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Cameraman vs. Photographer: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on September 30, 2023
A "cameraman" typically operates video cameras, often for film or television, while a "photographer" captures still images using a camera.

Key Differences

A "cameraman" and a "photographer" are both professionals who use cameras to capture visual content. However, the medium and intent of their work often differ. A "cameraman" is generally associated with moving images, such as those seen in movies, television shows, or news broadcasts. Their focus is on video footage, capturing motion and ensuring smooth transitions between scenes.
Conversely, a "photographer" specializes in capturing still images. The realms they operate in can be vast, from portraits, landscapes, wildlife, to fashion, and beyond. The essence of a photographer's job is to encapsulate a moment or story in a single frame, concentrating on elements like composition, lighting, and mood.
It's also essential to consider the technical differences in equipment. While both use cameras, a "cameraman" often deals with more extensive setups, including rigs, tracks, and sometimes even cranes. These facilitate dynamic shots, panning, zooming, and tracking. A "photographer," however, might work with a more portable setup, focusing on lenses, tripods, and occasionally drones, to capture the perfect still shot.
The artistic intentions of a "cameraman" and a "photographer" can also vary. A "cameraman" is often part of a larger production team, working with directors, producers, and sound engineers. Their role is collaborative, and the final product is typically a moving visual story. In contrast, a "photographer" might work solo or with a smaller team, producing individual images that stand alone or as part of a series.

Comparison Chart

Primary Medium

Video footage
Still images

Typical Assignments

Movies, TV shows, news broadcasts
Portraits, landscapes, fashion, events

Equipment Complexity

Often extensive with rigs, tracks
Portable with focus on lenses, tripods

Collaborative Nature

Part of a larger production team
Often works solo or in a smaller team

Artistic Intent

Contributes to a moving visual story
Produces stand-alone images or series

Cameraman and Photographer Definitions


An operator of a video camera, typically in film or TV.
The cameraman panned to capture the actor's dramatic entrance.


A professional capturing still images with a camera.
The photographer took a stunning portrait of the couple.


A professional involved in the technical aspect of filming.
The cameraman adjusted the focus to ensure clarity during the scene.


An artist conveying stories or emotions through photos.
The photographer's exhibit showcased the beauty of daily life.


A technician adept at handling various filming equipment.
The cameraman set up the rig for the overhead shot.


A specialist in a photography genre, like wildlife or fashion.
The photographer spent hours in nature, waiting for the perfect shot.


One who records video content for documentaries.
The cameraman traveled to remote locations for the wildlife documentary.


An individual skilled in photo editing and post-processing.
The photographer enhanced the colors to bring out the sunset's beauty.


A member of a broadcasting crew capturing live events.
The cameraman was stationed at the finish line to record the race.


One documenting events like weddings or parties.
The photographer moved through the crowd, capturing candid moments.


A man who operates a television or movie camera.


An image, especially a positive print, recorded by exposing a photosensitive surface to light, especially in a camera.


Somebody who operates a movie camera or television camera.


To take a photograph of.


A photographer who operates a movie camera


To practice photography.


To be the subject for photographs
She photographs well.


One who takes photographs, typically as an occupation.


One who practices, or is skilled in, photography.


Someone who takes photographs professionally


Does a cameraman only work with video content?

Typically, a cameraman focuses on video content, such as film or TV.

Do photographers always work solo?

Not always. Photographers can work in teams, especially in fields like fashion or commercial photography.

Is the equipment for a cameraman and photographer similar?

While both use cameras, cameramen often have more extensive setups for filming, whereas photographers prioritize still shots.

Can a photographer also capture video?

Yes, many photographers are skilled in videography, but their primary focus is still images.

Can a person be both a cameraman and photographer?

Absolutely, many professionals have skills in both areas, though they might specialize in one.

Does a cameraman engage in post-production?

While primary duties involve filming, some cameramen might be involved in post-production processes.
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