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Chennai vs. Madras: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 12, 2024
Chennai is the current name for the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Madras is the former name of Chennai, used during the British era.

Key Differences

Chennai, the modern name for the city, reflects its cultural and linguistic heritage. Madras, its previous name, was derived during British rule and was used until 1996.
The name Chennai is rooted in the local Tamil language, symbolizing regional identity. Madras, on the other hand, was a colonial name without specific local origins.
Chennai signifies a shift towards reclaiming Indian cities' original names. Madras represents the historical period under British administration.
Chennai is now the officially recognized name in all governmental and administrative contexts. Madras is still used colloquially and nostalgically by some residents.
The transition from Madras to Chennai marked an important milestone in the city's history, emphasizing post-colonial identity. Madras, meanwhile, remains a significant part of the city's colonial past.

Comparison Chart

Current Usage

Official and contemporary name.
Historical and colloquial usage.

Language and Origin

Rooted in Tamil culture.
Derived during British rule.


Represents post-colonial identity.
Symbolizes the colonial era.

Administrative Recognition

Used in all official documents.
No longer used in official contexts.

Historical Significance

Marks a new era in the city's history.
Represents the city's past under British administration.

Chennai and Madras Definitions


A major cultural and economic hub in South India.
Chennai hosts many IT companies and educational institutions.


Used nostalgically to denote Chennai’s past.
Older generations often refer to the city as Madras.


Known for its classical music and dance festivals.
Chennai's music season attracts artists from all over the country.


A term reflecting the city's colonial history.
Many colonial buildings in Madras have been preserved.


A city with rich historical landmarks and beaches.
Marina Beach in Chennai is one of the longest urban beaches in the world.


A term representing the city's transition from colonial rule.
The change from Madras to Chennai marked a new chapter in the city's history.


The capital city of Tamil Nadu, India.
Chennai is known for its vibrant culture and history.


A name still used in some institutions and brands.
Madras High Court retains the historical name.


A city experiencing rapid modernization and growth.
Chennai is rapidly expanding with new infrastructure projects.


The former name of Chennai, used until 1996.
The University of Madras is one of the oldest in India.


A city in Tamil Nadu on the Bay of Bengal; formerly Madras


A lightweight, often plain-woven cotton cloth, usually with a plaid, striped, or checked pattern.


A similar lightweight patterned cloth made of silk or rayon.


Why was Chennai formerly called Madras?

Madras was a name given during British colonial rule.

Is Madras still used to refer to Chennai?

Madras is occasionally used colloquially and nostalgically.

What is Chennai known for?

Chennai is renowned for its rich culture, history, and economic significance.

What distinguishes Chennai from other Indian cities?

Chennai's unique blend of tradition and modernity sets it apart.

When did Madras change its name to Chennai?

The name change occurred in 1996.

How has Chennai evolved from its Madras days?

Chennai has seen significant development and modernization.

Do the names Chennai and Madras mean the same geographically?

Yes, they refer to the same city but in different historical contexts.

Do people still use the name Madras?

Some older residents and certain institutions still use Madras.

Has Chennai retained any aspects of its Madras heritage?

Yes, Chennai still has many colonial-era buildings and institutions.

What does Madras signify in Chennai's history?

Madras represents Chennai's colonial past.

Are there any institutions in Chennai that retain the Madras name?

Yes, like the University of Madras and Madras High Court.

What led to the renaming of Madras to Chennai?

The renaming was part of a wider movement to reclaim indigenous names.

Are there cultural differences between Chennai and Madras?

The culture remains largely the same, though the name reflects a changing identity.

Has the economy of Chennai changed since the Madras era?

Yes, Chennai's economy has diversified and modernized significantly.

What role does Chennai play in India’s technology sector?

Chennai is a major IT and tech city, building on its historical industrial base.

Is the term Madras used in any official capacity today?

Officially, the name Chennai is used, but Madras appears in some historical contexts.

What are major landmarks in Chennai?

Chennai is famous for Marina Beach, Kapaleeshwarar Temple, and Fort St. George.

How do residents feel about the change from Madras to Chennai?

It's generally viewed positively, reflecting regional identity and heritage.

How does the educational system in Chennai compare to the Madras period?

Chennai continues to be a major educational hub, expanding from its Madras roots.

How has the name change affected tourism in Chennai?

Tourism continues to thrive, with the city's history as Madras being a point of interest.
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