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Teak Wood vs. Sheesham: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 28, 2024
Teak wood is a highly durable, water-resistant hardwood, ideal for outdoor furniture; sheesham, or Indian rosewood, is known for its rich color and intricate grain, used in fine furniture.

Key Differences

Teak wood, known for its durability and water resistance, originates primarily from Southeast Asia. Sheesham, also known as Indian rosewood, is native to the Indian Subcontinent and is prized for its rich color and intricate grain patterns.
Teak wood is often used for outdoor furniture and boat building due to its ability to withstand the elements. Sheesham wood is preferred for indoor furniture like cabinets and tables, thanks to its strength and beautiful appearance.
Teak requires minimal maintenance and can last for decades, even in harsh outdoor conditions. Sheesham wood, while durable, requires regular care to maintain its luster and is more suited to indoor environments.
Teak has a golden-brown color with a straight grain, making it visually appealing for a range of styles. Sheesham wood displays a more varied color palette, from golden brown to deep reddish brown, with intricate grain patterns that make each piece unique.
Teak wood is generally more expensive due to its high demand and slower growth rate. Sheesham is more readily available and affordable, making it a popular choice for high-quality, cost-effective furniture.

Comparison Chart


Southeast Asia.
Indian Subcontinent.


Highly durable, water-resistant.
Durable, less water-resistant than teak.

Common Uses

Outdoor furniture, boat building.
Indoor furniture, decorative items.


Low maintenance, withstands outdoor conditions.
Requires regular care, best for indoor use.


Golden-brown color, straight grain.
Varied colors, intricate grain patterns.


Generally more expensive.
More affordable, widely available.

Teak Wood and Sheesham Definitions

Teak Wood

Luxury Flooring Material.
The teak wood flooring added elegance to the house.


Fine Furniture Wood.
Their new wardrobe was crafted from high-quality sheesham.

Teak Wood

Fine Carpentry Choice.
Teak wood was used for the custom-made bookshelf.


Decorative Items Source.
Sheesham wood was used for the ornate picture frames.

Teak Wood

Durable Hardwood.
The patio's teak wood furniture has lasted for years.


Intricate Carving Material.
The artist preferred sheesham for detailed carvings.

Teak Wood

Boat Building Wood.
Teak wood is popular in yacht construction due to its durability.


Musical Instruments Material.
Many guitars are made from sheesham due to its tonal qualities.

Teak Wood

Outdoor Furniture Material.
They chose teak wood for their garden bench.


Indian Rosewood.
The sheesham dining table was the centerpiece of the room.


What is teak wood?

A highly durable, water-resistant hardwood from Southeast Asia.

Where is teak wood commonly used?

In outdoor furniture, boat building, and high-end carpentry.

How durable is teak compared to sheesham?

Teak is more durable, especially in wet conditions.

What's the cost difference between teak and sheesham?

Teak is generally more expensive than sheesham.

Is sheesham wood suitable for outdoor furniture?

It's more suited to indoor environments.

What are the typical uses of sheesham?

Mostly in indoor furniture, decorative items, and musical instruments.

How do you maintain teak wood furniture?

It requires minimal maintenance, occasionally needing oiling.

Why is teak wood so expensive?

Due to its high demand, slow growth rate, and superior qualities.

Does sheesham wood warp or crack easily?

It's quite stable but can be affected by extreme changes in humidity.

Can teak wood last a lifetime?

Yes, with proper care, it can last for decades.

What is sheesham?

Also known as Indian rosewood, it's known for its strength and beautiful grain.

How does sunlight affect teak wood?

It can cause the wood to gradually gray over time.

Is sheesham wood easy to carve?

Yes, it's known for its ease of carving and intricate grain patterns.

Can teak wood be stained or painted?

It's possible, but its natural color is often preferred.

What maintenance does sheesham wood require?

Regular dusting and occasional polishing to maintain its luster.

Is teak wood naturally water-resistant?

Yes, it has natural oils that make it water-resistant.

How sustainable is the harvesting of sheesham wood?

It varies; responsible sourcing is key for sustainability.

Is sheesham wood environmentally friendly?

It's more sustainable than teak but still requires responsible sourcing.

Can sheesham wood be used for flooring?

Yes, but it's more commonly used for furniture.

Are there color variations in teak wood?

Teak generally has a uniform golden-brown color.
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