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Conservative vs. Libertarian: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on November 7, 2023
Conservatives generally emphasize traditional values and stability, while libertarians prioritize individual freedom and limited government.

Key Differences

Conservatives often uphold traditional social norms, favoring gradual change; libertarians champion individual liberty, even at the expense of social conventions.
In economic matters, conservatives may support free markets but also endorse measures to maintain social order; libertarians typically advocate for minimal state intervention in personal and economic affairs.
While conservatives may accept some government role in upholding moral values, libertarians usually oppose government involvement in personal choices.
Defense and foreign policy can divide conservatives, who often favor a strong national defense, and libertarians, who are typically non-interventionist.
On the topic of law enforcement, conservatives may back robust policing and sentencing to uphold law and order, whereas libertarians often emphasize the protection of civil liberties and critique the extent of police powers.

Comparison Chart

Political Philosophy

Values tradition and gradual change.
Prioritizes individual freedom.

Economic Policy

Supports free markets, with caveats.
Advocates for minimal government control.

Social Issues

Upholds societal norms and morality.
Defends personal choice over convention.

Role of Government

May endorse government in moral issues.
Argues for limited government scope.

National Defense

Favors a strong military presence.
Typically non-interventionist.

Conservative and Libertarian Definitions


Cautious about change or innovation.
The company's conservative approach to expansion has kept it stable during economic downturns.


Advocating for maximum individual rights and minimal government intervention.
The libertarian was passionate about protecting free speech.


Adhering to traditional attitudes and values.
The conservative dress code at the event required formal attire.


Someone who believes in free will.
As a libertarian, he argued against the notion of determinism.


Moderate; having power or inclination to preserve existing conditions.
His conservative handling of the budget averted financial crisis.


A member or supporter of a Libertarian Party.
The libertarian candidate proposed drastic reductions in government spending.


In the context of science or art, favoring traditional and established methods.
His conservative technique in painting preserved the classical style.


Characterized by a free-market ideology with an emphasis on individualism.
Libertarian economics argue for the invisible hand of the market.


Relating to the Conservative Party in politics.
She campaigned vigorously for the conservative candidate.


Pertaining to the philosophy of libertarianism - emphasizing individualism.
Her libertarian views were evident in her support for deregulation.


Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.


One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state.


Traditional or restrained in style
A conservative dark suit.


One who believes in free will.


How do conservatives and libertarians view government size?

Conservatives may accept a larger government that maintains social order; libertarians consistently seek a smaller government.

What economic system do libertarians support?

Libertarians support a free-market economy with as little government intervention as possible.

Can a conservative also be a libertarian?

While they share some beliefs in economic freedom, their views on social issues and government's role often differ.

What are libertarian views on freedom?

Libertarians value individual freedom highly, advocating for minimal government intervention in personal and economic affairs.

What do conservatives believe in?

Conservatives generally believe in maintaining traditional values and institutions, supporting gradual change, and upholding law and order.

How do conservatives view national defense?

Conservatives typically advocate for a strong national defense and robust military.

What do libertarians think about foreign policy?

Libertarians generally favor non-interventionist foreign policies and military restraint.

How do libertarians approach personal liberties?

Libertarians argue for extensive personal liberties and are often against laws that restrict individual choice.

How do conservatives and libertarians view taxes?

Both prefer lower taxes, but libertarians are more likely to support eliminating many taxes altogether.

What is the conservative stance on market regulation?

Conservatives often support free markets but may endorse some regulations to preserve social stability.

How do libertarians view public education?

Libertarians typically support school choice and may advocate for privatizing education.

What is the conservative approach to crime and punishment?

Conservatives usually favor tough-on-crime policies and may support the death penalty.

What is a key social difference between conservatives and libertarians?

Conservatives tend to uphold traditional values, while libertarians prioritize individual choice and liberty.

Are libertarians conservative or liberal?

Libertarians share some positions with conservatives and liberals but are distinct in their advocacy for minimal government across all sectors.

How do libertarians view government surveillance?

Libertarians often oppose government surveillance, citing privacy and civil liberties concerns.

Can one be socially conservative but fiscally libertarian?

Yes, it's possible to uphold traditional social values while advocating for libertarian economic policies.

Do conservatives or libertarians support welfare programs?

Conservatives may support some welfare programs; libertarians typically argue for reducing or eliminating them.

Do conservatives support government involvement in healthcare?

Conservatives may support limited government involvement, preferring private sector solutions.

What is the libertarian position on drug legalization?

Most libertarians support drug legalization, emphasizing personal choice and responsibility.

What is a conservative view on education?

Conservatives often advocate for traditional education models and may support school choice.
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