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Cadbury Gems vs. M&M: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 25, 2024
Cadbury Gems are colorful, candy-coated chocolate buttons from Cadbury, while M&Ms are similar confections made by Mars, Inc., known for their "melt in your mouth, not in your hand" slogan.

Key Differences

Cadbury Gems are produced by Cadbury, a company famous for its chocolate products. M&Ms, on the other hand, are a product of Mars, Incorporated, known for a variety of confectionery and food products.
Gems have a distinct, slightly thicker candy shell compared to M&Ms. M&Ms are characterized by their thinner, crisp shell, which is part of their iconic appeal.
The chocolate in Cadbury Gems has the classic Cadbury flavor, which is creamy and rich. M&Ms offer a slightly different chocolate taste, aligning with Mars' chocolate recipe.
In terms of branding, Cadbury Gems often focus on a younger audience with vibrant packaging. M&Ms are marketed with a broader appeal, featuring characters and slogans that resonate across various age groups.
Gems are predominantly popular in the UK and Commonwealth countries. In contrast, M&Ms have a strong global presence, being widely recognized and available in many countries worldwide.

Comparison Chart


Mars, Incorporated

Candy Shell

Slightly thicker
Thinner, crisp

Chocolate Flavor

Classic Cadbury, creamy and rich
Unique Mars chocolate flavor

Target Audience

Often younger demographic
Broad, cross-age appeal

Global Popularity

Popular in UK, Commonwealth countries
Strong global presence and recognition

Cadbury Gems and M&M Definitions

Cadbury Gems

Gems are known for their thick candy shell.
The crunchy shell of Cadbury Gems makes them fun to eat.


They have a thin, crisp shell.
The thin shell of M&Ms melts in your mouth.

Cadbury Gems

They are a product of Cadbury.
Cadbury Gems are my favorite treat from the Cadbury brand.


M&Ms are colorful, candy-coated chocolates.
I always carry a pack of M&Ms for a quick snack.

Cadbury Gems

These chocolates are often targeted at children.
The playful packaging of Cadbury Gems is appealing to kids.


They are widely recognized globally.
I've found M&Ms in almost every country I've visited.

Cadbury Gems

Gems are popular in the UK and Commonwealth.
I first tried Cadbury Gems while visiting London.


M&Ms feature unique branding with characters.
The M&Ms characters in their ads are really memorable.

Cadbury Gems

Cadbury Gems are candy-coated chocolate buttons.
I decorated my birthday cake with colorful Cadbury Gems.


M&Ms are produced by Mars, Incorporated.
M&Ms are one of the many popular candies made by Mars.


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Who makes M&Ms?

M&Ms are produced by Mars, Incorporated.

What are Cadbury Gems?

Cadbury Gems are candy-coated chocolate buttons made by Cadbury.

Is the chocolate in Gems different from M&Ms?

Yes, Gems have Cadbury's signature chocolate, while M&Ms use Mars' chocolate recipe.

Do M&Ms come in different varieties?

M&Ms are available in several varieties, including peanut, almond, and crispy.

Which is older, Cadbury Gems or M&Ms?

M&Ms were introduced in 1941, while the exact introduction year of Gems is less clear but is around the same era.

Can Cadbury Gems be used in baking?

Yes, they are often used as decorations in baking.

Are there any nut-flavored M&Ms?

Yes, M&Ms offer varieties with peanuts and almonds.

Is the packaging of Gems different from M&Ms?

Yes, Gems packaging is often more vibrant and playful, targeting a younger audience.

How does the candy shell of Gems compare to M&Ms?

Cadbury Gems have a thicker shell, while M&Ms have a thinner, crispier shell.

Are M&Ms available globally?

Yes, M&Ms have a strong global presence and availability.

Which is more popular with children, Gems or M&Ms?

Both are popular, but Gems are often more targeted towards children.

Do M&Ms have a slogan?

Yes, "Melt in your mouth, not in your hands" is a famous M&Ms slogan.

Are Cadbury Gems a British product?

Yes, they are popular in the UK and Commonwealth countries.

Do M&Ms have a distinctive marketing strategy?

M&Ms are known for their unique branding with animated characters and creative ads.

What makes Cadbury Gems appealing to kids?

Their colorful appearance and playful packaging make them attractive to children.

Do M&Ms come in limited edition flavors?

M&Ms frequently release limited edition and seasonal flavors.

Do both candies use real chocolate?

Yes, both Cadbury Gems and M&Ms contain real chocolate.

Are Cadbury Gems and M&Ms competitors?

Yes, they are competitors in the candy-coated chocolate market.

Can M&Ms be found in candy dispensers?

Yes, M&Ms are commonly available in candy dispensers.

Are Cadbury Gems considered a classic British candy?

Yes, they are a classic and iconic candy in British confectionery.
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