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Syrup vs. Suspension: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 24, 2023
Syrup is a thick, sweet liquid, while a suspension is a mixture where solid particles are dispersed in a liquid but do not dissolve.

Key Differences

Syrup is typically a concentrated solution of sugar in water, often flavored or medicated. A suspension, however, is a heterogeneous mixture where solid particles are suspended in a liquid without dissolving.
Syrups are characterized by their viscosity and sweetness, often used as flavor enhancers or in medicines. Suspensions appear cloudy or murky due to the undissolved particles and require shaking before use to redistribute the particles.
In pharmaceuticals, syrup is used as a vehicle for delivering medications in a palatable form, especially for children. Suspension in medication allows insoluble drugs to be administered orally in a liquid form.
Syrups are generally stable and do not require special handling. Suspensions can settle over time, requiring agitation to ensure uniform distribution of the solid particles before use.
In culinary uses, syrup refers to a sweet, thick liquid used in food and drinks. In pharmaceuticals, suspension provides a means to deliver insoluble medicinal compounds in a liquid form.

Comparison Chart


Thick and viscous.
Contains suspended, undissolved particles.


Clear and smooth.
Cloudy or murky due to particles.


Sugar solution, often flavored.
Solid particles dispersed in liquid.


Used as a sweetener or medicated liquid.
Used to deliver insoluble drugs orally.

Preparation Stability

Does not settle or separate.
May settle; requires shaking before use.

Syrup and Suspension Definitions


Used in cooking and beverages for sweetness.
She added strawberry syrup to her soda.


A mixture where solid particles are suspended in a liquid.
The medication was given in the form of a suspension.


A dense and sticky liquid.
The syrup's thick consistency is perfect for desserts.


Needs shaking before use for even distribution.
Shake the suspension well before each dose.


A key component in many sweet dishes.
The recipe called for a tablespoon of corn syrup.


Contains particles that do not dissolve in the liquid.
After sitting for a while, the particles in the suspension settled at the bottom.


A thick liquid made from sugar dissolved in water.
Maple syrup is a popular topping for pancakes.


A method to administer insoluble drugs orally.
The antibiotic was available as an oral suspension.


A vehicle for oral administration of medication.
The cough syrup soothes sore throats.


Also refers to a system of springs and shock absorbers in vehicles.
The car's suspension ensures a smooth ride on bumpy roads.


A thick, sweet, sticky liquid, consisting of a sugar base, natural or artificial flavorings, and water.


An interruption or temporary cessation, as of an activity or of the application of a rule or law.


How is syrup used in cooking?

Syrup is used as a sweetener or flavor enhancer in various dishes and beverages.

What is syrup?

A thick, sweet liquid made from sugar dissolved in water.

Is a suspension clear or cloudy?

Suspensions are typically cloudy due to undissolved particles.

Are all syrups sweet?

Yes, syrups are generally sweet due to their high sugar content.

Can suspensions be used in medications?

Yes, suspensions are often used to deliver insoluble drugs orally.

Why do suspensions need to be shaken?

To redistribute the solid particles evenly throughout the liquid.

What is the shelf life of syrup?

Syrups have a long shelf life due to their high sugar content.

What defines a suspension?

A mixture where solid particles are suspended in a liquid without dissolving.

Are suspensions absorbable in the body?

Yes, the body can absorb the active ingredients in suspensions.

Is syrup only used for sweetening?

Mostly, but it can also be used as a base for medicinal liquids.

What types of particles are in a suspension?

Suspensions can contain a variety of insoluble particles, such as minerals or medication.

How long can a suspension be stored?

It varies, but suspensions usually have a shorter shelf life than syrups.

Can syrup be used as a medicine?

Yes, especially in pediatric and cough medications.

Can syrup be medicated?

Yes, medicinal syrups are common for coughs and other conditions.

Can suspensions be applied topically?

Generally, no; they are designed for oral use.

Can syrup be used in beverages?

Yes, syrups are commonly added to beverages for sweetness and flavor.

What is the texture of a suspension?

It has a varied texture due to the solid particles it contains.

Are syrups vegan?

Not always, some syrups may contain animal-derived ingredients.

Is corn syrup different from other syrups?

Yes, it's made from cornstarch and has distinct properties.

Is a suspension a permanent mixture?

No, the particles in a suspension can settle over time.
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