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Tatkal vs. Premium Tatkal: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 19, 2024
Tatkal is an Indian Railways service for last-minute ticket booking, while Premium Tatkal offers dynamic pricing for a few remaining seats.

Key Differences

Tatkal service in Indian Railways allows passengers to book train tickets at short notice, usually a day before the journey. Premium Tatkal, an extension of this service, offers a limited number of seats with dynamic pricing, often higher than regular Tatkal.
In Tatkal booking, prices are fixed and slightly higher than regular fares, whereas Premium Tatkal fares fluctuate based on demand and are generally more expensive.
Tatkal tickets can be booked for various classes, but availability is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Premium Tatkal, offering even fewer seats, caters to very last-minute travelers.
Tatkal bookings provide a fair chance to all travelers, while Premium Tatkal is more suitable for those willing to pay extra for the convenience of last-minute travel.
Refund rules for Tatkal are stricter compared to regular tickets, with no refunds on cancellations. Premium Tatkal also follows strict refund rules, emphasizing the urgency and exclusivity of the service.

Comparison Chart


Fixed, higher than regular
Dynamic, usually higher than Tatkal


Limited seats
Even fewer seats

Booking Time

A day before the journey
Same as Tatkal

Target Travelers

Last-minute travelers
Those willing to pay more for last-minute seats

Refund Policy

Strict, no refunds on cancellation
Similar to Tatkal, very strict

Tatkal and Premium Tatkal Definitions


An Indian Railways service for last-minute ticket booking.
He booked his ticket through Tatkal to travel the next day.

Premium Tatkal

Aimed at passengers willing to pay more for convenience.
Business travelers often use Premium Tatkal for spontaneous trips.


Booking opens one day before the journey.
They set an alarm to book Tatkal tickets right when booking opened.

Premium Tatkal

Similar strict refund rules as regular Tatkal tickets.
He knew that his Premium Tatkal ticket was non-refundable, but booked it for the urgent journey.


Tatkal offers a limited number of train tickets at a higher price.
Despite the higher price, Tatkal tickets are popular for urgent travel.

Premium Tatkal

Prices increase based on demand and seat availability.
As the train's departure time neared, the Premium Tatkal prices went up.


Available for various train classes but with limited seats.
She managed to get a sleeper class ticket via Tatkal.

Premium Tatkal

A train ticket booking service with dynamic pricing.
The Premium Tatkal fare was high, but he needed to travel urgently.


No refunds are given for Tatkal ticket cancellations.
He was aware that his Tatkal ticket was non-refundable.

Premium Tatkal

Offers a few last-minute seats at variable prices.
She paid a premium price for a last-minute AC compartment seat under Premium Tatkal.


(India) At once; immediately.


What is Tatkal booking?

Tatkal is a service for booking train tickets at short notice in India.

When can you book a Tatkal ticket?

Tatkal tickets can be booked a day before the journey.

Are all train classes available for Premium Tatkal?

Premium Tatkal is available for select trains and classes.

What distinguishes Premium Tatkal?

Premium Tatkal offers limited seats at dynamic pricing for last-minute travel.

Are Tatkal tickets refundable?

No, Tatkal tickets are not refundable upon cancellation.

Can you book Tatkal tickets online?

Yes, Tatkal tickets can be booked online and at railway counters.

How does pricing work in Premium Tatkal?

Prices in Premium Tatkal fluctuate based on demand and availability.

What time does Tatkal booking open?

Tatkal booking opens at 10 AM for AC classes and 11 AM for non-AC classes.

What is the purpose of the Premium Tatkal service?

It's designed for travelers who need urgent travel and are willing to pay more.

Can Tatkal tickets be modified after booking?

No, Tatkal tickets cannot be modified or transferred.

Is there a limit on the number of Tatkal tickets one can book?

Yes, there is a limit on the number of Tatkal tickets an individual can book.

Does Premium Tatkal offer more comfort than regular Tatkal?

No, the comfort level is the same; the difference is in pricing and availability.

Is Premium Tatkal more expensive than Tatkal?

Yes, Premium Tatkal is generally more expensive due to dynamic pricing.

How quickly do Premium Tatkal tickets sell out?

Premium Tatkal tickets can sell out very quickly due to high demand.

Can I choose seats in Tatkal booking?

No, seat selection is not available in Tatkal; seats are automatically assigned.

Can foreigners book Tatkal tickets?

Yes, foreigners can book Tatkal tickets with a valid passport.

How do I know if Tatkal is available for my train?

Availability can be checked online on the Indian Railways booking platform.

Are there any concessions in Tatkal booking?

No, there are no concessions or discounts in Tatkal bookings.

Is there a waiting list for Premium Tatkal?

No, there is no waiting list for Premium Tatkal tickets.

What happens if a Premium Tatkal ticket is waitlisted?

Waitlisted Premium Tatkal tickets are usually not confirmed and are refunded.
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