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Cetacea vs. Sirenia: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 4, 2023
Cetacea includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises, adapted for marine life with streamlined bodies and breathing through blowholes. Sirenia, comprising manatees and dugongs, are slow-moving aquatic mammals with paddle-like flippers.

Key Differences

Cetaceans like whales, dolphins, and porpoises have streamlined bodies and a dorsal fin. Sirenians, such as manatees and dugongs, have a more seal-like body with a paddle-shaped tail.
Most cetaceans are found in oceans worldwide, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and are known for their migrations. Sirenians are found in warmer coastal waters, rivers, and estuaries, with a more limited geographic range.
Cetaceans have varied diets, including fish, squid, and plankton, with some being apex predators. Sirenians are strictly herbivorous, feeding mainly on seagrasses and aquatic plants.
Cetaceans breathe through a blowhole and are known for deep and long dives. Sirenians have nostrils on the upper surface of the snout and are less adept at deep or prolonged diving compared to cetaceans.
Many cetaceans are highly social and live in complex societies, especially dolphins. Sirenians are generally more solitary, although they can be seen in small groups.

Comparison Chart

Physical Characteristics

Streamlined bodies, dorsal fin
Large, seal-like bodies, paddle tail

Habitat and Range

Oceans worldwide, migratory
Warmer coastal waters, limited range


Varied, includes fish and squid
Herbivorous, seagrasses and aquatic plants

Breathing and Diving

Blowhole, adept at deep diving
Nostrils on snout, less deep diving

Social Behavior

Highly social, complex societies
More solitary, seen in small groups

Cetacea and Sirenia Definitions


A marine mammal order including whales, dolphins, and porpoises.
The cetacea are known for their intelligence and vocalizations.


Sirenians are slow-moving, peaceful marine creatures.
Sirenia, like manatees, are known for their gentle nature.


Many cetaceans are known for complex social structures.
Dolphin pods, a form of cetacea, display intricate social behaviors.


Sirenians have a distinctive paddle-shaped tail.
The tail of sirenia is crucial for their movement in water.


Aquatic mammals with a blowhole for breathing.
Cetacea species vary greatly in size, from small dolphins to giant whales.


An order of large, herbivorous marine mammals including manatees and dugongs.
Sirenia are often found grazing on seagrasses in shallow waters.


Cetaceans are characterized by a streamlined body shape.
The streamlined shape of cetacea aids in their efficient swimming.


Sirenians have a significant role in aquatic ecosystems.
The feeding habits of sirenia help maintain healthy seagrass beds.


Cetaceans are widespread in oceans around the world.
Cetacea migration patterns are a subject of extensive study by marine biologists.


These mammals are found in warm coastal waters and rivers.
Sirenia populations are concentrated in areas like the Florida coast and the Amazon River.


Whale-like mammals.


An order of large aquatic herbivorous mammals, including the manatee, dugong, rytina, and several fossil genera.


An order of marine mammals, including the whales. Like ordinary mammals they breathe by means of lungs, and bring forth living young which they suckle for some time. The anterior limbs are changed to paddles; the tail flukes are horizontal. There are two living suborders:


Manatees; dugongs; Stellar's sea cow


An order of Eutheria


What are the main characteristics of sirenia?

Sirenia, including manatees and dugongs, are large, herbivorous marine mammals with a paddle-shaped tail.

How do cetaceans communicate?

They use a variety of sounds, clicks, and songs for communication.

Are sirenians endangered?

Many species of sirenia, like the manatee, are considered vulnerable or endangered.

What do sirenians eat?

They are herbivores, feeding mainly on seagrasses and aquatic plants.

How do sirenians navigate?

They rely on tactile and chemical senses, as their eyesight is not very acute.

Can cetaceans survive in freshwater?

Some, like the river dolphins, can, but most cetaceans are marine animals.

What distinguishes cetacea from other marine animals?

Cetacea includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises, characterized by a blowhole and streamlined bodies.

Do cetaceans have good eyesight?

Yes, most have well-developed eyesight, especially in water.

How long can sirenians live?

They can live up to 70 years in the wild.

How do sirenians maintain buoyancy?

They have dense bones that help them maintain buoyancy in water.

What's the social structure of cetaceans like?

Many, especially dolphins, have complex social structures and hierarchies.

Are all cetaceans large in size?

No, they range from small dolphins to the enormous blue whale.

What's the largest cetacean?

The blue whale is the largest, reaching up to 100 feet in length.

Can sirenians move on land?

They are aquatic and cannot move effectively on land.

Are cetaceans threatened by human activities?

Yes, they face threats from fishing, pollution, and habitat destruction.

Do cetaceans sleep?

Yes, but they remain partially conscious to breathe.

Do cetaceans have a good sense of smell?

No, their sense of smell is not well developed.

Are sirenians solitary?

They tend to be more solitary, though they are occasionally seen in small groups.

How do sirenians reproduce?

They have a slow reproduction rate, usually bearing one calf at a time.

Is it legal to hunt sirenians?

No, they are protected by law in many countries.
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