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40mm Apple Watch vs. 44mm Apple Watch: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 25, 2024
The 40mm Apple Watch is smaller in size compared to the 44mm version, which offers a larger display and potentially longer battery life.

Key Differences

The 40mm Apple Watch is designed for users who prefer a more compact and less obtrusive device on their wrist. In contrast, the 44mm Apple Watch caters to those who favor a larger screen for easier readability and navigation.
In terms of aesthetics, the 40mm model is often chosen for its subtlety and suitability for smaller wrists, while the 44mm variant appeals to those seeking a more prominent and visually impactful accessory.
The battery life in the 44mm Apple Watch might be slightly longer due to the larger chassis allowing for a bigger battery, compared to the 40mm version where space constraints may limit battery size.
For fitness enthusiasts, the larger screen of the 44mm Apple Watch can display more information at once, which might be a bit more restricted on the 40mm's smaller display.
When it comes to price, the 44mm Apple Watch is typically more expensive than the 40mm model, reflecting the difference in screen size and battery capacity.

Comparison Chart

Screen Size

Smaller display
Larger display

Suitability for Wrist Size

Better for smaller wrists
Preferred for larger wrists

Battery Life

Potentially shorter
Potentially longer


Less space for display elements
More space for display elements


Generally less expensive
Generally more expensive

40mm Apple Watch and 44mm Apple Watch Definitions

40mm Apple Watch

A compact version of Apple's smartwatch.
The 40mm Apple Watch fits perfectly on my smaller wrist.

44mm Apple Watch

Apple Watch model with an enhanced display area.
I prefer the 44mm Apple Watch for its bigger and clearer display.

40mm Apple Watch

Apple Watch variant with a smaller screen size.
I chose the 40mm Apple Watch for its discreet appearance.

44mm Apple Watch

A larger variant of Apple's smartwatch.
The 44mm Apple Watch's larger screen makes it easy to read texts.

40mm Apple Watch

Offers all functionalities of Apple Watch in a smaller size.
Despite its size, the 40mm Apple Watch doesn't compromise on features.

44mm Apple Watch

Ideal for those who need a larger view for apps and notifications.
As a fitness enthusiast, I find the 44mm Apple Watch perfect for tracking my workouts.

40mm Apple Watch

Suitable for users preferring less screen real estate.
The 40mm Apple Watch's screen is just the right size for my needs.

44mm Apple Watch

A slightly more expensive option in the Apple Watch series.
The 44mm Apple Watch was a bit pricier, but worth it for the larger screen.

40mm Apple Watch

A more affordable option in Apple's smartwatch line.
I bought the 40mm Apple Watch as it was within my budget.

44mm Apple Watch

Combines style with functionality in a larger format.
The 44mm Apple Watch is not just a gadget, it's a fashion statement.


What is the screen size difference between the 40mm and 44mm Apple Watches?

The 40mm has a smaller screen compared to the 44mm's larger display.

Are both models water-resistant?

Yes, both the 40mm and 44mm Apple Watches are water-resistant.

Are the features the same on both the 40mm and 44mm models?

Yes, both models offer the same features, with the main difference being size.

Can both models use the same bands and accessories?

No, each model requires bands that match their specific size.

Does the 44mm Apple Watch have a longer battery life?

Generally, the 44mm may offer longer battery life due to its larger size.

Is the 44mm model significantly heavier than the 40mm?

The 44mm is slightly heavier due to its larger size, but the difference is minimal.

Which Apple Watch is better for smaller wrists?

The 40mm Apple Watch is more suitable for smaller wrists.

Is there a price difference between the two models?

Yes, the 44mm Apple Watch is typically more expensive than the 40mm.

Which model is more comfortable for active lifestyles?

Comfort depends on personal preference; the 40mm is lighter, while the 44mm provides a larger display for fitness tracking.

Is the quality of the display different between the two sizes?

The display quality is similar, but the 44mm offers more screen real estate.

Which model is more popular among women?

The 40mm model is often more popular among women due to its smaller size.

Does the 44mm model have a better resolution?

The resolution is higher on the 44mm model to accommodate the larger screen size.

Which model has a better resale value?

The 44mm model may have a slightly better resale value due to its larger size and higher initial price.

Are there any exclusive features in the 44mm model?

No, there are no exclusive features; the main difference is the size.

How does the weight of the watches impact daily wear?

The weight difference is minor and generally does not significantly impact daily wear.

Can the same watch faces be used on both models?

Yes, the same watch faces can be used, though they may appear differently due to size.

Is one model more durable than the other?

The durability is similar in both models, as they are built with the same standards.

Which Apple Watch is better for reading messages and notifications?

The 44mm model offers a larger screen, making it easier to read messages and notifications.

Is there a difference in processing power between the two?

No, the processing power is the same in both the 40mm and 44mm models.

Can both watches run the same apps?

Yes, both sizes can run the same apps available for Apple Watch.
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