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AA Batteries vs. AAA Batteries: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 16, 2024
AA batteries are larger, commonly used power sources, while AAA batteries are smaller and used in compact devices.

Key Differences

AA batteries are larger in size and typically used in devices requiring more power, like remote controls and toys. AAA batteries, being smaller, are used in smaller or more compact devices such as TV remotes and digital cameras.
The voltage of both AA and AAA batteries is usually 1.5 volts, but due to their larger size, AA batteries often have a longer lifespan. AAA batteries, although providing the same voltage, have a shorter lifespan due to their smaller capacity.
AA batteries are physically more substantial, making them suitable for devices that need more current for longer periods. In contrast, AAA batteries are more suitable for devices that require less power or are designed to be lightweight and portable.
In terms of availability, both AA and AAA batteries are widely available and used in numerous household devices, but AA batteries are more common in high-drain devices. AAA batteries are often found in devices where space saving is crucial.
AA and AAA batteries differ mainly in size and capacity, with AA being larger and longer-lasting, and AAA being smaller and used in more compact devices.

Comparison Chart




Higher capacity, longer lifespan
Lower capacity, shorter lifespan

Common Usage

High-drain devices, toys
Compact devices, remote controls


Typically 1.5 volts
Typically 1.5 volts

Physical Weight


AA Batteries and AAA Batteries Definitions

AA Batteries

AA batteries are standard-size cylindrical batteries.
The flashlight requires two AA batteries to operate.

AAA Batteries

AAA batteries are smaller than AA batteries, suitable for compact devices.
The TV remote needs two AAA batteries to function.

AA Batteries

AA batteries are larger and often used in devices requiring more power.
The digital camera works best with high-capacity AA batteries.

AAA Batteries

These batteries are ideal for devices where weight and space are considerations.
The portable thermometer uses a single AAA battery.

AA Batteries

AA batteries are versatile and widely available.
I always keep a pack of AA batteries for emergencies.

AAA Batteries

AAA batteries provide the same voltage as AA batteries but in a smaller size.
The hand-held game console runs on AAA batteries for its compact design.

AA Batteries

AA batteries are commonly used in portable electronic devices.
I replaced the AA batteries in my wireless mouse.

AAA Batteries

AAA batteries are commonly used in low-drain devices.
My wireless keyboard operates on AAA batteries.

AA Batteries

These batteries are known for their longer lifespan in high-drain devices.
The children's toy car runs efficiently on AA batteries.

AAA Batteries

AAA batteries have a lower capacity but are essential for many small gadgets.
The noise-canceling headphones require AAA batteries for operation.


What devices commonly use AA batteries?

Toys, remote controls, and some digital cameras.

What are AA batteries?

Standard size cylindrical batteries used in various devices.

How long do AA batteries last?

Their lifespan varies but is generally longer than AAA batteries.

What are AAA batteries?

Smaller cylindrical batteries used in compact electronic devices.

Can AA and AAA batteries be used interchangeably?

No, they differ in size and cannot be substituted for one another.

Can rechargeable batteries be AA or AAA?

Yes, both types come in rechargeable forms.

Are AA batteries heavier than AAA batteries?

Yes, due to their larger size and capacity.

Do AA batteries have a higher capacity than AAA?

Yes, AA batteries generally have a higher capacity.

What devices commonly use AAA batteries?

TV remotes, digital thermometers, and small gadgets.

Are AA batteries bigger than AAA batteries?

Yes, AA batteries are larger in size.

What is the voltage of AA and AAA batteries?

Both typically have a voltage of 1.5 volts.

How do I dispose of AA and AAA batteries?

They should be recycled or disposed of according to local regulations.

Is the chemical composition the same in AA and AAA batteries?

Yes, but the capacity and size differ.

Can I mix AA and AAA batteries in a device?

No, you should use the battery size specified by the device manufacturer.

Can I recharge non-rechargeable AA or AAA batteries?

No, attempting to recharge non-rechargeable batteries can be dangerous.

Do AA batteries last longer than AAA batteries in the same device?

In general, yes, due to their higher capacity.

Are there different types of AA and AAA batteries?

Yes, including alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable variants.

Do all remote controls use AAA batteries?

Not all, but many remote controls are designed for AAA batteries.

Are AAA batteries suitable for high-drain devices?

They are more commonly used in low-drain devices.

Are lithium AA or AAA batteries better than alkaline?

Lithium batteries often provide longer life and better performance in extreme temperatures.
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