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Buffet vs. la Carte: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 2, 2024
Buffet is a meal where guests serve themselves from a variety of dishes. À la carte means ordering individual dishes from a menu, each priced separately.

Key Differences

Buffet refers to a serving style where various dishes are laid out, and guests serve themselves. It offers a range of options to choose from, often including appetizers, main courses, and desserts. À la carte, on the other hand, involves selecting and ordering individual dishes from a menu, each prepared and served as requested.
In a buffet, guests typically pay a fixed price for unlimited access to all the dishes available. This allows diners to try multiple dishes for a single price. À la carte dining involves paying for each dish separately, providing the flexibility to order as much or as little as desired, but potentially increasing the cost with each item.
Buffets offer a more casual, self-service dining experience, where guests can frequently revisit the buffet line. À la carte dining is generally more formal, with dishes served to the guests by waitstaff, often resulting in a more relaxed and personalized experience.
Buffets are known for their variety, offering multiple cuisine options, but the food may not always be as fresh due to mass preparation. À la carte menus focus on quality, with each dish prepared to order, ensuring freshness and catering to specific dietary preferences.
Buffets are often quicker, as there is no waiting time for food preparation after serving oneself. They are convenient for large groups or events. À la carte dining, while possibly slower due to cooking time, offers a more leisurely and intimate dining experience.

Comparison Chart

Serving Style

Self-service, variety of dishes
Order individual dishes from a menu


Fixed price for unlimited access
Pay for each dish separately

Dining Experience

Casual, self-service
Formal, with service

Food Quality and Variety

Variety, but possibly less fresh
Fresh, quality dishes, less variety

Time and Convenience

Quick, convenient for groups
Slower, more personalized

Buffet and la Carte Definitions


Self-Service Meal.
The hotel offers a buffet breakfast with a wide selection.

la Carte

Individual Dish Ordering.
We ordered the steak and salad à la carte.


Variety of Dishes.
At the buffet, there were dishes from different cuisines.

la Carte

Menu-Based Selection.
The à la carte menu featured exquisite French cuisine.


Fixed Price Dining.
We enjoyed the dinner buffet at a fixed price.

la Carte

Formal Dining Option.
À la carte dining is perfect for a formal dinner.


Group-Friendly Dining.
Buffets are great for group outings because of the variety.

la Carte

Customizable Meal.
I prefer à la carte for a more personalized meal.


Casual Dining Style.
The buffet setting was casual and relaxed.

la Carte

Priced Per Item.
Each dish on the à la carte menu is priced separately.


A large sideboard with drawers and cupboards.


A counter or table from which meals or refreshments are served.


Is buffet dining cheaper than à la carte?

Often, as it's a fixed price for unlimited food.

What is a buffet?

A self-service meal with a variety of dishes to choose from.

How does à la carte work?

Ordering individual dishes from a menu, each priced separately.

What types of cuisine are offered in buffets?

Buffets often feature a wide range of cuisines.

Do à la carte menus change frequently?

Yes, depending on the chef and season.

Can I order specific dishes in a buffet?

No, you choose from the available selection.

Are à la carte portions bigger than buffet portions?

Generally, as they're individually prepared.

Is a buffet suitable for a formal event?

It can be, but à la carte is typically more formal.

Do à la carte menus offer more fresh food?

Yes, as dishes are prepared to order.

Is à la carte dining better for small groups?

It's more suited for intimate, personalized dining.

Is a buffet quicker than à la carte?

Yes, as there's no wait for food preparation.

Are buffets common in casual dining?

Yes, especially in hotels and event spaces.

Do buffets offer dessert options?

Yes, usually a range of desserts is included.

Can I find a buffet in high-end restaurants?

Yes, though less common than à la carte.

Is à la carte dining more expensive?

It can be, depending on what you order.

Is a buffet ideal for trying new dishes?

Yes, due to the variety available.

Can I request special dishes à la carte?

Often, chefs accommodate special requests.

Can I customize dishes in a buffet?

No, dishes are prepared in advance.

Are dietary restrictions easier to manage à la carte?

Yes, as dishes are made to order.

Can I order à la carte at a buffet restaurant?

Some may offer both options, but typically it's either/or.
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