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Consultancy vs. Consultant: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on October 5, 2023
Consultancy refers to the professional practice or business of giving expert advice, while a Consultant is an individual providing expert advice professionally.

Key Differences

Consultancy and Consultant are terms that are interconnected, yet they represent different concepts. Consultancy typically refers to the professional business or practice of providing expert advice or services in a specific field. It can be an agency or a firm that houses professionals offering specialized advice in areas like management, technology, law, or finance. A consultancy plays a pivotal role in helping organizations address their business needs and challenges by providing insights, strategies, and solutions.
A Consultant, on the other hand, is an individual who possesses specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise in a specific domain and provides professional advice or services, usually for a fee. Consultants can work independently or be part of a consultancy. They analyze, evaluate, and devise strategies to solve problems or enhance the functionality and performance of an organization. The consultant's role is critical in imparting knowledge, offering solutions, and facilitating change within organizations.
While Consultancy is more about the entity or establishment that delivers expert advice, a Consultant is about the individual expert providing the advice. Consultancy is an organized body or a system that involves a collective approach to problem-solving and innovation, focusing on delivering comprehensive solutions to client organizations. It provides a structured framework for addressing various issues and opportunities that arise in the business landscape.
Conversely, a Consultant is the person who brings in-depth understanding, experience, and proficiency to the table. The consultant delves into the intricacies of a subject matter to understand the nuances and details, enabling the formulation of effective and efficient solutions. The emphasis here is on individual capability and the ability to apply knowledge and insights to real-world scenarios.
In essence, Consultancy represents the structural and organizational aspect of providing specialized advice, focusing on comprehensive solutions and strategies. It is the platform or medium through which expert advice is delivered to clients. On the contrary, a Consultant embodies the human element, emphasizing individual expertise, skills, and contributions in delivering professional advice and solutions.

Comparison Chart


A professional practice or business providing expert advice or services.
An individual who provides expert advice.


Organizational entity or system.
Individual expert.


Offers comprehensive solutions and strategies.
Analyzes and solves specific problems.


Involves a collective approach to problem-solving and innovation.
Focuses on applying individual expertise.


Can house multiple consultants.
Can be part of a consultancy.

Consultancy and Consultant Definitions


A business or agency offering expert professional advice in a specific field.
The management consultancy provided strategic advice to enhance operational efficiency.


An individual with specialized knowledge offering professional advice.
The consultant analyzed the data and suggested ways to improve sales performance.


A firm that houses experts who offer professional advice or services.
The IT consultancy proposed innovative solutions to optimize the company's technological infrastructure.


A professional who provides expert guidance in a specific area of expertise.
The financial consultant advised on investment and wealth management strategies.


An organized entity that focuses on resolving challenges through expert insights.
The environmental consultancy recommended sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprint.


An expert who imparts knowledge and insights to address challenges.
The legal consultant provided invaluable advice on compliance and regulatory matters.


The practice or process of providing specialized guidance or counsel.
The consultancy developed a comprehensive plan to address the company's marketing needs.


A specialist who collaborates with organizations to enhance their functionality and performance.
The marketing consultant developed a dynamic campaign to boost brand visibility.


The activity or industry concerned with delivering expert opinions and solutions.
The consultancy played a crucial role in devising effective business strategies.


A person who evaluates, analyzes, and provides solutions to specific problems.
The health and safety consultant conducted a thorough assessment of workplace risks.


The act or an instance of consulting.


One who gives expert or professional advice.


A business or agency offering expert or professional advice in a field
Opened a financial consultancy.


One who consults another.


A position as a consultant
Accepted a three-year consultancy abroad.


A person or party that is consulted.


A consultant or consulting firm.
For a PR campaign like never before, one needs a consultancy of unprecedented scope and power.


A person whose occupation is to be consulted for their expertise, advice, service or help in an area or specialty; a party whose business is to be similarly consulted.


The services offered by a consultant.
I've been doing IT consultancy for three years.


A senior hospital-based physician or surgeon who has completed all specialist training and has been placed on the specialist register in their chosen speciality, roughly equivalent to an attending physician in North America.


The practice of giving expert advice within a particular field;
A busines management consultancy


An expert who gives advice.


An expert who gives advice;
An adviser helped students select their courses
The United States sent military advisors to Guatemala


Can a consultancy operate in multiple fields?

Yes, some consultancies offer a range of services across different fields, but others may specialize in one area.

Do consultants always need certification?

It depends on the field; some areas require certification, demonstrating a consultant's expertise and credibility.

Is being a consultant the same as being an employee?

No, consultants are usually independent contractors, not employees of the client's company.

Can a consultancy provide services to individuals?

Yes, consultancies can offer services to both individuals and organizations, depending on their area of expertise.

Does a consultancy work on a project-to-project basis?

Typically, yes. Consultancies often work on specific projects or issues, providing solutions and advice.

Is a consultancy a single person or a group?

It can be either but is typically a firm or business comprised of multiple consultants.

Is consultancy considered an industry?

Yes, consultancy is a significant and diverse industry encompassing various fields and specialties.

Do consultants provide long-term solutions?

Consultants aim to provide sustainable solutions, but the longevity of results may depend on implementation and other factors.

Is the role of a consultant advisory or implementational?

It can be both; consultants advise on best practices and strategies, and sometimes assist in implementing them.

Can a consultant work independently?

Yes, many consultants operate independently, offering their expert services to various clients.

Can anyone become a consultant?

While many can aspire to be consultants, success requires expertise, experience, and often, a proven track record in a specific field.

Are the services of a consultancy usually expensive?

The cost can vary widely, depending on the consultancy’s reputation, expertise, and the scope of the services provided.

Do consultancies have a code of ethics?

Many consultancies adhere to a code of ethics to maintain professionalism, integrity, and objectivity in their services.

Can a consultant work for multiple clients simultaneously?

Yes, consultants often work with multiple clients at the same time, managing their schedules accordingly.

Is a consultancy's advice always objective?

Ideally, yes. Consultancies should provide unbiased, objective advice to best serve their clients' interests.
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