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Wacom One vs. Wacom Intuos: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 10, 2024
Wacom One is an entry-level drawing tablet with a screen, while Wacom Intuos is a more compact, screenless tablet for beginners and hobbyists. "One" implies simplicity and ease of use, "Intuos" suggests intuition and natural skill enhancement.

Key Differences

The Wacom One is an entry-level tablet featuring a display screen, aimed at beginners, whereas the Wacom Intuos is a professional-grade tablet without a display, focusing on advanced features.
In terms of usability, the Wacom One offers an intuitive experience for new digital artists, while the Wacom Intuos caters to experienced users with its customizable settings and additional features.
The Wacom One's screen allows for direct drawing, which can be more natural for beginners, compared to the Wacom Intuos where drawing is done on the tablet and viewed on a separate monitor.
The Wacom Intuos often includes a broader range of pressure sensitivity and more express keys for shortcuts, offering a more refined experience than the more basic Wacom One.
Price-wise, the Wacom One is generally more affordable, making it a popular choice for those new to digital art, while the Wacom Intuos, with its advanced features, is a preferred option for professional artists.

Comparison Chart

Target Audience

Beginners, casual users
Professional artists

Display Screen

Yes, built-in
No, requires separate monitor


High, with express keys


More affordable
Generally higher priced

Pressure Sensitivity

Lower sensitivity range
Higher sensitivity range

Wacom One and Wacom Intuos Definitions

Wacom One

Entry-Level Drawing Tablet.
The Wacom One is a great starting point for digital art novices.

Wacom Intuos

Advanced Customizable Features.
I program the Wacom Intuos’s express keys for quick access to my favorite tools.

Wacom One

Compact and Portable.
I easily carry my Wacom One to different locations for on-the-go creativity.

Wacom Intuos

Ideal for Experienced Artists.
As an experienced illustrator, the Wacom Intuos meets all my needs.

Wacom One

Affordable Digital Art Tool.
The Wacom One fits my budget for beginning digital illustration.

Wacom Intuos

High Pressure Sensitivity.
The Wacom Intuos captures every nuance of my brush strokes.

Wacom One

User-Friendly Interface.
The Wacom One’s simple interface made my transition to digital art seamless.

Wacom Intuos

Professional Graphics Tablet.
The Wacom Intuos is a staple in my professional digital art workflow.

Wacom One

With Built-In Screen.
Drawing directly on the Wacom One's screen feels intuitive.

Wacom Intuos

No Built-In Screen.
I use the Wacom Intuos with my dual-monitor setup for detailed editing.


How portable is the Wacom One?

It's compact and portable, ideal for on-the-go use.

Who should buy the Wacom One?

Newcomers to digital art or those needing a simple, intuitive tablet.

What is the Wacom Intuos?

A professional-grade graphic tablet without a built-in screen.

What is the Wacom One?

A beginner-friendly digital drawing tablet with a built-in screen.

Is the Wacom One good for professional use?

It's more suited for beginners than for high-end professional work.

Is the Wacom Intuos easy for beginners?

It has a steeper learning curve due to its advanced features.

What customization options does the Wacom Intuos offer?

It offers express keys and extensive software customizations.

Does the Wacom One have a display?

Yes, it has a built-in display for direct drawing.

Can the Wacom Intuos connect to any computer?

Yes, it's compatible with most computers with the appropriate software.

Is the Wacom One pressure sensitive?

Yes, but with a lower sensitivity range than the Intuos.

Who is the Wacom Intuos designed for?

It's tailored for professional artists and advanced users.

How does the Wacom Intuos enhance professional workflows?

With its customizable features and higher precision.

What's the price difference between Wacom One and Intuos?

The Wacom One is generally more affordable than the Intuos.

Does the Wacom Intuos come with software?

It often includes access to professional art software.

Can I use the Wacom Intuos for detailed work?

Yes, its high pressure sensitivity is ideal for detailed artwork.

Can I animate with the Wacom One?

Yes, but it's more suitable for basic animation tasks.

Is the Wacom One compatible with major art software?

Yes, it works with most mainstream digital art applications.

How durable is the Wacom One?

It's designed to be durable, but with care, as it's aimed at beginners.

Does the Wacom One support multi-touch?

Typically, the Wacom One does not support multi-touch.

Can I use the Wacom Intuos for 3D modeling?

Yes, its precision and features are suitable for 3D work.
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