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PUBG Mobile vs. PUBG Lite: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 26, 2024
PUBG Mobile is a full-featured version of the popular battle royale game for smartphones, whereas PUBG Lite is a simplified version designed for lower-end devices with minimal graphics.

Key Differences

PUBG Mobile offers a complete battle royale experience with high-quality graphics and all features of the original PC game. PUBG Lite, however, is optimized for less powerful smartphones, featuring reduced graphical detail.
PUBG Mobile requires a smartphone with higher processing power and memory for smooth gameplay. In contrast, PUBG Lite is tailored for devices with lower specifications, ensuring better performance on such devices.
The map size and player count in PUBG Mobile are similar to the PC version, offering a more immersive experience. PUBG Lite has smaller maps and fewer players in each match, catering to its streamlined nature.
PUBG Mobile’s game updates include new features, maps, and modes regularly, maintaining parity with the PC version. PUBG Lite receives updates that are more focused on optimizing performance than adding new content.
The user interface and gameplay experience in PUBG Mobile are more intricate and detailed, while PUBG Lite offers a more simplified and accessible user interface for easier navigation on less capable devices.

Comparison Chart

Graphics Quality

High-quality, detailed
Simplified, reduced detail

Device Requirements

Higher processing power and memory
Optimized for lower-end devices

Map Size/Player Count

Similar to PC version, larger maps
Smaller maps, fewer players

Game Updates

Regular updates with new features
Updates focused on performance

User Interface

More intricate and detailed
Simplified for accessibility

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite Definitions

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a mobile version of the popular battle royale game with full features.
I play PUBG Mobile for its extensive maps and game modes.


PUBG Lite has smaller maps and fewer players per match.
I like the faster games in PUBG Lite due to the smaller maps.

PUBG Mobile

It offers high-quality graphics and a comprehensive gaming experience.
The graphics on PUBG Mobile are impressive for a smartphone game.


It focuses on optimizing performance rather than adding new content.
Updates in PUBG Lite mostly improve game speed and stability.

PUBG Mobile

It includes regular updates with new content and features.
The latest PUBG Mobile update added a new map.


It features simplified graphics for better performance on basic devices.
The graphics in PUBG Lite are optimized for lower-end phones.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is designed for smartphones with higher specs.
My new phone runs PUBG Mobile very smoothly.


PUBG Lite is a streamlined version of PUBG for less powerful smartphones.
PUBG Lite runs well even on my older phone.

PUBG Mobile

The game replicates the original PUBG experience on mobile devices.
PUBG Mobile brings the excitement of the PC game to my phone.


The game is tailored for accessibility and ease of play.
PUBG Lite's simplified controls make it easy to play on my phone.


Can I play with friends using different versions?

Players using PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite cannot play in the same match due to differences in the game versions.

Are the controls the same in both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite?

The basic controls are similar, but PUBG Mobile offers more advanced control options.

Do both games have the same number of players in a match?

No, PUBG Mobile typically has more players per match compared to PUBG Lite.

Is PUBG Mobile free to play?

Yes, PUBG Mobile is free to download and play, with in-app purchases available.

Is the map variety the same in both games?

PUBG Mobile generally offers a wider variety of maps compared to PUBG Lite.

Can PUBG Lite be played on high-end devices?

Yes, PUBG Lite can be played on high-end devices, but it is optimized for lower-end phones.

Which version is better for older smartphones?

PUBG Lite is better suited for older or less powerful smartphones.

Is the ranking system the same in both games?

Each game has its own ranking system, tailored to its specific gameplay style.

Are the survival and combat mechanics similar in both?

The core survival and combat mechanics are similar, but there are differences in execution due to the games' varying capabilities.

Are in-app purchases available in PUBG Lite?

Yes, like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite also offers in-app purchases.

Do both versions receive regular updates?

Yes, but PUBG Mobile updates often include new content, while PUBG Lite updates focus on performance.

Are the graphics settings customizable in both games?

Both games offer customizable graphics settings, but PUBG Mobile has more advanced options.

Can I transfer my account from PUBG Mobile to PUBG Lite?

Accounts and progress cannot be transferred between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite.

Do I need an internet connection to play both games?

Yes, an active internet connection is required to play both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite.

Can PUBG Lite players join clans?

PUBG Lite players can join clans, but these are separate from PUBG Mobile clans.

Is the gameplay experience very different between the two?

Yes, the gameplay experience can differ due to variations in graphics, map size, and player count.

Is voice chat available in both versions?

Yes, voice chat is available in both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite.

Is the learning curve different for new players in each game?

The learning curve may be easier in PUBG Lite due to its simplified nature.

Do both versions support cross-platform play?

Neither PUBG Mobile nor PUBG Lite supports cross-platform play with console or PC versions.

Are the system requirements for PUBG Lite lower than PUBG Mobile?

Yes, PUBG Lite has lower system requirements and is designed to run on less capable hardware.
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