchy.

Cookies are rarely decorated on the outside. Sometimes in Scotland, word cookie is used to describe a plain bun. The container that is used to store cookies is generally known as “cookie jar.” Cookies are baked on a pan and then cut after baking. It is not baked as individual pieces. Cookies take shape as a small, flat, crispy baked cake. It can also say that cookies are little bits of cooked cake batter. Cookies take more time to bake because it contains dense ingredients and heavy base batter. They contain more fats and fibers.

What are the Biscuits?

The word biscuit derives from Latin words “bis” means “twice’’ and “coquere” means “cooked.” That’s why biscuit means “twice-cooked.” The term biscuit is mostly used in British English. As biscuit means twice-baked, it is much firm than a cookie. Usually, a biscuit is smaller in size and sometimes two biscuits attached to any filing like vanilla cream, strawberry cream, chocolate, etc. Some biscuits are lavish by chocolate, or it could be topped with icing. Biscuits are usually served with tea. The taste of biscuits is enhanced by dipping them in tea.

Biscuits are used for bakery products or flour-based food items. Biscuits are commonly used as snacks, especially with tea. The term biscuits itself hold two products in its meaning. According to British English, biscuits are baked, small, crispy, crunchy, and sweet. Although in other English speaking countries like North America, a biscuit is also said to be a crispy cookie in America, word biscuit is used to mention small savory cake, which is similar to scones.

In other commonwealth countries taste of biscuits is either sweet or savory. Digestive biscuits, rich tea biscuits, butter puffs biscuits, café time, and hobnobs all are the example of sweet biscuits. Those biscuits which are savory in taste are commonly called crackers, and people usually eat them with cheese. Some ingredients such as cheese, poppy seeds, and onion seeds are also added to savory biscuits to enhance their taste. In the United Kingdom, biscuits are sweet items and topped with sweet things such as cream, chocolate, and fruit jam and can also serve with a cup of tea as a snack during the day or in the evening. But in the United States, biscuits are treated as bread and are eaten with eggs on top as breakfast.

Key Differences

  1. In North, America biscuits refer to a small savory cake, whereas in British biscuit refers to the small baked cake.
  2. Cookies are heavier; on the other hand, biscuits are fluffier.
  3. A cookie is soft; conversely, a biscuit is crunchy and hard on tooth.
  4. Cookies contain less quantity of sugar; on the flip side, biscuits contain more sugar.
  5. Cookies are denser in texture, while biscuits are lighter comparatively.
  6. Cookies are less healthy because of more quantity of sugar as compared to biscuits.
  7. Cookies can also be stuffed with cream, while biscuits are not.
  8. A cookie contains soft dough; conversely, biscuit contains hard dough.
  9. Cookies are thick in their dimension; on the contrary, biscuits are thinner in their dimension.
  10. Cookies are moist in nature and chewy in texture; on the other hand, biscuits are dry-ish in nature.
  11. Cookies are more loaded with ingredients and flavors; on the converse, biscuits are less loaded with ingredients like dry fruits, jellies, etc.


Cookies and biscuits are a bit different as the cookies are a little soft and tender, and biscuits are dry and crispy.

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