Difference Between Wolf and Husky


Main Difference

Husky is a famous dog breed found in Northern arctic regions of the world. Due to its physical appearance and body coat, Husky is often mixed up with a Wolf. Wolf is a wild animal whereas Husky is a domestic dog. Wolf is the largest member of the canine family and is found in the northern arctic and cold region. Wolf can get adapted to mild hot places but it is very much difficult for a husky to live in hot conditions. Wolf is wild untrainable animal whereas husky can be trained and kept as the domestic dog. Both have a variety of double long and short coats as they are from arctic regions. Wolf as compare to husky is averagely larger in size, possess more weight and is even more intelligent. A wolf prefers to live in packs whereas husky can be kept individually in homes. It is illegal to keep a wolf in various parts of the world whereas husky is considered as one of the best domestic dogs to keep in the arctic cold regions.

Comparison Chart

A Wolf is a wild carnivore animal. The largest member of the canine family.A Husky is a domestic dog found in northern arctic regions of the world.
Legal Status
Wolves are illegal to acquire as a pet.Huskies are legally allowed to be kept as a pet.
Tooth Type
Wolf has larger canine teeth. Large then husky and all rest dogs.Husky also has large canine teeth but they are smaller than a wolf.
Wolves can live in almost all kinds of weather conditions. They are rough and rigid in nature.Huskies cannot live in hot and humid places. They are highly sensitive in nature.
Average size ranges from 31 to 34 inches.Average size ranges from 20 to 23 inches.
The average weight of a wolf is in50s and can range up to 200 lbs.The average weight of a husky is in between 30 to 35 lbs.
Wolf has a larger head size as compare to husky.Husky has a smaller head size as compared to a wolf.
Wolves have golden and brown eyes in general.Huskies possess a variety of eye color including blue, brown, grey etc.
Wolf possess thick coat including both tops and undercoat.Husky also possess a thick long coat including a top and undercoat.
Wolves are more intelligent and cleverer.Huskies are intelligent but not more than wolves.

What is Wolf?

Wolf is a wild carnivore animal usually found in the cold arctic regions. A wolf can be found in forests and in mountain ranges as well. Wolves prefer to live in packs with other family members. A pack of wolves usually comprise of 6 to 20 members on the average, whereas the numbers could be increased in some rare cases. They are highly intelligent and intuitionist when it comes to seeking danger. Wolf is the largest member of the canine family. Wolves are found in dense and they are usually quite far from populated areas. Due to an increase in the human population, habitats of wolves are destroying and a large number of wolves are dying every year. A wolf cannot be kept in the house as a pet like dogs and other animals. Wolves are untrainable and do not fit in the domestic way of living. Wolves are not even seen in the zoo as they are extremely wild in nature and prefer not to interact with human beings. A wolf has a big large head with golden or brown eyes in usual. Averagely a male Wolf can grow up to 33 inches in height and weighs in between 50 to even 200 lbs. Wolf is a carnivore, feeding on other goofy animals like goat, deer, bison etc. The wolves hunt in the pack and are very much successful in terms of strategizing the hunt.


What is Husky?

Husky is a domestic dog found in the northern cold arctic regions. Husky due to their over physical appearance, similar region and resemblance are often considered the family of wolves, whereas they are totally different from them. Husky is a family friendly and trainable dog, unlike the wild wolves that cannot be kept in the home with humans and are untrainable. Huskies possess thick long coats as they are found in the northern parts of the world. They are adapted to the cold places and it is very much difficult for a husky to live in hot areas. Siberian Husky and Alaskan Husky are the two main types of husky breed dogs based on their regions and breed. Huskies do possess a similar body structure and look like a wolf but that is purely due to the region and being the canine family members. Nothing else is linked with a wolf and husky. Huskies are family friendly and are quite social in their behavior. They can be kept anywhere and can be trained anywhere despite in the hot humid geographical conditions. Husky posses a small head as compared to a wolf. Averagely a male husky grows up to 24 inches in height and weighs in between 30 to 35 lbs. They possess a variety of eye colors, including blue, hazel and brown. Huskies are not meat eaters like the wolf, they can be easily fed on common dog food.

Key Differences

  1. A wolf is a wild carnivore animal.
  2. A husky is a domestic dog.
  3. Wolf is the largest member of a canine family.
  4. Huskies are smaller in weight and size as compare to wolves.
  5. Wolves prefer to live in packs and are untrainable.
  6. Huskies are family friendly dogs and can be easily trained.
  7. Wolves are master hunters and eat other goofy animals such a goat, deer, bison etc.
  8. Huskies eat whatever they are introduced to like typical dog food etc.
  9. Huskies are legal to keep as a domestic pet all around the globe.
  10. Wolves are illegal to be kept as a domestic pet all around the world.
  11. Huskies cannot survive hot and humid temperature.
  12. Wolves can survive in a variety of different weather conditions.

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