5W30 vs. 10W40

The main difference between 5W30 and 10W40 is of viscosity. 5W30 have the viscosity of 5 at low temperature and 30 at high. On the flip side 10W40 have the viscosity of 10 at low temperature and 40 at high. Motor oil is one of the most essential elements of the vehicle. The motor oil […]

SUV vs. MUV vs. XUV

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, MUV stands for Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicle and XUV stand for Crossover Utility Vehicle. All these are different terms used by various car vendor all around the world to denote the car type based on its appearance and basic built purpose. SUV is the most famous term used by almost […]

Engine vs. Transmission

The difference between engine and transmission is that an engine is a machine that is used to produced mechanical energy whereas the transmission controls power in mechanical engines. There is a huge difference between an engine and a transmission. An engine is a machine that produces mechanical energy and on the other transmission is not […]

Airbus vs. Boeing

An airplane that falls into the category of a short-range or medium-sized commercial passenger aircraft, prominently the one that becomes famous between two destinations around the world has the name Airbus. An airplane that falls in the category of large scale commercial passenger flights and has some of the greatest planes in the fleet that […]

Ferrari vs. Lamborghini

Ferrari and Lamborghini both are world’s most famous automotive brands with massive turnovers and gigantic fan flowing all around the globe. Ferrari is the Italian automobile company that was established in 1939 on 13th of September in Modena, Italy. Enzo Ferrari founded it. Lamborghini is also an Italian automobile company which was founded by Ferruccio […]

Glock 17 vs. Glock 19

Glock 17 and Glock 19 are the two most famous kind of Glock pistol. These semi-automated pistols were designed and developed by Gaston Glock. Depending on personal preference and use both these Glock pistols are used in every part of the world. Glock pistols are regarded as the top quality pistols that possess extreme master […]

OBD1 vs. OBD2

There are fully totally different mechanisms of an automobile that require regular measurement and analysis with a view to protect the lifetime of that car. There are fully totally different necessities which have been set for the manufactures to make sure they abide by the processes that instigate. The two most important diagnostic system which […]

Economy Car vs. Compact Car

The main difference between economy and compact cars is that economy cars are generally smaller in size as compared to the compact cars. Basis of Distinction Economy Car Compact Car Definition A car that is designed for both low-cost purchase and operation Compact car that is also called as medium size car is larger than […]

Helicopter vs. Chopper

The main difference between helicopter and chopper is that chopper is more causal than helicopter and used by media and business men for personal purposes while helicopter is used by professional pilots or soldiers of army. Helicopter is a rotorcraft in which rotors supply the lift and thrust power. Rotors allows the helicopter to take […]

Uber vs. Lyft

First of all, Uber is much older than its competitor Lyft. These are transportation network companies to offer ride-sharing, which was worked out in efforts to have an alternative to Taxi. Lyft offers you to make a pickup request and then you ride and pay after arriving your destined spot. Uber can be approached by […]

Driving Lights vs. Fog Lights

The main difference between driving lights and fog lights is that driving lights are used in vehicle to provide elucidation forward of the vehicle and intended to supplement the high beam of a standard headlight system. While fog lights are used to reflect the fog, snow, or dust particles in the air and are developed […]

Petrol Engine vs. Diesel Engine

The main difference between petrol and a diesel engine is the way they work and Use their fuels. What happens in a petrol engine is that at first the fuel is mixed with air, then pistons compresses it and after compression it is ignited by spark plugs. On the other hand in a diesel Engine […]

Google Car vs. Regular Car

The main difference between Google car and regular car is that all Google cars are driverless and electric while regular cars are both normal and hybrid and most of the regular cars needs driver to drive. Google car is the project of Google that focuses on the developing of autonomous cars, specially electric cars. The […]

Alignment vs. Balancing

The main difference between alignment and balancing is that alignment means adjusting the angles of wheels to make them perpendicular to the ground. While balancing means making the wheels capble of spinning without causing any vibrations. Alignment refers to wheel alignment and stands for breaking or tracking, and part of the standard automobile maintenance that […]

AWD vs. 4WD

The key difference between AWD and 4WD is the drivetrain that provides power to wheels of a vehicle by different methods. AWD is drivetrain that have a front, rear, and center differential to provide power to all four wheels of a vehicle. 4WD employs two differentials and a transfer case to provide power to all […]

Hybrid Car vs. Normal Car

Once it was a time when there were two kinds of cars on the road, diesel/petrol cars and gas cars. Evolution in automotive industry brings new technology in the cars. In addition to normal cars, Flexible-Fuel Vehicle (FFV) or hybrid cars, hydrogen fuel cars, solar cars etc. are also available in the market. Latest technology […]