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Climalite vs. Climacool: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on February 10, 2024
Climalite fabric wicks away sweat to keep you dry, while Climacool offers sweat-wicking plus ventilation for cooling.

Key Differences

Climalite focuses primarily on pulling sweat away from the body, ensuring dryness and comfort during physical activities. Climacool combines this sweat-wicking ability with added ventilation to keep the body cool and dry.
Climalite is designed for general sports and physical activities where moisture management is key. Climacool is tailored for high-intensity activities where both moisture management and temperature regulation are essential.
Climalite fabrics are often lightweight and breathable, engineered for quick drying. Climacool garments incorporate specialized materials with ventilation channels to allow air flow and regulate body temperature.
Climalite is ideal for a range of sports and workouts where sweat is a concern. Climacool is preferable in warmer conditions or sports where heat buildup is a significant factor.
Both Climalite and Climacool are innovations by Adidas, with Climalite being more common in a wide range of sportswear, while Climacool is often found in specialized performance gear.

Comparison Chart

Primary Function

Sweat-wicking + Cooling

Ideal Activity Level

General activities
High-intensity sports

Material Features

Lightweight, Quick-drying
Ventilation channels

Climate Suitability

All climates
Warmer climates

Product Availability

Wide range of sportswear
Specialized performance gear

Climalite and Climacool Definitions


Enhances athletic performance by managing moisture.
Climalite fabric helped her maintain focus by reducing sweat discomfort.


Designed to manage heat and moisture.
The climacool cap was perfect for his outdoor runs in the sun.


A moisture-wicking technology developed by Adidas.
She preferred her climalite leggings for yoga classes.


A fabric technology that provides ventilation.
His climacool shoes kept his feet cool and dry.


Aimed at providing comfort during workouts.
The climalite technology in his shorts made his gym sessions more comfortable.


Ideal for high-intensity sports.
For her marathon training, she relied on her climacool gear.


A key feature in sportswear for dryness.
The climalite feature in his jersey made long runs comfortable.


A cooling technology created by Adidas.
She chose climacool apparel for her summer hikes.


A fabric designed to wick away sweat.
His climalite shirt kept him dry during the workout.


Provides cooling comfort in warm conditions.
His climacool t-shirt was a blessing in the hot weather.


Can Climalite apparel be used for high-intensity workouts?

Yes, but Climacool might be more effective for very intense or hot conditions.

Do Climalite and Climacool come in various clothing types?

Yes, both technologies are available in a range of sportswear, from shirts to pants and shoes.

What is the primary function of Climalite fabric?

Climalite fabric is designed to wick sweat away from the skin.

Is Climacool suitable for use in cooler climates?

While it's designed for warmth, it's also suitable for cooler climates, especially during high-intensity activities.

How does Climacool technology differ from Climalite?

Climacool offers both sweat-wicking and ventilation for cooling.

Can Climalite fabric help in improving athletic performance?

Yes, by keeping the athlete dry and comfortable, it can aid in performance.

Is Climalite suitable for everyday wear, not just sports?

Yes, its comfort and moisture-wicking properties make it suitable for everyday wear.

Do Climalite fabrics retain odor after intense activities?

They are designed to reduce odor retention, but proper care and cleaning are important.

Are there specific colors or styles available in Climalite clothing?

Climalite clothing comes in a wide range of colors and styles.

Are Climalite products only made by Adidas?

Yes, Climalite is a proprietary technology developed by Adidas.

What is the main material used in Climacool apparel?

Climacool uses a blend of materials, often including mesh or other breathable fabrics for ventilation.

Is Climacool technology beneficial for all types of athletes?

Yes, especially those engaged in activities that generate a lot of heat or are performed in warm environments.

How do Climalite and Climacool fabrics respond to moisture?

Climalite wicks moisture away, while Climacool wicks moisture and provides cooling through ventilation.

Are Climacool products more expensive than Climalite?

Prices vary, but Climacool products can be more specialized and slightly pricier.

What sports are Climacool products most beneficial for?

Climacool is ideal for sports in warm conditions or sports that generate a lot of heat, like running or basketball.

How should Climalite and Climacool garments be cared for?

They should be washed according to label instructions, usually with similar fabrics and without fabric softeners.

Are Climacool shoes effective in managing foot sweat and heat?

Yes, they are designed to keep feet cool and dry even during intense activities.

What makes Climalite and Climacool different from regular sportswear?

Their specialized fabrics and technology offer enhanced moisture and heat management compared to regular sportswear.

Can Climacool gear prevent overheating during workouts?

It helps regulate body temperature, reducing the risk of overheating.

Can Climalite apparel be worn in rainy or wet conditions?

Yes, it's effective in managing moisture in various weather conditions.
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