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Netball vs. Korfball: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on September 20, 2023
Netball is a team sport played with a ball and two goal rings; Korfball is a mixed-gender sport combining elements of netball and basketball.

Key Differences

Netball is primarily played in Commonwealth countries, often by women, and is a seven-a-side game. Korfball, originating in the Netherlands, is unique in that it requires teams to be mixed-gender.
In Netball, players have designated positions that restrict their movements to specific areas of the court. In Korfball, while there are positions, players switch between attacking and defending roles, ensuring dynamic play.
Netball's gameplay is focused on passing the ball without dribbling and shooting it into a ringed net. Korfball uses a similar principle but includes a basket on a pole, a bit like basketball.
Netball's scoring involves throwing the ball into a net without a backboard, while in Korfball, players score by getting the ball into a korf (basket) with no net.
Netball is recognized and played globally with world championships. Korfball has its own global presence and championships but is less known compared to Netball.

Comparison Chart


Commonwealth countries

Team Composition

Primarily women (but mixed teams exist)
Always mixed-gender

Gameplay Focus

Passing without dribbling, shooting into a ringed net
Passing, dynamic role-switching, shooting into a basket

Scoring System

Ball into a netted ring
Ball into a korf (basket) with no net

Global Recognition

Widely recognized with world championships
Recognized with its own championships but lesser known than Netball

Netball and Korfball Definitions


A team sport where players aim to score by throwing a ball into a netted ring.
The school's netball team practiced daily after classes.


A mixed-gender sport involving passing and shooting into a basket.
At the university, they introduced korfball as an inclusive sport.


A game with no dribbling and a focus on passing.
Mastery in netball requires precision in passing and shooting.


A sport where players aim to score in a netless basket on a pole.
The final point in korfball was scored from a distance, winning the game.


A game primarily played by women but has mixed teams too.
Sarah joined the women's netball league this year.


A game originating from the Netherlands with dynamic player roles.
Watching korfball, you'll notice players constantly switching between offense and defense.


A popular game in Commonwealth nations.
In Australia, netball is as popular as basketball in the US.


A game with teams of equal male and female players.
In korfball, gender balance on the team is essential for official matches.


A sport with designated positions limiting player movements.
As a wing defense in netball, Jane's agility was unmatched.


A unique blend of basketball and netball principles.
If you're familiar with basketball and netball, understanding korfball becomes easier


(uncountable) A (usually women's) team sport derived from basketball, with seven players on each side who attempt to score goals by passing a ball and throwing it into the opponent's goal, which is a raised hoop with a net at one end of the playing area. Unlike basketball, a player in possession of the ball cannot move until the ball is passed to another player.


(uncountable) A non-contact unisex team sport originating from the Netherlands, similar to netball, where players attempt to throw a ball into a basket atop a pole.


(countable) The ball used in this sport.


(countable) The ball used in the sport of korfball.


A team game that resembles basketball; a soccer ball is to be thrown so that it passes through a ring on the top of a post


Where did Netball originate?

It originated in the Commonwealth countries.

What is Korfball?

A mixed-gender sport where players pass and shoot a ball into a basket on a pole.

What is Netball?

A team sport where players aim to score by throwing a ball into a netted ring.

Where did Korfball originate?

It originated in the Netherlands.

Why is Korfball played with mixed teams?

It was designed as an inclusive sport, promoting gender equality.

Can men play Netball?

Yes, while traditionally played by women, there are mixed and men's teams too.

How many players are there in a Netball team?

There are seven players on a Netball team.

How many players are there in a Korfball team?

There are eight players on a Korfball team, four males and four females.

How high is the ring in Netball?

The netted ring in Netball is set at a height of 3.05 meters (10 feet).

How is scoring done in Korfball?

By throwing the ball into a korf or basket without a net.

Which is more popular globally, Netball or Korfball?

Netball has a more extensive global recognition, but Korfball has its own unique following.

Is dribbling allowed in Korfball?

No, like Netball, dribbling isn't permitted in Korfball.

How high is the basket in Korfball?

The basket or "korf" is positioned at a height of 3.5 meters for men and 3 meters for women.

How is scoring done in Netball?

By throwing the ball into a netted ring.

Can you dribble in Netball?

No, dribbling isn't allowed in Netball.
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