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Bold vs. Dashing: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on November 7, 2023
Bold implies courage and willingness to take risks; dashing refers to stylish attractiveness or adventurousness.

Key Differences

Boldness typically refers to a person's willingness to take risks and confront challenges head-on. It's a trait admired in leaders and innovators. Dashing, on the other hand, often describes someone with an attractive, adventurous, and confident quality that is reflected in their physical appearance, mannerisms, and style. Both bold and dashing carry positive connotations but apply to different aspects of a person's character or appearance.
Being bold is about showing courage and readiness to face danger or endure difficulties. It’s about not hesitating to break the rules or speak one’s mind. Dashing, in contrast, leans more towards aesthetics and charm. A dashing individual might be described as someone who is strikingly attractive and impresses with a confident, perhaps slightly flamboyant, manner.
Bold individuals are admired for their assertive stance and fearless approach to life’s hurdles. Their boldness can be seen in how they tackle problems or assert themselves in various situations. Dashing people might also possess bold traits, but their dashing nature predominantly highlights their suave and often heroic attributes, making them stand out in social contexts.
While being bold can relate to one's inner strength or moral fiber, being dashing is more aligned with one’s external presentation and social appeal. A bold move might defy convention or demonstrate fortitude, whereas a dashing move is likely to be noticed for its flair and grace.
Boldness is largely associated with one's inner qualities and actions, such as bravery and decisiveness. Dashing, by contrast, is usually attributed to someone's outward presentation, encompassing their style, charisma, and often a kind of romanticized heroism.

Comparison Chart

Primary Association

Courage and audacity.
Stylish attractiveness.

Implication in Action

Defiance and bravery.
Flair and elegance.

Related to

Character and will.
Appearance and charisma.

Common Contexts

Leadership, innovation.
Fashion, social charm.


Determination, strength.
Grace, romanticism.

Bold and Dashing Definitions


He delivered a bold presentation that impressed the board.


Fashionably attractive.
The actor looked dashing in his tailored tuxedo.


The firefighter made a bold move to save the trapped kitten.


He entered the room with a dashing stride that captivated all.


She painted the room in bold colors to energize the space.


Her dashing hat caught everyone's attention at the derby.


The headline was printed in a bold typeface for emphasis.


With a dashing smile, he accepted the challenge to skydive.


Her bold laughter in the quiet room turned heads.


His dashing demeanor won over the interviewers instantly.


Fearless and daring; courageous
A bold leader.


Audacious and gallant; spirited
A dashing young actor.


Requiring or exhibiting courage or daring
A bold voyage to unknown lands.


Marked by showy elegance; splendid
A dashing sports car.


Can "bold" refer to colors or designs?

Yes, bold can describe vivid colors or striking, conspicuous designs.

Is "bold" always positive?

Bold is usually positive but can suggest recklessness if overdone.

Can "bold" be a noun?

No, "bold" is typically an adjective; the noun form is "boldness."

How do you use "bold" in a sentence?

She made a bold decision to start her own company.

Is "dashing" only for men?

No, "dashing" can be used for anyone, though it's traditionally associated with men.

Can "dashing" refer to actions?

Yes, actions can be dashing if they're performed with style and confidence.

What does "bold" generally mean?

Bold often describes someone or something showing confidence and courage.

How do you use "dashing" in a sentence?

He cut a dashing figure in his sharp suit.

Can environments be described as "bold" or "dashing"?

Bold can describe environments; dashing usually refers to people.

Can "bold" and "dashing" be used together?

Yes, one can be both bold and dashing, exhibiting courage and style.

What is a synonym for "bold"?

Brave, audacious, or gutsy are synonyms for bold.

What is a synonym for "dashing"?

Snazzy, smart, or chic can be synonyms for dashing.

What does "dashing" mean?

Dashing describes someone who is attractively adventurous and stylish.

Do "bold" and "dashing" have similar origins?

Their origins differ, with "bold" from Old English and "dashing" from an onomatopoeic origin.

Can "bold" describe tastes?

Yes, flavors can be described as bold if they are strong and pronounced.

Can a woman be described as "dashing"?

While less common, a woman can indeed be described as dashing.

Is "dashing" related to speed?

Not directly, though it can imply energetic or spirited action.

Can inanimate objects be "dashing"?

Typically not, as dashing implies a certain vivacity more aligned with living beings.

Are these words commonly used today?

Yes, both "bold" and "dashing" are common in contemporary English.

Is "dashing" a compliment?

Yes, calling someone dashing is usually a compliment.
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