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Converse vs. Reverse: What's the Difference?

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Converse refers to talking or the opposite of a statement, while reverse means to move backward or the opposite direction.

Key Differences

Converse involves a spoken exchange between people; it’s an act of engaging in conversation. When one converses, they are participating in the verbal exchange of ideas, thoughts, or feelings. In logic, it can also refer to a proposition formed by switching the hypothesis and conclusion of a given statement.
Reverse, on the other hand, relates to moving backward or changing direction to the opposite way. It is often associated with a return to a previous state or position. In terms of direction, reverse is what one does when they walk backwards or when a car moves in the direction opposite to forward.
When discussing the converse of a concept, it implies considering the opposite position in a pair of interrelated terms or propositions. For example, if the statement is "All cats are animals," the converse would be "All animals are cats," which is not necessarily true.
To reverse a situation means to flip it to its opposite, often undoing a previous action. For instance, reversing a decision means that the current stance is changed to what it was originally. This can apply to physical movements, decisions, or changes in states or conditions.
Both converse and reverse share the commonality of implying a switch or a shift. While converse requires an intellectual or abstract shift, usually in terms of conversation or logical statements, reverse implies a more tangible or directional change, often physical or situational.

Comparison Chart


A dialogue or the opposite in a logical statement.
To move backward or turn something to its opposite.

Usage in Speech

Used to describe engaging in dialogue.
Used to describe a direction or change to an opposite state.


Communication, Logic.
Direction, Change.

Relation to Time

Present or ongoing interaction.
Can imply a return to a previous state.

Grammatical Form

Noun and adjective.
Verb, noun, and adjective.

Converse and Reverse Definitions


In mathematics, a proposition obtained by negating or permuting the terms of another proposition.
The converse of “If it rains, the ground gets wet” is “If the ground gets wet, it rains.”


To go backward.
The driver had to reverse into the parking space.


To engage in conversation.
They would often converse for hours on end.


To change to the opposite direction or position.
She decided to reverse her decision after hearing all the facts.


To hold a social exchange of ideas through spoken word.
She preferred to converse face-to-face rather than through texts.


The opposite or contrary to something.
The reverse of the medal shows the date of the event.


The opposite situation or statement.
The converse of the theorem proved to be false.


To revoke or annul an action or judgment.
The court decided to reverse the previous ruling.


A type of shoe associated with the Converse brand.
He bought a new pair of red Converse sneakers.


A gear in a vehicle for going backward.
Put the car in reverse to back out of the driveway.


To engage in an exchange of thoughts and feelings by means of speech or sign language.


Turned backward in position, direction, or order
The reverse side of the poster.


(Archaic) To interact socially with others; associate.


Moving, acting, or organized in a manner contrary to the usual
In reverse order.


Can converse be used as a verb?

Yes, "converse" is both a noun and a verb related to dialogue.

What is the converse in mathematics?

It’s a statement with the hypothesis and conclusion switched.

Is converse always about opposite ideas?

In logic, yes, but in general usage, it's about dialogue.

Can converse be used in formal writing?

Yes, particularly when referring to dialogue or opposite terms.

Can you converse with someone online?

Yes, conversing can be done through various online platforms.

What does reverse mean in terms of clothing?

Reverse in clothing refers to wearing something inside out.

Can you reverse a decision?

Yes, reversing a decision means changing it to the opposite.

What does reverse mean in video games?

It can mean to move backward or undo an in-game action.

Is there a reverse button on remotes?

Yes, often used to rewind or backtrack media.

Can converse mean agreement?

Not directly, it refers to dialogue, which may lead to agreement.

Is converse a brand name?

Yes, it's a popular shoe brand.

What's the reverse of happiness?

It could be considered sadness.

Does converse always require two people?

Typically, yes, although one can converse with oneself internally.

What does reverse psychology mean?

Encouraging behavior by advocating for its opposite.

Can an object have a converse?

Not in the physical sense, converse applies to abstract concepts.

Does reverse apply to time?

Figuratively, yes, as in reversing a policy to a former state.

How do you reverse a car?

By putting it in reverse gear and driving it backward.

How is reverse used in technology?

It can refer to reversing a process or algorithm.

Is converse related to controversy?

Not directly, but both involve dialogue and differing views.

How do you reverse in skating?

By changing the direction to go backward.
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