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Smartphone vs. Feature Phone: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on January 28, 2024
A smartphone is a mobile phone with advanced features like a high-quality touchscreen, internet connectivity, and app capability, whereas a feature phone is a basic mobile phone with limited features and no advanced functionalities.

Key Differences

Smartphones offer extensive functionalities including internet browsing, high-resolution touchscreens, and access to a wide range of applications. Feature phones, on the other hand, provide basic telephony services with limited internet access and simpler interfaces.
Smartphones are equipped with powerful processors, large memory, and advanced operating systems that support a wide range of applications and functionalities. Feature phones have more basic hardware and software, designed primarily for calling and texting, with limited additional features.
Smartphones are known for their strong internet connectivity options and the ability to run complex applications, from social media to gaming. Feature phones offer very basic internet capabilities and run simpler applications, often limited to basic games, calculators, and calendars.
Smartphones typically come with high-resolution cameras and advanced multimedia features for photos, videos, and music. Feature phones have simpler cameras and limited multimedia capabilities, focusing more on basic phone functions.
Smartphones are generally more expensive, reflecting their advanced features. Feature phones are more affordable and are often chosen for their simplicity and ease of use, particularly in markets where advanced technology is not a priority.

Comparison Chart


Advanced (internet, apps, multimedia)
Basic (calling, texting)

Hardware and Software

Powerful processors, large memory, advanced OS
Basic hardware, simple software

Internet and Apps

High-speed internet, wide range of apps
Limited internet, basic or no apps

Camera and Multimedia

High-resolution cameras, advanced multimedia
Basic cameras, limited multimedia options


Generally more expensive
More affordable

Smartphone and Feature Phone Definitions


A mobile phone with advanced computational capability and connectivity.
She used her smartphone to navigate the city's streets.

Feature Phone

A mobile device with fewer functionalities than a smartphone.
Their feature phone was durable and reliable for basic needs.


A device that combines a cellphone with a handheld computer.
His smartphone was essential for both work and personal use.

Feature Phone

A cell phone that provides basic services like calling and SMS.
She preferred a feature phone for its ease of use and long battery life.


A cellular phone that performs many of the functions of a computer.
She downloaded a fitness app on her smartphone.

Feature Phone

A mobile phone with limited capabilities, focused on calls and texts.
Her feature phone's battery lasted for days without charging.


A handheld device that integrates a mobile phone with internet access.
They booked their vacation entirely through their smartphone.

Feature Phone

A traditional mobile phone without advanced internet capabilities.
He bought a feature phone as a backup for emergencies.


A mobile phone that operates on a mobile computing platform.
He took stunning photos of the sunset with his smartphone.

Feature Phone

A basic cellphone that is not a smartphone.
He used a feature phone because of its simplicity.


A cellphone having a touchscreen or alphabetic keypad and many of the features of a personal computer, including an operating system that allows the user to download specialized apps.


A mobile phone with more advanced features and greater computing capacity than a featurephone.
Mobile phone


What is a smartphone?

A mobile phone with advanced features like internet access and a wide range of apps.

What is a feature phone?

A basic mobile phone with limited functionalities, primarily for calling and texting.

Do feature phones have internet access?

They have very basic internet capabilities, if any.

Can smartphones access the internet?

Yes, smartphones have strong internet connectivity options.

Are smartphones more expensive than feature phones?

Generally, yes, due to their advanced features.

Do smartphones have cameras?

Yes, they typically have high-resolution cameras.

Are feature phones good for texting?

Yes, they are often used primarily for calling and texting.

Can feature phones run applications?

They can run very basic applications, but not the complex ones available on smartphones.

What operating systems do smartphones use?

Common ones include iOS and Android.

Are feature phones easy to use?

Yes, they are known for their simplicity and ease of use.

Is battery life better in feature phones?

Typically, yes, because they have fewer power-consuming features.

Can you use social media on a smartphone?

Yes, smartphones are ideal for social media apps.

Can smartphones play music and videos?

Yes, they have advanced multimedia capabilities.

Do all smartphones have GPS?

Most modern smartphones come with GPS functionality.

Are feature phones durable?

Yes, they are often more durable than smartphones.

Can you access email on a smartphone?

Yes, smartphones can easily handle email and other communication apps.

Are smartphones replacing feature phones?

In many markets, smartphones are becoming more dominant, but feature phones still have a niche.

Are feature phones suitable for elderly users?

Yes, their simplicity makes them a good choice for elderly users.

Do feature phones require a data plan?

No, they can function without a data plan, unlike many smartphones.

Do feature phones have touchscreens?

Most feature phones do not have touchscreens.
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