Difference Between Teaser and Trailer


Main Difference

The main difference between Teaser and Trailer is that Teaser is a short video that gives us a glimpse of the tone and characters of the movie, and Trailer is a video that sometimes gives us some of the plot details of the movie, or a message to communicate.

Teaser vs. Trailer

A teaser is a means of publicizing a film by mocking the viewers or emotive up expectations by displaying some portion of the movie or film. Whereas the trailer is a mean of publicizing a film by giving that some material or information concerning the film, e.g., plot twists, the cast, and an enhanced vision of what to suppose in the film.


Teasers are intended to be short and may continue from a few seconds to a minute. The extreme time for a teaser is a minute. On the other hand, trailers may continue between one minute to two minutes and thirty seconds. Teasers formed far previously than trailers. They could even be created a year or two before the production of a movie begins. And trailers are created after the movie production is complete, hence the ability to capture more content.

Teasers have the main aim of teasing the audience, stirring up anticipation, and getting the audience intrigued about the film. Whereas trailers serve a slightly different purpose, their main aim is to inform the audience of the movie, it dishes out much more information of the cast and the plot twists, giving the viewers a better insight of what to expect. Teasers contain no plot-line; they highlight entertaining and exciting features of the movie. And trailers contain the plot-line and content of the movie right from the beginning.


Teasers contain no such information, while trailers showcase all the details of the movie, including; the studio, the directors, the cast, cinematography, and assistant directors. Teasers have no structure within their composition; they comprise of the most exciting and amusing parts of a film. Whereas trailers mostly follow the three-act structure, this is where content from the beginning, the middle, and end parts of a film composed into a short clip.

Comparison Chart

A teaser just about shows any definite footage from the film. Teasers usually show a few words or silhouettesA trailer carries the overall point of the film with some teaser elements in a coherent layout that follows the plot-line.
Displays no details or specifics about the film; it just attempts to stimulate the viewers about the film.The basic plot-line gave including details such as the director, cinematographer, assistant director, studio in which the film shot, etc.
It created before the post-production of the movie. It also prepared for the duration of the recording of the film.It created after the filming and editing of the movie is done.
Less than a minuteApproximately 1-3 minutes
To tell the people that this movie is coming out.To tell the people details about the movie such as cast, plotline, music, etc.
NoneThree-act structure

What is a Teaser?

A teaser is a promotion action that usually comprises of a sequence of small, mysterious, stimulating commercials that get ahead a bigger, full-blown promotion for a creation introduction or else significant occasion. A teaser for a forthcoming movie, television sequencer, video game, or alike, is commonly unconfined far ahead of the creation, to mock the audience.

Teasers of the film generally prepared for elaborate and famously objected movies. Their determination is fewer to convey the viewers about a film’s content than to let everyone know that the picture is coming up soon and to enhance the publicity of the forthcoming release. Teaser previews usually made even though the movie is still in the making or even edited, and as a consequence, they may aspect acts or alternative descriptions of acts that are not in the ended movie.

Role of Teaser in Business

Teaser actions are applied over customary marketing procedures by brands and corporations who desire to promote new or fresh products into the related marketplace, frequently beforehand the product or creation is completed in the making to form a buzz or attention in the marketplace, and obtain progress afore the product is unconfined or released. In these circumstances, brands can acquire information on how customers answer back to features of the manufactured goods before it is confirmed and modify if required.

Objective of Teaser

Campaigns of teaser or teaser promotion is a prearranged set of information activity intended to provoke attention deprived of giving excessive away. Frequently, it is not a solitary advertisement or announcement; however, a sequence of associated infrastructures, merging many forms of publicity, about a particular theme or indication that users pursue to fill in the details and prepared to the disclose.

What is Trailer?

A trailer is also known as a preview, or coming attraction is a commercial advertisement for a feature film, the result of creative and technical work. A trailer appropriate length is on or after 90 seconds to 2 minutes; any additional is pointless. Generally, movie trailers run at 2’30”. A trailer includes the major star cast of the movie, a slight idea of the concept for creating interest, and contains some ‘cool’ dialogue.

More or fewer trailers use distinct or special footage of the shoot, which is substantial that has been made especially for publicity devotions and does not seem in the real film. The maximum outstanding film uses this method.

History of Trailer

Trailers were firstly displayed afterward or trailing the motion picture, and this headed to their actuality called “trailers.” The repetition was found to be rather unsuccessful, sometimes unnoticed by viewers who gone instantly after the feature film. Far along, presenters altered their repetition or practice; thus, trailers were simply one portion of the film sequencer or program. Nowadays, more intricate trailers and commercially trailers have mostly substituted other methods of fore-feature entertaining, and in foremost, picture house chains.

Purpose of Trailer

Trailers comprise chains of particular footage from the movie being publicized. Meanwhile, the purpose or determination of the trailer is to invite and attract spectators to the movie; these extracts are typically taken from the most thrilling, exciting humorous, or else notable portions of the movie but in shortened practice and typically deprived of creating spoilers.

Key Differences

  1. A teaser is just a glimpse of the film. It might give you the main point of the film, while the trailer conveys most of the film content to the audience. The audience can expect what kind of film it is going to be. It gives you the flow of the film.
  2. The teaser does not deliver information concerning the plot-line or story of the movie, and the trailer provides a rough description of the story of the movie.
  3. A teaser is little in size or length, e.g., 13 seconds to 1 minute. Whereas the trailer is lengthier than the teaser, its extent or length ranges from one minute to two minutes and 30 seconds.
  4. Teaser efforts to stimulate the viewers about the movie. And trailer offers simple information such as director, cast, and the cinematography of the movie.
  5. The teaser includes the most thrilling and exciting portions or parts of the movie, which are not in order or series, but the trailer includes thrilling and exciting portions of the movie in an appropriate series: the start, the intermediate part, and the culmination or climax.
  6. A teaser made far previously than a trailer. On the other hand, a trailer is made and unconfined or released a couple of months later, the publication of the teaser.


A trailer and teaser are both advertising campaigns that are done by production companies to promote their movies. The main way to tell them apart is that the duration or rather how long each one is.

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