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Octane Number vs. Cetane Number: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on December 20, 2023
Octane Number is a measure of a fuel's ability to resist 'knocking' in spark-ignition engines. Cetane Number is a measure of a fuel's ignition quality in compression-ignition engines.

Key Differences

Octane number represents a fuel's resistance to engine knocking in gasoline engines. Cetane number indicates the ignition quality of diesel fuel in diesel engines.
Higher octane numbers signify better resistance to premature combustion. High cetane numbers mean faster and more efficient fuel ignition in diesel engines.
Octane ratings are crucial for optimizing performance in gasoline engines. Cetane ratings are key for ensuring smooth operation in diesel engines.
Regular and premium gasoline types differ in their octane numbers. Diesel fuels vary in quality, reflected by their cetane numbers.
Octane number is a crucial factor in preventing engine damage in cars. Cetane number is important for reducing emissions and improving engine life in diesel vehicles.

Comparison Chart

Engine Type

Used for spark-ignition (gasoline) engines.
Used for compression-ignition (diesel) engines.

Measurement Focus

Resistance to knocking or premature combustion.
Quality of ignition and combustion speed.

Ideal Value

Higher number indicates better performance.
Higher number denotes faster ignition response.

Effect on Engine

Prevents engine damage due to knocking.
Improves smooth operation and efficiency.


Crucial for vehicle performance and engine health.
Vital for reducing emissions and engine wear.

Octane Number and Cetane Number Definitions

Octane Number

Octane number indicates a gasoline's resistance to engine knocking.
Premium gasoline typically has a higher octane number than regular gasoline.

Cetane Number

Cetane rating indicates how quickly diesel fuel ignites in engines.
A higher cetane number means quicker start-up in cold weather for diesel engines.

Octane Number

Higher octane numbers correlate with greater fuel stability under compression.
Racing fuels have exceptionally high octane numbers for optimal performance.

Cetane Number

High cetane numbers are associated with efficient combustion in diesel engines.
Diesel with a high cetane number produces less noise and smoke.

Octane Number

Octane number is a measure of fuel's ability to avoid premature ignition.
A high octane number fuel is essential for modern turbocharged engines.

Cetane Number

Cetane ratings are determined through standardized testing methods.
The cetane number is a key specification for commercial diesel fuels.

Octane Number

Octane ratings are determined using standard test engines.
The octane number of gasoline is often displayed at the pump.

Cetane Number

Cetane number is crucial for diesel engine performance and longevity.
Diesel vehicles often require fuel with a specific minimum cetane number.

Octane Number

Octane rating is used to classify gasoline in terms of performance.
Vehicles with high-performance engines often require fuel with a high octane number.

Cetane Number

Cetane number assesses the ignition quality of diesel fuel.
Diesel engines run more smoothly with high cetane number fuel.


What is an octane number?

An octane number measures a gasoline's resistance to knocking in engines.

How is octane number measured?

It's measured using standardized tests comparing fuels to iso-octane and heptane.

Why is octane number important for gasoline engines?

It's important to prevent engine knocking, which can damage the engine.

Why is cetane number important for diesel engines?

It ensures efficient fuel combustion and smooth engine operation.

Can regular cars use high octane number fuel?

Yes, but without performance benefits unless the engine is high-compression.

What is a cetane number?

A cetane number indicates the ignition quality of diesel fuel in engines.

Do turbocharged engines require high octane fuel?

Yes, turbocharged engines usually benefit from higher octane fuel.

Does high cetane number fuel improve diesel engine life?

Yes, it can improve engine life by ensuring better combustion.

Are higher octane fuels more expensive?

Generally, higher octane fuels are more expensive.

Can low octane fuel damage an engine?

Using too low an octane fuel in certain engines can cause damage due to knocking.

Is octane number the same worldwide?

No, measurement methods and scales can vary between regions.

Does cetane number affect diesel fuel price?

Higher cetane fuels can be more expensive due to their quality.

Can octane boosters improve engine performance?

They can in some high-performance engines designed for higher octane fuel.

How is cetane number measured?

It's determined through tests that measure the ignition delay of diesel fuel.

What is the typical octane number for regular gasoline?

Regular gasoline typically has an octane number around 87.

What is a good cetane number for diesel fuel?

A good cetane number for diesel fuel is typically 45-55.

Does higher cetane number reduce diesel engine noise?

Yes, it can reduce engine noise and improve start-up.

Is cetane number relevant for gasoline engines?

No, cetane number is specific to diesel engines.

Does cetane number affect emissions from diesel engines?

Yes, higher cetane numbers can lead to cleaner combustion and lower emissions.

Are cetane number and octane number interchangeable?

No, they are specific to different types of engines and fuels.
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