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Transport vs. Transportation: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 29, 2023
Transport generally refers to the act or means of moving people or goods, while transportation is the system or process of transporting.

Key Differences

Transport often denotes the action or method of moving goods or people from one place to another. Transportation is more systemic, referring to the organized movement of goods or people, including the vehicles and infrastructure involved.
Transport can be used as a verb, indicating the act of moving something. Transportation, on the other hand, is usually a noun, representing the entire framework or system of transport.
In a historical context, transport can mean a ship or vehicle used to carry people or goods, especially in large quantities. Transportation, in a historical sense, often refers to the act of deporting criminals to a penal colony.
Transport can have an emotional connotation, as in being emotionally moved or carried away. Transportation lacks this emotional aspect, strictly relating to the physical or organizational movement of people or things.
Transport is more commonly used in British English, while Transportation is preferred in American English, although both terms are widely understood and used interchangeably in many contexts.

Comparison Chart

Part of Speech

Noun and Verb

Usage in Sentence

"They transport goods by rail."
"The city's transportation system is efficient."

Common Forms

Transported, Transporting
Transportation System, Public Transportation

Contextual Usage

Individual Movement, Historical Shipping
Systems, Infrastructure

Emotional Connotation

Yes (as in being emotionally moved)

Transport and Transportation Definitions


It's a vehicle or system used for this purpose.
Her favorite mode of transport is the train.


It encompasses vehicles, roads, and infrastructure.
The new bridge improved the area's transportation.


Historically, a ship used to carry people, especially for penal transportation.
The convicts were sent to Australia on a transport.


In government and policy, relating to transport sector management.
The transportation department announced new regulations.


To be emotionally moved or carried away.
The music transported her to another world.


As a service or business sector.
She works in the transportation industry.


Transport refers to moving items or individuals.
Trucks transport goods across the country.


Transportation refers to the system or process of moving people or goods.
Public transportation is vital in urban areas.


General movement from one place to another.
He was responsible for the transport of the artifacts.


Historically, the act of sending convicts to a penal colony.
Transportation to distant colonies was a common punishment.


To move or carry (goods, for example) from one place to another; convey.


The act or an instance of transporting.


To cause to feel strong emotion, especially joy; carry away; enrapture.


The state of being transported.


What does transport mean?

Transport refers to the act or means of moving people or goods.

Does transportation include infrastructure?

Yes, it includes vehicles, roads, and related systems.

Does transport have an emotional meaning?

Yes, it can mean to emotionally move someone.

Is transportation a newer term?

It's more specialized, but not necessarily newer.

What is transportation?

Transportation is the system or process used for transport.

Can transport be used as a verb?

Yes, transport can be used as a verb, meaning to carry or move.

Is transportation only about public systems?

No, it includes all methods and systems of moving people or goods.

Are transport and transportation interchangeable?

In many contexts, they can be, but they have different nuances.

Is transport used more in British English?

Yes, transport is more common in British English.

Can transport refer to a vehicle?

Yes, especially historically or in British English.

Does transport have historical meanings?

Yes, like referring to ships used for transporting convicts.

Can transport mean transporting emotions?

Yes, in a metaphorical sense.

Is transportation related to logistics?

Yes, it's a key part of logistics and supply chain management.

Is transportation a sector in government?

Yes, it's often a designated department or sector.

Is transportation a broad term?

Yes, it broadly covers all aspects of transport.

Do both terms apply to cargo?

Yes, both can refer to the movement of cargo.

Is transport a technical term?

It can be, especially in logistics and planning.

What's public transportation?

It refers to systems of transport accessible to the general public.

Does transport involve personal vehicles?

Yes, it includes all modes of moving people or goods.

Does transportation include air travel?

Yes, it encompasses all modes, including air.
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