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Roaster vs. Roster: What's the Difference?

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A "roaster" is a device or vessel for roasting, while a "roster" is a list of names or tasks, often related to duties or schedules.

Key Differences

The terms "roaster" and "roster" might sound similar, but they represent entirely different concepts. "Roaster" often refers to an apparatus used for roasting foods, especially meat. Meanwhile, "roster" is a term associated with lists, often of members of a group or team.
"Roaster" has culinary origins. When you think of a roaster, imagine Thanksgiving with a turkey cooking in a special oven or pan designed for roasting. On the other hand, "roster" might bring to mind sports teams, where a roster lists all the players.
Beyond the kitchen, "roaster" can also denote a person who roasts something, especially a person who makes fun of another in a playful or performance context. In contrast, "roster" has professional contexts too, such as in workplaces where it refers to a schedule of duties.
In coffee industries, a "roaster" is a machine or a person involved in transforming green coffee beans into the brown ones we grind and brew. In educational settings, a "roster" might be a list of students enrolled in a particular class.

Comparison Chart

Primary Meaning

A device for roasting
A list or schedule

Example Sentence

The chef uses a roaster for the chicken.
The team’s roster includes new players this year.

Part of Speech



Oven, grill
List, register, roll

Related Professions

Chef, comedian
Coach, manager, HR professional

Roaster and Roster Definitions


A person who makes jests about another
He's the best roaster in the comedy club.


An official list
The roster of licensed professionals is public.


A type of poultry suited to roasting
I'll get a young roaster for dinner.


A rotation or schedule of duties
The nurse's roster has her working night shifts this week.


A machine for roasting coffee beans
The coffee shop has its own roaster.


A list of individuals, such as players on a team
The coach checked the roster before the game.


A device or container for roasting food
I bought a new roaster for Thanksgiving.


A roll or list of personnel
Every soldier was accounted for on the roster.


One that roasts.


A list, especially of the names of players on a sports team or of the personnel in a military unit.


A special pan or apparatus for roasting.


A list of individuals or groups, usually for an organization of some kind such as military officers and enlisted personnel enrolled in a particular unit; a muster roll; a sports team, with the names of players who are eligible to be placed in the lineup for a particular game; or a list of students officially enrolled in a school or class.
I'm number 12 on the roster for tonight's game.


Something, especially a young chicken, that is fit for roasting.


A list of the jobs to be done by members of an organization and often with the date/time that they are expected to do them.
The secretary has produced a new cleaning roster for the Church over the remainder of the year.


One who roasts food.


A schedule or timetable setting out shift times and dates for each employee of a business.


(cookware) A kitchen utensil used for roasting.


(math) A bracketed list that shows the elements of a set.


A chicken, pig, etc. suitable for roasting.


(transitive) To place the name of (a person) on a roster.
I have rostered you for cleaning duties on the first Monday of each month.


A furnace used in making ball soda.


To show the elements of a set by listing them inside brackets.


One who roasts or banters, especially as a comedy routine.


A register or roll showing the order in which officers, enlisted men, companies, or regiments are called on to serve.


A hot Jupiter.


A list of names;
His name was struck off the rolls


An objectionable person; somebody making a fool of themselves.


A register, especially in schools
The teacher called names from the class roster.


One who roasts meat.


A contrivance for roasting.


A pig, or other article of food fit for roasting.


A harsh or humorous critic (sometimes intended as a facetious compliment);
The honoree gave his roasters as good as he got


A cook who roasts food


Flesh of a large young chicken over 3 1/2 lb suitable for roasting


A special cooking pan for roasting


A person who prepares and processes food by roasting
He's the main roaster at that upscale restaurant.


Is "roster" always about sports?

No, it's any list of names or tasks.

Can "roaster" be a type of chicken?

Yes, it can refer to poultry suited for roasting.

What might be on a work "roster"?

Employee names, their shifts, or duties.

Can "roaster" mean someone who teases?

Yes, especially in comedic settings.

Are "roaster" and "roster" interchangeable?

No, they have distinct meanings: one's culinary and the other is list-based.

How is "roster" used in educational settings?

It can be a list of students in a class.

Can "roster" indicate attendance?

Yes, especially in class or team settings.

Is a "roaster" always used in cooking?

Primarily, but it can also imply jesting in comedy.

Are there digital "rosters"?

Yes, many are now digital, especially in professional settings.

Can a "roaster" be a machine?

Yes, especially for roasting coffee beans.

Does a "roaster" always roast meat?

No, it can roast vegetables, coffee beans, and more.

Can a "roaster" be a person?

Yes, either roasting food or jesting about someone.

How is "roaster" used in coffee shops?

It can be a machine or person roasting coffee beans.

Is a "roster" a type of schedule?

Often, especially listing duties or shifts.

How is "roster" different from a "list"?

"Roster" often implies an official or organized list, especially of members or duties.

Do all kitchens have a "roaster"?

Not necessarily. It's specific to roasting needs.

Can a "roster" change?

Yes, especially based on additions or removals.

Are rosters always printed?

No, they can be digital or oral.

Can "roaster" imply size in poultry?

Yes, it often refers to larger, young chickens suitable for roasting.

What's a synonym for "roster"?

"List" or "register."
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