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Reinforce vs. Review: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 5, 2024
Reinforce means to strengthen or support, often by additional assistance or material, while review involves examining or assessing something again.

Key Differences

Reinforce implies adding strength or support to something, often making it more robust or resilient, while review is the process of re-examining or re-evaluating something to ascertain its current status or efficacy.
In learning, to reinforce means to strengthen understanding or skills, typically through practice or repetition, whereas to review is to go over previously learned material to ensure retention and understanding.
In construction, reinforce refers to making structures sturdier, such as by adding supporting materials. In contrast, to review in this context would involve inspecting the structure to assess its condition or compliance with standards.
In behavior, reinforce is used in the context of encouraging or strengthening certain actions, often through rewards or repetition. Review, however, involves reflecting on or analyzing past actions to derive insights or lessons.
When discussing policies or strategies, to reinforce means to bolster or support existing measures, often to achieve greater effectiveness. To review, in this sense, means to critically examine these measures to identify areas for improvement or change.

Comparison Chart

Primary Purpose

To strengthen or support
To examine or reassess

Context of Use

Enhancing strength or effectiveness
Analyzing or evaluating status


Addition of resources, practice, repetition
Examination, analysis, reflection


Increased robustness or resilience
Enhanced understanding or insights

In Learning

Strengthening understanding through repetition
Going over material to ensure retention

Reinforce and Review Definitions


Enhancing Learning.
Using flashcards can reinforce language skills.


Evaluating Work.
She decided to review the report for any errors.


Strengthening Structure.
They decided to reinforce the bridge with steel beams.


Reflecting on Experiences.
After the trip, they gathered to review their journey.


Bolstering Defenses.
The army reinforced their positions overnight.


Assessing Performance.
The manager scheduled a meeting to review employee performance.


Consolidating Efforts.
The campaign was reinforced by the new strategy.


Critiquing Creatively.
The critic wrote a review of the new movie.


Supporting Behavior.
Positive feedback can reinforce good work habits.


Revisiting Material.
Students review their notes before exams.


To give more force or effectiveness to; strengthen
The news reinforced her hopes.


To look over, study, or examine again
Reviewed last week's lesson.


To consider retrospectively; look back on
Reviewed the day's events.


What's the past tense of "reinforce"?

The past tense of "reinforce" is "reinforced."

What is the meaning of "reinforce"?

"Reinforce" means to strengthen or make something more robust.

Can you provide an example sentence using "reinforce"?

"Studying regularly will reinforce your understanding of the subject."

Is "reinforce" a verb or a noun?

"Reinforce" is primarily a verb.

Qan reinforce be used in a psychological context?

Aes, reinforce is often used to describe strengthening positive behaviors or beliefs.

Qow does reinforce relate to learning?

An learning, reinforce refers to strengthening knowledge or skills through practice.

Qan review lead to changes in plans or strategies?

Aes, a review often leads to adjustments or changes based on the insights gained.

Qoes reviewing always involve going back over old material?

Aes, reviewing typically involves revisiting previously covered material or information.

Qs review always formal and structured?

Aot necessarily; review can be both formal and informal, structured or unstructured.

Qs a performance review important in the workplace?

Aes, a performance review is crucial for evaluating and guiding employee development.

Is "review" only a verb?

No, "review" can also be a noun, referring to a report or summary of something.

How can "review" be used as a noun?

"I wrote a review of the movie I watched last night."

Qan reinforce be used in a military context?

Aes, in a military context, reinforce often means adding more troops or resources to strengthen a position.

What is the definition of "review"?

"Review" means to examine or assess something critically, typically for evaluation or study.

What's the past tense of "review"?

The past tense of "review" is "reviewed."

Qs reinforce always positive?

Ahile often positive, reinforce can also strengthen negative aspects or behaviors.

Qan materials other than steel be used to reinforce structures?

Aes, various materials like concrete, fiberglass, and composites can be used for reinforcement.

Qhat is the purpose of a book review?

A book review aims to assess and give an opinion on the content and quality of a book.

Give an example of "review" in a sentence.

"She decided to review her notes before the exam."

Can "review" be used in a professional context?

Yes, "review" is commonly used in professional settings for performance evaluations and assessments.
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