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Pst vs. Pct: What's the Difference?

By Aimie Carlson & Harlon Moss || Updated on May 21, 2024
Pst is shorthand for "past," often used informally to refer to a time before the present, whereas Pct stands for "percent," representing a part of a whole in hundredths.

Key Differences

Pst is commonly used as an informal abbreviation for "past," which refers to a time that has already occurred. It’s often seen in casual writing or text messaging to quickly indicate events that happened before the present time. Pct, on the other hand, is an abbreviation for "percent," a term used in mathematics and statistics to denote a part of a whole expressed in hundredths. For instance, if you say 50 pct, you mean 50 out of 100 parts, or 50%.
When using Pst, it generally relates to time and events that have already happened. This abbreviation is typically less formal and more suited for informal contexts like notes, personal reminders, or casual conversations. Pct is used in more formal contexts involving data, statistics, or mathematical calculations. It is a standardized abbreviation found in academic, professional, and technical writing where precise measurements and proportions are essential.
Pst does not usually appear in professional or academic writing due to its informal nature, while Pct is widely accepted and understood in such contexts, ensuring clarity and accuracy in the presentation of numerical data.
Both Pst and Pct are abbreviated forms, but they serve entirely different purposes one is temporal, relating to time, and the other is numerical, relating to proportions.

Comparison Chart

Full Form



Informal, casual
Formal, academic, technical


Refers to previous events
Represents a fraction of 100

Field of Use

Everyday conversation
Mathematics, statistics


Not widely standardized
Widely standardized

Pst and Pct Definitions


Informal shorthand in text messages.
See you soon, pst lunch.


Represents a fraction out of 100.
She scored 85 pct on the test.


Abbreviation for "past."
He talked about the pst few days.


Abbreviation for "percent."
50 pct of the population.


Often seen in casual notes.
Meeting pst 3 PM.


Indicates proportionality in data.
Only 10 pct of participants agreed.


Used to refer to a time before the present.
In the pst, we didn't have smartphones.


Used in financial reports.
Revenue increased by 20 pct.


Indicates something that has already occurred.
Pst events shape our future.


Common in statistical data.
Unemployment rate is at 5 pct.


Alternative form of psst


Abbreviation of percent


Standard time in the 8th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 120th meridian west; used in far western states of the United States


Percent; a fractional proportion, multiplied by 100.


A proportion multiplied by 100


Can Pst be used in professional communication?

It's better to avoid Pst in professional settings due to its informal nature.

Is Pst used in formal writing?

No, Pst is typically used in informal contexts.

What does Pst stand for?

Pst is an abbreviation for "past."

Is Pct widely accepted in academic writing?

Yes, Pct is commonly used in academic and technical writing.

Is Pct recognized internationally?

Yes, Pct is an internationally recognized abbreviation.

Where is Pct commonly used?

Pct is used in mathematics, statistics, and data analysis.

Is Pst standardized?

No, Pst is not a standardized abbreviation.

Does Pst have multiple meanings?

Pst primarily refers to "past," but context is crucial.

What does Pct stand for?

Pct stands for "percent."

Is Pct used in financial contexts?

Yes, Pct is often used in financial reports.

How do you write 75 percent as an abbreviation?

75 pct.

Is Pct part of standard mathematical notation?

Yes, it's a standard term in mathematics.

Can Pst be used in academic papers?

It's generally not recommended to use Pst in academic papers.

Can Pst be confused with any other term?

It could be, due to its informal nature.

Can Pct be used in casual conversation?

Yes, but it's more common in formal contexts.

Can Pst be replaced with "past" in formal writing?

Yes, replacing Pst with "past" is recommended for formality.

What’s an example of Pst in a sentence?

"We reviewed the pst quarter's performance."

What’s an example of Pct in a sentence?

"The survey showed 30 pct approval."

Is Pst acceptable in text messaging?

Yes, it’s often used in texting for brevity.

Does Pct have any synonyms?

Percent, percentage.
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