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Barr Body vs. Davidson Body: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 10, 2024
A Barr body is an inactivated X chromosome seen in female cells, while a Davidson body is a structure found in the eosinophils of mammals, with unknown function.

Key Differences

A Barr body, observed in the nuclei of female somatic cells, represents an inactivated X chromosome, a process known as X chromosome inactivation. The Davidson body, however, is a specific inclusion found in eosinophil granulocytes, not related to chromosome inactivation.
The presence of a Barr body is a feature of mammalian female cells to achieve dosage compensation between males and females. In contrast, Davidson bodies are found in both sexes and are unique to eosinophils without a direct role in genetic regulation.
Barr bodies are formed during early embryonic development and remain condensed in the cell nucleus. Davidson bodies, on the other hand, are seen as distinct structures within eosinophils and their function remains largely unknown.
The discovery of the Barr body was significant in understanding genetic mechanisms in females. Davidson bodies, while identified in eosinophils, have not been associated with such wide-reaching genetic implications.

Comparison Chart


Found in the nuclei of female somatic cells
Found in eosinophil granulocytes


Represents an inactivated X chromosome for dosage compensation
Function largely unknown

Role in Development

Formed during early embryonic development
Not involved in development

Barr Body and Davidson Body Definitions

Barr Body

Forms during early embryonic development.
Each female embryo develops a Barr body as it grows.

Davidson Body

Not related to chromosome inactivation.
Unlike the Barr body, the Davidson body is not involved in genetic regulation.

Barr Body

Represents dosage compensation between males and females.
The Barr body ensures equal gene expression from X chromosomes in females.

Davidson Body

A structure in eosinophil granulocytes.
Under a microscope, the Davidson body was visible in the eosinophil.

Barr Body

Inactivated X chromosome in female cells.
The presence of a Barr body in a cell indicates it is from a female.

Davidson Body

Function is largely unknown.
The exact role of the Davidson body in eosinophils remains a mystery.

Barr Body

Visible in the nucleus of somatic cells of females.
During a genetic test, a Barr body was observed in the cell nucleus.

Davidson Body

Lacks clear diagnostic application.
Davidson bodies are noted in studies but don't have a diagnostic use.


What is a Barr body?

It's an inactivated X chromosome in female cells.

What is the function of a Barr body?

To achieve dosage compensation between sexes.

What is a Davidson body?

It's a structure found in eosinophils.

Where is a Barr body located?

In the nucleus of female somatic cells.

What is the function of a Davidson body?

Its function is not well understood.

Can Davidson bodies be found in both sexes?

Yes, they are present in eosinophils of both sexes.

How is a Barr body formed?

During early embryonic development in females.

Does a Davidson body affect gene expression?

No, it's not related to gene expression.

Where is a Davidson body located?

In eosinophil granulocytes.

Can Davidson bodies be seen under a microscope?

Yes, in eosinophils.

Does a Barr body affect gene expression?

Yes, it equalizes gene expression from X chromosomes.

Is there a diagnostic use for Davidson bodies?

No, they don't have a clear diagnostic application.

Is a Barr body present in males?

Rarely, usually in cases of Klinefelter syndrome (XXY).

Are Barr bodies visible under a microscope?

Yes, in the nuclei of female somatic cells.

Is the Barr body present in all female cells?

In most somatic cells, but not all.

Are Davidson bodies found in all mammals?

They are found in the eosinophils of many, but not all, mammals.

Do Davidson bodies have a role in development?

No, they are not involved in developmental processes.

Do all females have the same number of Barr bodies?

Usually one less than the number of X chromosomes.

Are Davidson bodies unique to certain cell types?

Yes, they are specific to eosinophils.

Can the Barr body be used in genetic testing?

Yes, for sex determination in certain conditions.
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