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Self Respect vs. Self Esteem: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on December 20, 2023
Self-respect is the regard for one's own standing or position, while self-esteem is the overall sense of self-worth or personal value.

Key Differences

Self-respect refers to the pride and dignity one holds for oneself, focusing on the respect and moral standards one upholds. In contrast, self-esteem is about one’s overall emotional evaluation of their own worth.
Self-respect is linked to how one conducts themselves and their adherence to personal values and ethics. Self-esteem, however, is related to how one feels about themselves, encompassing beliefs and emotions.
The foundation of self-respect lies in how individuals treat themselves and expect to be treated by others. Self-esteem is based more on internal feelings of self-competence and self-acceptance.
Self-respect arises from one's actions and decisions aligning with personal values, while self-esteem can be influenced by external factors like praise or criticism.
High self-respect often leads to not tolerating poor treatment from others, whereas high self-esteem means feeling good about oneself, regardless of external circumstances.

Comparison Chart


Pride and dignity in oneself
Overall emotional evaluation of one's worth


Conduct, values, and self-treatment
Internal feelings of competence and self-acceptance


Actions and decisions aligning with personal ethics
Influenced by internal and external factors


Primarily self-driven
Can be affected by external validation


Leads to self-honor and ethical living
Results in feelings of worthiness and self-confidence

Self Respect and Self Esteem Definitions

Self Respect

Pride in one's own worth.
She walked away from the unfair deal out of self-respect.

Self Esteem

Confidence in one’s own worth.
High self-esteem made her confident in her abilities.

Self Respect

Dignity in one’s character.
His self-respect wouldn’t allow him to cheat.

Self Esteem

Personal value and self-worth.
He gained self-esteem after successfully completing the project.

Self Respect

Respect for one’s principles.
She maintained her self-respect by standing up for her beliefs.

Self Esteem

Emotional regard for oneself.
Her self-esteem improved with positive affirmations.

Self Respect

Honor in one’s actions.
He showed self-respect by apologizing for his mistake.

Self Esteem

Sense of personal value.
His self-esteem was boosted by his peers' respect.

Self Respect

Esteem for one's own integrity.
Her self-respect led her to refuse the bribe.

Self Esteem

Self-acceptance and worthiness.
She cultivated self-esteem by practicing self-love.

Self Respect

Due respect for oneself, one's character, and one's conduct.

Self Esteem

Pride in oneself; self-respect.

Self Respect

The knowledge of one's own worth, valuing one's self; pride.

Self Esteem

Confidence in one's own worth; self-respect.

Self Respect

Respect for one's self; regard for one's character; laudable self-esteem.

Self Esteem

The holding a good opinion of one's self; self-complacency.

Self Respect

The quality of being worthy of esteem or respect;
It was beneath his dignity to cheat
Showed his true dignity when under pressure

Self Esteem

A feeling of pride in yourself

Self Esteem

The quality of being worthy of esteem or respect;
It was beneath his dignity to cheat
Showed his true dignity when under pressure


What is self-respect?

It's the regard for one's own standing and principles.

Can self-respect fluctuate?

It's generally stable but can be influenced by personal choices.

Is self-esteem emotional?

It's largely based on emotional evaluations of oneself.

What is an example of self-respect?

"She showed self-respect by not tolerating disrespectful behavior."

Does self-esteem depend on achievements?

It can be influenced by achievements, but also involves self-perception.

Can self-esteem be improved?

Yes, through positive self-reflection and experiences.

Do self-respect and self-esteem affect relationships?

Yes, they influence how one interacts with and perceives others.

Is self-respect dependent on others?

It's more about personal standards than others' opinions.

Can self-respect be taught?

Yes, through understanding and upholding personal values.

What is self-esteem?

It's the overall sense of one's self-worth or value.

Are self-respect and self-esteem innate?

They're developed over time through experiences and self-reflection.

Do age and maturity affect self-respect and self-esteem?

They can evolve with age and personal growth.

Can someone have high self-esteem but low self-respect?

Yes, it's possible if they value themselves but act against their principles.

Is there a gender difference in self-respect and self-esteem?

Research suggests some variance, but it varies individually.

Can external success replace self-respect and self-esteem?

External success alone may not suffice for internal self-regard.

What is an example of self-esteem?

"His self-esteem rose after he was praised for his work."

Can therapy help with self-respect and self-esteem?

Yes, therapy can be effective in addressing both.

How do self-respect and self-esteem impact mental health?

They play a significant role in overall mental well-being.

How do self-respect and self-esteem relate?

They're interconnected, with self-respect influencing self-esteem.

Can societal norms impact self-respect and self-esteem?

They can be influenced by cultural and social expectations.
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