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Cake vs. Muffin: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 6, 2024
Cake is a sweet, soft dessert typically baked in layers and often frosted, while muffins are less sweet, denser, and usually enjoyed as a quick breakfast or snack item.

Key Differences

Cakes are sweet, delicate, and often elaborately decorated desserts, usually served on special occasions. Muffins are less sweet, denser, and more bread-like, commonly enjoyed as a quick breakfast or snack.
Muffins have a more rugged, dome-like top and are baked in individual cup-like portions. In contrast, cakes are typically smoother, baked in larger pans, and then cut into slices.
Cakes are usually made with more sugar and butter, resulting in a lighter, airier texture. Muffins are made with less sugar and fat, often incorporating fruits or nuts, which give them a heartier texture.
Muffins are mixed using the muffin method (combining wet and dry ingredients separately before mixing together), leading to a denser crumb. Cakes often use the creaming method, where butter and sugar are beaten together, creating a fluffier texture.
Cakes are typically frosted and can be layered with fillings, making them more suitable for elaborate desserts. Muffins are usually not frosted and are often seen as a less decadent option compared to cakes.

Comparison Chart


Soft, airy, and delicate.
Denser and more bread-like.


Generally sweeter with frosting.
Less sweet, often includes fruits/nuts.


Served as a dessert for special events.
Commonly eaten as a breakfast/snack.

Preparation Method

Creaming method for fluffier texture.
Muffin method for denser crumb.


Smooth, often layered and decorated.
Rugged, dome-shaped top.

Cake and Muffin Definitions


A sweet, baked dessert often frosted and served on special occasions.
We had a chocolate cake for my birthday.


Denser and more rugged than cake, baked in individual portions.
Each muffin had a nice, crispy top.


Made with a high amount of sugar and butter for a light texture.
The cake was so light and fluffy, thanks to the butter.


A quick bread, less sweet, often containing fruits or nuts.
I grabbed a blueberry muffin for breakfast.


Typically baked in large pans and served in slices.
She sliced the cake into even portions for the guests.


Commonly eaten as a snack or quick breakfast item.
Muffins are my go-to snack on busy mornings.


Can include a variety of flavors and fillings.
I love lemon cake with raspberry filling.


Made using the muffin method for a heartier texture.
The banana nut muffins had a perfect texture.


Cakes are often elaborately decorated with icing and toppings.
The wedding cake was beautifully decorated with flowers.


Usually not frosted, presenting a less decadent option.
I prefer muffins over cupcakes because they're less sweet.


A sweet baked food made of flour, liquid, eggs, and other ingredients, such as raising agents and flavorings.


A small, cup-shaped quick bread, often sweetened.


A flat rounded mass of dough or batter, such as a pancake, that is baked or fried.


An English muffin.


Is baking a cake more complicated than baking muffins?

Generally, cakes can be more complex due to their decoration and layering.

Can muffins be made without eggs?

Yes, there are eggless muffin recipes available.

What is a muffin?

A less sweet, denser quick bread, usually containing fruits or nuts.

Can cakes be savory?

While rare, there are some savory cake varieties.

Are muffins considered healthy?

Some can be, especially those with less sugar and whole grains.

Can muffins be frosted like cakes?

Yes, though it's less common, muffins can be frosted.

Why are muffins denser than cakes?

Due to the muffin method of mixing and less air incorporation.

Do cakes always have frosting?

Most traditional cakes have frosting, but some varieties like pound cake do not.

Can I use cake batter to make muffins?

While the batter is similar, the texture and sweetness may differ.

What makes a cake fluffy and light?

The creaming method and the use of leaveners like baking powder.

What is a cake?

A sweet, frosted baked dessert, often served on special occasions.

Are muffins suitable for a quick breakfast?

Yes, they're a popular quick and convenient breakfast option.

Are cakes suitable for all ages?

Yes, but some cakes may have ingredients not suitable for children, like alcohol.

Can I add chocolate chips to muffins?

Yes, chocolate chips are a popular add-in for muffins.

Can I bake a cake in a muffin tin?

Yes, but the baking time will be shorter due to the smaller size.

What type of flour is best for cakes?

Cake flour is ideal for a light, airy texture.

Are muffins always sweet?

No, there are savory muffin varieties as well.

What's the main difference in the batter of cakes and muffins?

Cake batter is usually smoother and more homogenous, while muffin batter is thicker and lumpy.

Do muffins need to be refrigerated?

It's not necessary unless they have perishable fillings.

Can I freeze both cakes and muffins?

Yes, both can be frozen for later consumption.
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